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                                  Fortuna Adventist Focus


Vol. 88 No. 2                Published by the Fortuna SDA Church            FEBRUARY 2022                                    

From Pastor Dan

Dear Church Family
                                                                   Free Falling

Years ago, Pastor Michael Nickless owned his own airplane and would fly it every chance he had. He loved flying and when he was in the sky he loved seeing the beauty of nature. Up in the air He felt so close to God that his burdens and problems just seemed small and disappeared. One day after landing his plane, he saw a young man repacking
his parachute.

Pastor Mike walked over and introduced himself and watched the young man. The young man
looked at him and asked, “Would like to learn how to jump?” Pastor Mike smiled and said, “No, I don’t jump, I just fly.”

As they continued talking Pastor Mike found out that this young man belonged to a group of young adults who liked to parachute jump. They were constantly looking for pilots who would fly them up into the sky and allow them to jump. Pastor Mike thought about it and said, “Include me on the list of pilots.”

Soon he received a call and was asked to fly the jumpers. Pastor Mike immediately said, “Yes,” and drove over to the airport. He quickly became friends with the parachute jumpers. He always prayed for everyone’s safety before he flew. Soon they were asking him why he became a pastor and questions they had about the Bible.

One time, a jumper landed wrong and hurt her ankle. After landing Pastor Mike drove to the hospital and checked up on her. This endeared him to the entire group.

Not long after his hospital visit the jumpers started asking Pastor Mike to jump with them. They told him if he was ever in a plane that was going do he would need to know how to jump. Pastor Mike thought about it, prayed and finally agreed to jump with them.

After Pastor Mike finished taking his classes to parachute jumping he was ready to join his friends. All the young adults were excited and jumped with him. Right before he jumped the instructor reminded him, if the first cord to the parachutedoes not work remember to pull the second cord so the emergency shoot will open. Pastor Mike jumped out of the plane and pulled the first cord. To his surprise and horror, the parachute came out but the cords became all tangled and the parachute did not open properly. Thankfully, he had an
emergency parachute and pulled the second cord. To his surprise the emergency parachute did not work properly either. The instructor and all the young adults were watching, helpless to do anything. Pastor Mike was free falling with two tangled parachutes right above him.

What do you do when you are free falling? You pray. Pastor Mike knew he was falling fast and did not have much time. Like Peter, who cried out to Jesus as He was sinking into the water, Pastor Mike prayed, “Lord save me!”

What happened next was a miracle. The pilot of the airplane and the group of young adults who jumped ahead of Pastor Mike said it looked like he started to fall sideways – even though the wind was not blowing. He fell off course and was heading to some very tall trees. As he came near the trees, the parachute and its cords became entangled on the branches of the trees, and left him hanging just above the ground. As the group landed and ran to the trees they were all amazed to see him smiling and praising God.

They knew they had just witnessed a miracle. They knew God was real and that he hears and answers prayers. They all went to church to hear Pastor Mike tell his congregation his experience. Many of those young adults were eventually baptized and became members of Pastor Mike’s church. Today, if you feel like you are free falling in your life, remember to pray. It doesn’t have to be a long or even an eloquent prayer. God will hear your prayer and answer you. God will save you and all your friends too, just like He did for Pastor Mike. May
God richly bless you!

Pastor Dan



We will start working on a new directory to hopefully be out by April. We would like to include a picture for each person or family. Please e-mail, bring by or text me a picture of you or your family. The pictures will be in black and white when the directory is printed, so please make sure there is a light background or at least a good contrast between the people and the background. It will be cropped as well, so make sure there is a bit of margin around those in the picture. I would like to have all of the pictures by March 25th. We could do the
pictures in color if we get donations specifically marked “colored cartridges/directory”. The ink is where the cost is. Thanks so much.



We are currently working on 4 membership transfers in to our church!! God is blessing us with these new
members. We will be voting on them soon. Continue to pray for our membership and our members. If you would
like to have your membership transferred here, please let the office know.



It is with sadness that we announce that our friend and brother, John Sutsch, passed away on Sunday, January 23, 2022. Please remember Nancy, Gary and Eddie in your prayers during this time. If you would like to mail a card, the address is 145 Monarch Drive, Fortuna CA 95540. As soon as we have any information as to whether there will be a service, we will let you know.


Church History – February 2022 (#35)

This month begins the story of the Pepperwood church. The story actually begins in 1885 far away in Norway with a fourteen year old orphan boy, Theodore Tunsen. The young boy always remembered his mother’s dying prayer for him. It was a prayer that clung to him all his life.

Theodore had to support himself so hired on to a sailboat for a year or two, then at the age of 15 worked on a three-masted Norwegian freighter. There he met a man who told interesting stories of working in the Redwoods of California and what a wonderful country it was. When the man returned to the U.S. in 1888 Theodore went with him.

After landing in New York and crossing the U.S. by train to San Francisco, he boarded a ship bound for Arcata. In 1890 after working for a year and a half in Arcata piling wood along the railroad track he married a lady with three children. Two years later they purchased land and moved to Pepperwood.

In 1895 while working for a neighbor picking tomatoes he was told, “You’d better look out for your pork barrel. If ever there were servants of the devil, they are the ones.” It seems a family of “Advents” who wouldn’t eat pork had moved nearby and they were going to have a meeting that evening at Mrs. Greenlaw’s house.

That aroused Theodore’s curiosity. He wanted to know what one of the devil’s preachers had to say and decided to go. He saw no hoofs or horns but only a nice young man about 30 years old who quoted more scripture than he had ever heard before. The preacher was Elder A. J. Osborn. People were interested in the new message and Theodore, along with others, attended all five meetings. At the same time Elde Osborn, along with Elder Ings, was also holding a series of lectures in Fortuna.

The Theodore Tunsen family, Mrs. Greenlaw and her children and Mrs. Sanders and children accepted the Adventist message. Soon Mr. Bostