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Fortuna Adventist Focus


Vol. 88 No. 6                Published by the Fortuna SDA Church            June 2022


From Pastor Dan

The Extra Mile


Weighing 530 pounds, Mac realized he had to lose weight. He had tried to lose weight some years before, but a visit to a gym resulted in two treadmills belching smoke under his considerable weight. He realized it wouldn’t be easy to lose the 300 pounds he wanted to lose and that doing so would take a lot of time.

Setting small, attainable goals enabled Mac to chip away at his task one pound at a time. He now runs half marathons and competes in bicycle races, which a few years ago would have been impossible.

One key to Mac’s weight lost success was that he was patient. Without patience, Mac would have given up losing weight long before seeing any progress at all. Some things – like losing 300 pounds – simply takes time.

It is important to remember that God is patient. He bears with His children as they sometimes stumble their way toward heaven. And God is also patient with the lost. Jesus taught a parable in which a vineyard owner intended to cut down a fruitless fig tree. But a worker spoke up and asked if he could, “dig around it and fertilize it” and give it one more chance. God goes the extra mile to ready us for eternity. Instead of casting aside those who don’t look like they will bear fruit for his glory, God is gracious enough to work with sinners and draw them to Himself.

A gardener who noticed bugs had almost eaten an entire tomato plant, leaving only a stalk, patiently and carefully nursed it back to health. It became the most fruitful plant in the garden. While we don’t want to abuse God’s patience, it is good to know the He is with His children for the long haul. He stays with us and works with us, tenderly and patiently growing us in preparation for eternity.

The Apostle Paul challenges us with these words, “What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us? He who did not spare His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not with Him also freely give us all things? Who shall bring a charge against God’s elect? It is God who justifies. Who is he who condemns? It is Christ who died, and furthermore is also risen, who is even at the right hand of God, who also makes intercession for us. Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword? As it is written:“For Your sake we are killed all day long; we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter.”Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us. For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers, nor things present nor things to come, nor height nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” (Romans 8:31-39 NKJV).

Never ever give up on God! Never quit! Never give in! God will never turn His back on you. Remain faithful, true and loyal to God regardless of your circumstances or how you feel. Claim the promise, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:13 NKJV). In Jesus Christ victory is certain, victory is sure, victory can be yours. May God richly bless you and your family today.

Pastor Dan

Our Graduates for 2022







Alder Grover Charter



Fortuna High






This Sabbath, May 28th, our health team is hosting another Healthy Options presentation. There will be healthy food samples and demonstrations along with recipes. Kerry Freedman will be speaking on her health journey. Please join us after church at the FCSC. Bring your own PICNIC POTLUCK lunch and come fellowship and learn at the same time!!


Vacation Bible School

The journey to “Jasper Canyon” begins June 13th from 1:00 – 4:00. We will learn how God treasure’s and loves each one of us. Volunteers needed to supervise, not teach, are still needed. If you have a VBS aged child, please call Amy Norton or Valerie Wikander. VBS will run through June 17th, with VBS Sabbath on the 18th! A list of needed supplies is posted in the lobby, in the bulletin this Sabbath. Call Amy or Valerie before purchasing any item on the list to see what they still need!!



HART – Hart continues to have more in-person clients. Waiting for the ok from both the county and the state to increase their fees. They have one new counselor.

DORCAS – Dorcas continues to serve our community with clothing, shoes, food, showers etc. The food drive brought in over 2 ½ tons. In addition, the spent their grant money of $2000…not sure if that is correct, and the food bank is well stocked. They are asking you to please pass the word. With the cost of gas and food going up, there have to be families that could benefit from this. You don’t have to be homeless or destitute to be served. Let your friends, neighbors, co-workers know. Food bags may help them save money for other costs. They can call at 725-1166. Kimberly Unruh has just joined the staff as the Cal-Fresh coordinator and also helping Cherie with Dorcas as needed. Welcome Kim!

TABITHA’s – Tabitha’s was closed for a week. Our friend Larry Kennedy had to undergo surgery. What could have been a devastating diagnosis, turned out to be the “best case scenario” according to his Dr. The Lord heard the prayers of His people. Larry and Sherry thank you for all the prayers on his behalf. Now that they are back to business, they continue to go above and beyond for Tabitha’s and the community. Go visit them. You’ll find everything you need and lots of stuff you don’t but have to buy anyway!!

COMMUNITY GARDEN – Emily continues to get the garden ready for planting. All the plots are spoken for and if we had more, they would be utilized as well. She continues to organize all the paperwork that goes with each application. It is important that everyone is screened in order to keep other gardeners, employees and the students on the campus safe. Thanks Emily for all you are doing. It is a big job and you are just the right person for it!! Lane Thomsen….do you sleep there? Lane’s car is there almost every morning when I leave for work. Thank you Lane for all the time you dedicate to the garden as well. You guys are appreciated.



Blue Lake

Yes, at one time there was an Adventist church in Blue Lake. There were never many members in this small church and it struggled for existence for a number of years. The church was organized and then disbanded a time or two but in some form or other it existed at least into the 1940s. By the 1960s all of the Adventists in the area had become part of other churches in nearby cities.

Bible Studies and meetings in Blue Lake were held as early as 1886. A camp meeting was held in Blue Lake in 1900 and a year later a group of Adventists bought a 60 x 120 foot lot in Blue Lake for $50 and raised funds for the building of a small church. Its location is not known but by January 1902 the new church with a seating capacity of about 100 was nearly finished and ready for dedication. J. C. Shaeffer and a Brother Freeman were the leaders of this church. Revival meetings were held in 1907 and as a result several new members were baptized in Mad River. More meetings were held the next summer and four more people were baptized.

Membership was always sparse and the Sabbath School membership fluctuated between four and seventeen members. Nothing is known of the church from 1910 to 1918 and it probably ceased to exist sometime during that period.

In 1918 meetings were again held in Blue Lake and a church was again organized with eight members. More meetings were held in 1919 and 1921 but by 1931 most members had gradually moved away and the church had been standing idle until eleven students of Humboldt Academy in Eureka held Sabbath afternoon meetings at the Blue Lake Church. Seven adults and nineteen children were in attendance. Late in 1931 Elder E.F. Peterson of Eureka followed up with more meetings begun by the students. In January 1932 a new Sabbath School was officially organized with nineteen members and the church again became a member of the conference churches.

In December 1940 Elder Tupper held a series of meetings at Blue Lake but it appears that the church gradually disappeared and ceased to exist, its members absorbed by other area churches.




May 28 Memorial Day Sabbath

May 28 Picnic Potluck/presentation

June 2 FJA Graduation – 7:00

June 4 40 Days Praise & Testimony

June 13-17 VBS 1-4pm at FJA

June 18 VBS Sabbath

June 18 Picnic Potluck-Dumitrescu’s

June 20 Home School Grad at FJA 2:00

June 25 Camp Ground Sabbath

July 16 Picnic Potluck-Don & Colleen’s



Dear Church Family, 

Our year is winding down, and what a year it has been!  Thank you to the church members and friends who've come to do presentations and teach the students about woodworking, gardening, art, rocks and more. We've enjoyed the class-trip this year, and starting to get back out into the community again.  We're looking forward to getting completely back to our usual activities next year.

Depending on when you read this, our graduation was (or will be) Thursday June 2 at 7pm at the church, with a reception following at the center.  We are so excited for our 3 graduates, Angel, Gen, and Gio, and want to welcome the entire church family to join us in celebrating their accomplishments.

God bless you all this summer.  May it be a time of rejuvenation and rest in the Lord. Thank you for all the support,


Ms. Burzo, and the FJA Staff



 A very BIG thank you to all who showed up and helped with the Postal food drive Sabbath, May 14th. We had a lot of help which was so nice.  We received over 2 1/2 TONS of food.

 As we were leaving, another truck came and said he had about 500 more pounds and would deliver that coming Monday. We are still waiting for that at the time of this writing.

Thank you again. Dorcas is so, so grateful to all of you that showed up to step in for our Pathfinders. Teamwork makes a healthy church!!! 



Summertime is almost here! Time to enjoy the outdoors with its many health benefits.  You know, fresh air, sunshine, water etc....With the activities the outdoors brings let’s focus on good hydration. With water we often like to bring along a Gatorade or other sport drink. Electrolytes and water are necessary for the  active person, but most commercial drinks aren't very good, with their artificial colors, sugar, and chemicals that can cause cancer, hyperactivity, and more. 

Why are electrolytes important? They are iron rich minerals and salts that promote rapid fluid absorption and maintenance of body fluid. Simply they help balance the amount of water in the body by balancing acid-base levels (Ph), supporting the function of nerves, muscles, heart and brain, and moving nutrients and wastes in and out of the cells. The most common electrolytes are sodium, potassium, calcium, and bicarbonate which we normally get enough of in food. When we're in the heat, exercising and sweating we are losing electrolytes which need replacement during activity. For hydration water is best! Some prefer coconut water, a good alternative being that it has everything the average sport drink has, especially potassium. Coconut water is lower in salt, so some unrefined salts like sea salt, Himalayan pink salt or Real salt which have sodium, calcium, potassium plus essential trace minerals can be added especially for heavier activity to bring up the electrolytes.

If energy and endurance are the goal, adding some raw honey or maple syrup, which are rich in minerals and easily digestible are helpful as coconut water is lower in sugar. If using a water base, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, lime juice or orange juice which contain about 30-36mg of potassium are excellent to use.


Recipes to try!

1. Coconut water and lime- 2c. Unsweetened coconut water, 1/3c. Fresh lime juice, 2/3c. Water, 11/2 t. Raw honey, 1/8 t. Himalayan pink salt.  Combine ingredients and stir til dissolved. 

2. Orange twist drink- 2c. Water,  3/4c. Fresh orange juice, 1/4c. Fresh lemon juice,  1/8 t. Himalayan pink salt,  1 tablespoon raw honey.  Combine as above.

3. Strawberry lime drink- 2c. Unsweetened coconut water,  1/4c. Lime juice,  1/2c. Water,  1/8 t. Himalayan pink salt, 4 med. Strawberries,  1 t. Raw honey. Combine ingredients in a blender and blend on high. Add more honey if desired. 

4. Lemon or lime drink- 31/2 c. Of water, 1/2 c. Fresh lemon or lime juice, 3 T Raw honey, 1/4 t. Himalayan sea salt. Combine ad above.


So along with your sunscreen, hats, water,  good shoes....., why not take along a tasty homemade version of your favorite  sport drink and enjoy!

Lalita Brinckhaus, Health Team Member



JUNE O4 Local Budget                        JUNE 11 Women’s Min.  NAD

JUNE 18 Local Budget                         JUNE 25 NCC



At the May board meeting, the board voted to go ahead with some much needed maintenance projects at the church. We had an electrician come in and check our sanctuary and balcony wiring & lighting as well as other electrical issues. The cost to fix and update the electrical system is approximately $2500. Because of your generous and liberal giving, the church is able to cover this cost.

The board also voted to replace the downstairs exit doors. They will be replaced with a “crash bar” door. In an emergency exit situation, this will be a much safer and quicker egress. The cost for replacing, including labor and construction is approximately $5000.

In addition, the board also gave the ok to go ahead and start fund-raising for the replacement of these doors. We know that you have been faithful in the past. Financial circumstances for all of us are challenging with the sky-rocketing cost of everything. We just ask that you pray about it and give as you can.

The fund-raising for the doors will go From June 1st through July 1st. Please make sure any donation is marked. “downstairs doors”.

Thank you always for your faithful giving & support.



Wasn’t that a remarkable service last Sabbath for Pathfinder Day!!! Thank you to Chris and his entire staff and to each Pathfinder. It was a very special service that all of us appreciated.

We enjoyed seeing the slide show of some of the things that you have done this last year!! All of the time, patience and hard work it took to make those ukuleles!!! Now that was an accomplishment and something you will have to treasure.

To each and every Pathfinder we love you and are so proud of who you are growing to be!

Keep moving forward for Jesus!!

Your Church Family



BREAKING NEWS: Well, the directories are a bigger project than I had anticipated. It takes some time to get the pictures cropped and sized to fit in the space outlined. But, rest assured I am working on it as time allows. This has been an “OFFICIAL DIRECTRY UPDATE”, OR ODU. Stay tuned for more breaking directory news!




Don’t forget that Sabbath, June 25th is our Camp Ground Sabbath out at the camp meeting grounds. All the local churches will be coming together to worship the Lord. More information will follow regarding the starting times and the meal situation. Watch the bulletin and lobby for updates!!!



Due to every Sabbath in June being taken up with Praise, VBS, Spanish and camp meeting services, our 2nd quarter communion will be on Sabbath, July 16th.




                                Fortuna Adventist Focus


Vol. 88 No. 5                Published by the Fortuna SDA Church            May 2022


From Pastor Dan


Speaker and director of the It Is Written television program, John Bradshaw, writes, “Sibling discontent arose as Jesus visited the home of Mary and Martha. Martha was busy preparing for a meal. Even today, food preparation can be involved and time consuming. Without the benefit of modern, labor saving devices, Martha’s task was far less simple than it would be for us.

As she prepared the food, Martha became increasingly frustrated that her sister, Mary, who was not giving her any help. Instead, Mary was sitting at Jesus’ feet listening to Him teach. While food preparation methods were different in ancient times, attitudes between siblings were evidently not too far removed from what they are today.

Martha complained to Jesus about Mary’s failure to help her, and she urged Jesus to use His influence to rectify the situation. Jesus’ reply was interesting, He said, “One thing is needed.” Jesus wasn’t advocating laziness or unhelpfulness, but He was pointing out that while there are many good things that need to be done, the most important thing of all is to sit at the feet of Jesus and hear the sound of His voice.

Today, people can be so busy and rushed, that it seems impossible to stop and take time to be with Jesus. It isn’t only the bad things that can get in the way of a relationship with God. Many a worker in Christ’s cause has lost their way spiritually because they were too busy doing God’s work to pause and listen to God’s voice. Families
suffer because the pastor or the church elder is giving so much time to good things that there isn’t time left over for the best things. Personal devotional time can disappear because there are so many other “good” things that need to be done.

Don’t fall into that trap. As busy as He was, Jesus made time to spend with His Father, and He urged the disciples too “come aside . . . and rest awhile.” (Mark 6:31). While there are many good things that must be done, time spent with Jesus is the most valuable time you can spend.” Jesus tells us to seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness. He is trying to tell us we need to have priorities in our life and at the top of our list
must be God. There is no other way. We must begin each day searching the scriptures and spending time in prayer. If we are too busy to spend time sitting at Jesus’ feet, then we are simply too busy and must change our schedules.

In the book of Revelation, the Apostle John writes to the seven churches from Patmos Island. The first church he writes to, the church at Ephesus, has a serious problem because Jesus is ready to take away its’ lamp stand. Apparently, the church at Ephesus had lost their first love. Their first love is always to be for Jesus and it is the
same for us today. Today and every day let our first thoughts be to spend time with Jesus – sitting at His feet, doing more than good things but doing the best thing.

May God richly bless you and your family and save you in His kingdom!
Pastor Dan




Yes, I know how that sounds but I did it anyway so have a little chuckle. We officially have three new members to our church, but we certainly know their faces. Josh and Ariana Rayburn and Janet Eastburn have all been voted in as members to our congregation. Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! We love you and are blessed to have you as part of our membership.


40 Days Of Communing With God

Our 40 days of “Communing With God” continues.The last day is May 26 th , I believe. We will be having our usual follow-up praise and testimony Sabbath on June 4th. Remember the 1 st Sabbath of the month is when the group that is praying and/or fasting meets after church to pray together. EXCEPT, they will be meeting this Sabbath the 30 th instead of May 7 th .



It’s of interest to know that at one time there was an Adventist church in Alton and for at least one year there was a school. Although Dorothy Price, historian and former member of the Eureka Adventist Church,
mentioned that Elder N. C. McClure started a church in Alton in 1885, most of what we know about the church
comes from the Pacific Union Recorder, the official publication of the Northern California Conference.

The December 1901 issue of the Recorder mentions that tithe receipts from the Alton church amounted to $28.15 which for that year would have been a considerable sum. The next mention of Alton is in the January 16, 1902, issue of the Recorder. It states: "The Alton church has begun the erection of a new house of worship in their midst, which we believe will be a blessing and comfort to them, and an honor to God, and a strength to His cause there in the eyes of the world."

Nothing more is known of this structure or its location in Alton. The same paper in a later issue states that there were 17 members in 1902. In November 1904 the Alton church people met with the Fortuna church for the ordinances.

The Alton church also had a church school during the school year 1903-1904. C. L. Taylor is listed as the teacher and the enrollment was reported to be ten students. No mention is made of a school in any other year.

Clinton Berg is listed as the leader of the Alton church in 1904. Elder A. J. Osborne and W. L. Sims held meetings there in 1907. The Alton church disappears from our records after 1907. It’s probable that their members became part of our church here in Fortuna.

Any information that anyone might be able to add about this church in Alton would be appreciated.
Submitted by Merlin Anderson



There are RAC applications on the table in the lobby as well as a few copies of the newsletter. If you have a computer, you can get RAC news on Face Book as well as the application on the RAC website. Camp Meeting will be July 24 th – 30 th .

It looks like there are some minor changes that you need to be aware of. A photo release is required as well. So check out all the places Harry could possibly put information, (see below), and get ready to enjoy Camp Meeting this year.

Harry Salvini -           Executive Director - RAC
WebPage -        
Facebook -       
Facebook -        
Instagram -       
Twitter -            
Phone -                      1-707-946-2452



Dear Church Family,  
Thank you to everyone who came to the carwash fundraisers and to all who have been supporting the students.  The students worked hard, and have done great in raising funds for their 7 th -8 th  grade class trip.  

They will be going to San Francisco May 8-10, visiting Alcatraz, walking across the Golden Gate Bridge, and having other educational adventures.

We also have graduation coming up, Thursday June 2 at 7pm at the church, with a reception following at the center.  We are so excited for our 3 graduates, and want to welcome the entire church family to join us in celebrating their accomplishments.

As always, we appreciate all of you who help u through your donations, prayers and volunteering to be a light and safe haven for our kids.   
God Bless,   
Ms. Burzo
And the FJA Staff



Redwood Area Camp Meeting has two job openings. One is for camp secretary and the other is for camp treasurer. Job descriptions are available in the lobby (or in the Announcements page of this website) or you can contact Harry Salvini directly. If you or someone you know would be good at these challenging jobs, get in touch with HARRY!!
Thank you!!!!!!

Harry Salvini - Executive Director - Redwood Area Camp
Web Page - 
Phone - 1-707-946-2452
Address - 2437 Dyerville Loop Rd. Redcrest,
California 95569




We know we have 3 students graduating from Fortuna Jr. Academy, Gio, Gen and Angel, on June 2 nd . We also have Ocean, graduating from 8 th grade home schooling. Also, Bethany Unruh will be graduating from Alder Grove Charter School and Marissa Sears from Fortuna High.

Feel Free to drop off cards here at the church and we will make sure that they get to the students. Let’s show these young people that we cherish them and pray for the best for their futures!!



Amy and Valerie are preparing for VBS!!! It will be Mon.-Fri., June13th-17th, from 1-4pm, on the FJA campus. The kids will be visiting “Jasper Canyon” where they will learn they are treasured by God.

Amy and Valerie need lots of volunteers during the week of VBS. The most important thing is to have enough eyes and hands to keep the kids safe and corralled. That takes volunteers. Even if you can’t come all afternoon or the whole afternoon. please let them know some times that might work for you.  Please call Amy at 495-3584 or Val at 918-916-2124. 

Special VBS Sabbath will be June 18th at the church.



The postal food drive will be on Sabbath, May 14th. The post office will most likely pass out the bags on the 13th. They will then come and pick up the bags and deliver them to the FCSC the afternoon of the 14th. This is a huge part of our food pantry stock!

This is where we come in. The Pathfinders will be gone that weekend so we need volunteers on Sabbath the 14th around 1:00-1:30 to come to the center to help unload the food. If you can hang around after church or come back to the center, they would appreciate the help.

Also, on Friday the 13th, Cherie will need help setting up the tables to put the food on as it is delivered.   We will let you know the time soon.



The Pathfinders will be having their work-a-thon weekend at the Ruth lake area. They will be gone May 13-15. Each Pathfinder will be calling a member to ask for a sponsorship donation. You will not get a call from more than one Pathfinder. We hope that you will be led to donate as you are able.

Pathfinder Sabbath will be May 21st. We are so looking forward to this. It’s been awhile since we have had a Pathfinder Sabbath. They have finished their ukuleles and will be playing them for us as part of the program.





Picnic Potlucks

We will be starting our outdoor Picnic Potlucks in June. On Sabbath, June 18th, the Dumitrescu’s will be hosting and on July 16th, Colleen and Don will be hosting. If you would like to host a picnic potluck for Aug./Sept./Oct. just let the office know. We will each bring our own meal, chairs etc. The afternoon could involve music, charades or a walk & especially fellowship with one another.



Vol. 88 No. 4                Published by the Fortuna SDA Church            April 2022                                    

From Pastor Dan

                                                                     Brussels Sprouts**         

John Bradshaw, speaker and director for the It Is Written television program, writes about the time when he, and a breakfast show co-host, were discussing what they thought were the worst tasting vegetables. They
found, to absolutely no one’s surprise, that a lot of people despised Brussels sprouts. John agreed with them and said, “I was one of the many who had them at the top of the list of foods I dislike.”

John goes on to explain, I was raised in a home where we children didn’t get to be picky when it came to food, but Brussels sprouts were a bridge to far for me. On that morning on the radio program, it seemed that
everyone agreed. Earlier that week, before the breakfast show, while visiting Pike Place Market in Seattle,
Washington, John noticed a sign describing Brussels sprouts as “Little Green Balls of Death. John adds, once we had concluded the unscientific poll on our breakfast show, we were inundated with calls from defenders of the Brussels sprouts. “No you are all wrong,” they told us. Person after person said that while Brussels sprouts have an unfortunate reputation in certain circles, the key to enjoying them is in how you prepare them. “If you just boil them to death,” people said, “they’ll be awful. But if you prepare them right,” and we were given myriad suggestions as to how this is properly done, “they’re fantastic.”

As it happens, time has done its work on me, and I now love Brussels sprouts. Evidently, something may not
be as bad as it seems if you give it a chance by presenting it right.

Today, I am not writing to you about Brussels sprouts and how they taste; I am writing to you about  Christianity. Is it possible more people would respond positively to Christianity if it was presented attractively?
In the book Ministry of Healing, Ellen White says, “the strongest argument in favor of the gospel is a loving and
lovable Christian.” (MH 470).

If Christianity is boiled to death, it isn’t going to be palatable. But when the love of God is presented
appropriately, it is hard not to appreciate. Jesus said, “You are the salt of the earth.” Too much salt isn’t
palatable, but the right amount enhances the taste,  brings healing to old wounds and preserves its flavor.

When we present it in an attractive way, the gospel is difficult to resist. May God richly bless you and help
you to be a loving and lovable Christian.
Pastor Dan

                                                     NEW DIRECTORY

Thanks to every one for getting pictures to me and allowing me to take their pictures. The last day to have a picture to me is April 9 th . If you do not want a picture in the directory, please let me know ASAP. I DO NOT HAVE SOME OF YOUR CURRENT ADDRESSES….PLEASE CHECK THE LOBBY DIRECTORY!


                                                       COKE CODES
                                      Applies to all Coca Cola beverages!

Al Gladden shared this with us as a way to support FJA. If you buy Coca Cola soft drinks, inside the lid of a bottled one is a code #. It is worth money. The twelve packs will have a code on the box as well as a flat of soda will also have a number. Turn these cardboard codes and lids to the box in the lobby. We will get them to Al and he will get them entered into the website and we can earn money for the school. Thanks Al.


                                                   FCSC UPDATES

HART – Hart continues to slowly re-open it’s in-person meetings and one-to-one visits. Rhonda is applying for
some more grant monies to facilitate different programs and to meet the month to month expenses. Remember
them in your giving. There is a huge list of “honey do” jobs that need to be done. All of our buildings are in
need. There are small jobs and some rather large and costly jobs as well. Please contact Chris Miller if you
have any time to do some handy-man jobs.

DORCAS – Dorcas continues to be in a continual cycle of sorting, laundering, and sending clothing to Tabitha’s.
They have some cal-fresh money that they need to spend on groceries before they lose it. One of their main challenges is storage for the food they are blessed with. If you know of families who need assistance with
food, please put them in touch with the center.

TABITHA’s – Please remember this MINISTRY in your prayers. It is so much more than a thrift store. Last month at our meeting, Larry and Sherry shared that  lady named “Carole” came in to the store. As usual the staff greeted her and assisted her with her needs. During their conversations, Carole shared with them that before coming in she was thinking about killing herself. Their interaction with her helped her voice that and they
were able to pray with her and shared other resources and help available. Let. That. Sink. In.

COMMUNITY GARDEN – Emily has been extremely busy taking over the reins or should I say shovels from Sean. She has great plans to continue what Sean has started and expand on that. She needs a lot of volunteers to do things that need to be done around the garden that those with individual plots are not part of. Please call her if you have an hour or two a week to meet and help her. She is also updating all the forms and contracts that each person has to sign. There are around 22-24 plots. There is a lot of hands-on and paperwork both that need to be done. Sean will soon be installing a sign to thank all of the volunteers that have helped out this 1 st year at the new location. Emily wants to thank everyone who has been coming up and helping with the out-buildings and green-houses. They are slowly coming along.


40 Days Of Communing With God

On April 17 th we will begin another 40 days of "Communing with God”. We will be using a NAD publication of the same name. Because it is no longer it print, we will have to make the copies ourselves. So I need to know ASAP if you want to participate in this event. I have to know no later than Sabbath April 8 th . I am sure by the time I am done copying them, I won’t want to copy anything for a long time. The Cost is $13.00. Tithe envelopes can be marked “40 days”. Thanks.


Church History (#37)

Dolores Gardner writes her memories of the Pepperwood Church that she once attended:

"My grandmother, Florence Millsap, joined the Seventh-day Adventist Church when my mother was small. My mother was born November 7, 1910.

"Some of my earliest memories are of attending Sabbath school in the little white church around the block; in Pepperwood. The church had an old fashioned pump organ -and Grandma played the hymns for the services. The Swanson’s and others from Fortuna would come out to hold services on Sabbath. I do not remember if they
came in the mornings or afternoons.

"In 1938 or 1939, a young evangelist by the name of Leland Cottrell along with his wife an daughter, Janice, came to hold meetings in the little church. They lived across the highway from us in one of Mambretti's Auto Court cabins.

"Pastor Cottrell would hold meetings in the evenings at the church, showing pictures of the strange-looking beasts that Daniel saw in vision. To my knowledge no one was baptized as a result of these meetings.

"During the day he would visit the people in Pepperwood. I remember going with him one day to visit the church school on F Street in Eureka.

"Mrs. Cottrell was expecting a baby and when her time came, they went to St. Helena or Loma Linda where she gave birth to a baby boy born with a club foot. She died as a result of complications from childbirth. I remember that when he came back to get their things, he spent a long time visiting with my grandmother.

"For a long time Grandma would take my brother and me to the little church on Sabbath mornings, but eventually no one else came and we had Sabbath school at home.

"In 1945, shortly after my uncle Richard returned from the army, he came home from visiting friends one evening, woke my grandparents to tell them the church was on fire. The house next door had caught fire and consequently the church ignited also. Nothing was salvaged.

By 1957 there was no church group in Pepperwood.

Thanks to Dolores Gardner for the three articles about the church in Pepperwood.



Teresa Burgara wants to thank her church family for their get-well wishes, prayers cards etc. while she recovered from her knee surgery and complications. She loves her church family.

Nancy Sutsch and family want to express their gratitude for all of the prayers, sympathy, cards, and visits during their time of loss. They so appreciate all the love they received.

Lorraine Schueler wants also to express her gratitude during her loss. The cards, friends, flowers, prayers and love meant so much to her and the girls. She was blessed.



Now that are masks are off and we can meet a little closer up, we have several maintenance/repair projects
both at the church and the community center. Our buildings are aging. We will need both financial
volunteers and volunteers to help us with some of the jobs. Here are the top jobs that need priority:

1. Downstairs outside doors  
2. Brick around the church  
3. Electrical


1. Upstairs Entrance doors.                                                                                                                            2.Upper level gate/fence

If you want to help, please contact Chris Miller for FCSC or Michael Norton/Pastor Dan for the Church. If you
can’t physically help, mark a tithe envelope Church repair or FCSC repair. Please pray over these projects as well.

Pastor Dan



Dear Church Family,  
Thank you so much for your generosity and support with our new fire system!  We are deeply touched by your help, and we are happy to say the school fire system has all the funds needed (and then some). We are glad to have an upgraded system that meets new requirements and we appreciate all of you who help us  through your donations, prayers and volunteering to be a light and safe haven for our kids.    

In other news, we just got back from spring break, and it is always lovely to have a little time to refresh, visit with family and friends, and enjoy the natural world.  Now we are starting to get ready for the graduation and the 7 th  and 8 th  graders’ class trip.  

The 7 th  and 8 th  graders have some fundraisers planned for their May trip.  Please support the kids by
attending our car washes on April 10 th  or 24 th at Buen Gusto Market, and/or the garden and woodworking
sale on campus May 1 st

Hope to see you there!     
God Bless,   
Ms. Burzo, and the FJA Staff



Fortuna Jr. academy has an opening for a teacher’s assistant. Must have vaccination proof, background check and live fingerprint scan if hired. For hours and wage information contact Jamie Burzo or Raemel Oliveria. If you know someone who might be interested, pass their name on as well.


                                      VOICE OF PROPHECY MINISTRIES
                                             Along with Amazing Facts

Will be presenting “Storicals” beginning April 8 th at 7:00pm. These presentations will continue every
Fri./Sat./Sun. in the sanctuary through May 29th. These well-known bible stories will be linked with the prophecies of Daniel/Revelation and show us the hope that is in Jesus. We sent out over 6000 invitations to our communities. Check to see if your neighbor got one and invite them to come. Attend with them the 1 st time. Even if you can’t come to every meeting, bring them the first time and let them get to know us. There will be a bible, a binder, a weekly lesson, and a weekly E.G Whitebook given out.



Amy and Valerie are preparing for VBS!!! It will be June 13 th -17 th on the FJA campus. The kids will be
visiting “Jasper Canyon” where they will learn they are treasured by God. Special closing Sabbath will be June 18 th at the church. Amy and Val need lots of volunteers both during the week of VBS, but also preparing for the program. If your child is interested in attending and/or you can help, please call Amy @495-3584 or Val at 918-916-2124.
                                                              ***Time to be determined***


Passover Seder

On Friday evening, April 15 th from 5:00-7:00pm we will be having a Passover Seder at the FCSC. A light meal is served and with each dish, there is a reading that explains the significance of the food as it relates to Christ, the Passover, Communion etc. It is a very moving experience for Christians of all faiths.

Because there is a meal, Lalita and Ruben need you to RSVP by April 8th. Responding is not always one of our
strengths, but please try to do so as a courtesy to our hosts as food is a BIG part of the service. RSVP either to Lalita or to the office.

Those attending the 7:00 Evangelistic series may need to leave the Seder early.


April Humor

1. Why did it take so long for the chicken to cross the road?
There was no eggs-press lane!

2. What did the principal say to the naughty chicken?
You’re egg-spelled!

3. What happens when you tickle an egg?
They crack up!

4. What did the egg say when she bumped into her teacher?
Egg-scuse me!

5. Why was the egg going to travel the world?
He wanted to be an egg-splorer.




                                  Fortuna Adventist Focus


Vol. 88 No. 3                Published by the Fortuna SDA Church            March 2022                                    

From Pastor Dan

Dear Church Family
                                                                   Rescuing Our Enemies

Machine gun bullets pounded the deck just inches above John Elliott’s head. It was December 7, 1941. John Elliott was on board a loaded oil tanker in Pearl Harbor when the Japanese flew in to attack. He heard bombs screaming out of the sky, he heard them exploding close around him, and he heard the cries of pain as more than 2000 of his countrymen died that Sunday morning.

Four years went by. John Elliott was now a lieutenant in the U.S. Navy and in command of a cargo ship traveling through the waters off the coast of China. He was not far from the Yangtze River in January of 1946. The war was over, but the memory of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was not forgotten. The lookout reported that a Japanese ship loaded with refugees was heading out of the Yangtze River. Suddenly, there was a tremendous explosion. The Japanese boat had struck a mine, and the water was already pouring through a gaping hole.

Immediately Lt. Elliott snapped out an order. “Change course and rescue everyone on that Japanese ship!” One of his officers seemed to protest, “Excuse me Lieutenant, have you taken into account that there is a mine field between us and that ship, and we may hit a mine too?” “Of course I have.” The officer persisted, “You were in Pearl Harbor, sir. The Japanese tried to kill you, sir.” Lt. Elliott gazed at the officer sternly. “There are men and women and children on that boat, and there is only one thing we can do.”

The officer grinned. “That’s what we hope you would say, lieutenant. All the crew is with you.” Through the minefield Lt. Elliott guided his ship till it came alongside the sinking Enoshima Maru. The two ships were bound together with ropes and within twenty five minutes, four thousand, three hundred Japanese crowded onto the American ship, till all were safe on board. Then the American ship swung about, and took the refugees to safety. Lt. Elliott never told those refugees his name, nor did he expect that they would thank him.

But the refugees so appreciated his kindness that they determined to find out who he was and where he lived. It took them seventeen years.

At the anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack in 1963, they sent John Elliott seven crates full of gifts. The Japanese government presented him the Third Order of the Rising Sun, Japan’s highest award for foreigners.

The Bible says, “If your enemy is hungry, give him bread to eat; and if he is thirsty, give him water to drink.” (Proverbs 25:21). Jesus said, “But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you.” (Matthew 5:44). Lt. Elliott says, “When your enemy is in danger, rescue him.”

May that same Spirit of Jesus Christ that forgives, helps and serves others be in each one of our hearts’ today and every day of our lives’.

May God richly bless you and save you in His kingdom.

Pastor Dan



We will start working on a new directory to hopefully be out by April. We would like to include a picture for each person or family. Please e-mail, bring by or text me a picture of you or your family. The pictures will be
in black and white when the directory is printed, so please make sure there is a light background or at least
a good contrast between the people and the background. It will be cropped as well, so make sure there is a bit of margin around those in the picture. I would like to have all of the pictures by March 25th.
Thanks so much.
(I may have to steal pictures off of Face Book….I am not above doing that.)


Memorial service:

John Sutsch’s memorial service will be Sunday, March 6 th , at 2:00pm here at the church. There will be a time of fellowship at the FCSC after the service.



HART – Hart recently passed their audit with flying colors. The auditors were pleased with everything they
found. If you or someone you know with the heart and skills to be part of Humboldt Alcohol Recovery
Treatment Program (HART) they are need of a part time certified, Spanish speaking addiction counselor. Please call 725-9481 to request forms. Also you can go on conference website for required  papers,  Please return to 2331 Rohnerville Rd. Fortuna CA. 95540 attention Rhonda  Lewis .

DORCAS – Dorcas continues to be in a continual cycle of sorting, laundering, and sending clothing to Tabitha’s.
The food bank remains fully stocked. Starbucks has partnered with our Food Pantry to donate items they are
moving out each week. They have heard about what our FCSC does and wanted to be partners with us

TABITHA’s –They are hopping right along as usual.  Some of the staff came down with COVID and they were
closed for a week. Everyone is feeling better. Praise God. They continue to minister to many displaced clients
and families with vouchers and donations. The Dollar General has also partnered with Dorcas and Tabitha’s to
give their surplus and other items to them. Making these community relationships with other business speaks volumes about these ministries.

COMMUNITY GARDEN – We are sorry to report that our friend Sean Todd will be slowly transitioning out as
director of the garden. He has some family needs that require his attention. Sean says he has been very
blessed by the people he has met and formed relationships with while director of the Garden. He has seen the Spirit of Jesus in those he has met. We are excited to report that Emily Mazzone-Clementi will be transitioning in to the new FCSC garden director. If you know Emily, then you know this is her happy place and a job she was born to do.



Many of you may know, but our sweet friend Andy Schueler passed away February 10 th , at his home surrounded by Lorraine and his family. Please remember Lorraine and the girls in your prayers. If we find out any information on a service we will let you know.


Church History (#36)
(Submitted by Merlin Anderson)

We concluded last month telling how three or four families who attended meetings in Pepperwood conducted by Elder Osborn became believers and formed the nucleus that was to become a new church. The new members wished to build a church in which to meet but they had no money.

Theodore Tunsen, one of that small group, through a series of amazing circumstances met Mr. Gage, a stockholder in the Pacific Lumber Company. Mr. Gage, who lived in the Midwest happened to be married to an Adventist and was in Scotia for a few days. Theodore was working down river from Scotia at the time and walked the seven miles to Scotia to meet Mr. Gage.

Theodore asked Mr. Gage if he would like to have a part in building a church in Pepperwood by donating lumber. Without hesitation Mr. Gage said, “yes, how much lumber do you want?” The two went to the lumber yard and picked out the needed lumber. Mr. Gage told the foreman to load the lumber on a flatcar and send it to Pepperwood and charge the bill to him.

Theodore Tunsen and Clarence Greenlaw immediately began building the church on a lot donated by Tunsen. Mr. Gibson from the Eureka church made donations of hardware and Joe Barkdull paid for the steeple. The bell for the steeple was given by a Mr. Spear. In the spring of 1897 the Pepperwood church with thirty-five members was dedicated free from debt.

(Thanks to Dolores Gardner for supplying this information about the Pepperwood church.)



MAR. 6           2:00 JOHN SUTSCH MEMORIAL
MAR.10          4:00 SCHOOL BOARD
MAR.17          6:30 CHURCH BOARD



Here are a few Healthy Tips for Nutritional
1.Make a healthy swap- Use mashed avocado on your bread instead of butter. Use whole wheat pastry flour over refined white for baking
2.Be good to your gut. Use high fiber in your diet. It  can make you feel full longer and provide a well moving experience.
3.Shaking the salt habit. Replace salt with lemon, herbs or spices.
4.Cook with the children. Teaching them to put together a meal is a lesson they can use for the rest of their life.
5.Pick Plants. Protein derived from plant sources such as seeds, nuts, tofu as well as grains such as quinoa can help lower cholesterol. This is important for heart health and can add a satiating blend of flavor.
6.Have a vegetable for breakfast. Most people save veggies for dinner, but it is healthful to think outside the cereal box. Add a vegetable like mushrooms or zucchini to your tofu at breakfast.
7. Finally, sip while you sit. Bring a cup or bottle of water with you wherever you sit, at your desk,



Spring is in the air, and we are excited to get gardening at FJA. We are putting up our greenhouse March 1 st  and March 13th. The students are excited to start planting in it soon.

I'd also like to invite our church homeschooling families to join us for Week of Prayer (probably April 18th-22nd, more details to follow) and to a free afterschool class in Tang Soo Do at the school Mondays and Wednesdays.  Please call for more information.

Thank you to those who joined our constituency meeting in February.  For those who didn't I'd like to let you know about our new school philosophy & FJA: Following Jesus Always.&  We also made some updates to the Mission Statement and a few other things which will be on our school website soon.

Special thanks as always to our volunteers and supporters who make this school the great place it is. Special, Special thank you to all who donated to our Fire Alarm system. We could not have done it
without you!

God Bless, 
Ms. Burzo, and the FJA Staff



The Shawn Boonstra series tying archeological finds with biblical prophecy, “Shadow Empire”, will be starting Friday, March 11 th at 7:00pm for 4 Fridays. Even if you’ve heard it all before, come on out and fellowship. Invite a friend or family member. ( I had the wrong date previously)

Amazing Facts “Storicals” will begin April 8 th – May 29th. Every Fri./Sat./Sun. at 7:00 These too will link bible stories in with the prophecies of Daniel/Revelation. Invite someone and come on out and fellowship and study as one family in Christ.



MAR. 05 Local Budget          MAR. 12 Local Budget
MAR.19 TV Ministries           MAR. 26 NCC



As you know, as of last Sabbath, we had only raised a little over $1986 toward our matching $5000 pledge. As of today, February 24 th , Amy reports we have raised $5,469.64!!! God hears His people when they come together in prayer. To our anonymous donor THANK YOU and to each and everyone who stepped up and gave what they could, THANK YOU too. God used you in a mighty way to fulfill his plan!


Passover Seder

On Friday evening, April 15 th from 5:00-7:00pm we will be having a Passover Seder at the FCSC. IF you do not know what this is, we encourage you to read up on it. A light meal is served and with each dish, there is a reading that explains the significance of the food as it relates to Christ, the Passover, Communion etc. It is a very moving experience for Christians of all faiths. Because there is a meal, Lalita and Ruben need you to RSVP. Please remember to do so as the food items are part of the service. If you are attending the Evangelistic series we understand if you leave to attend that meeting.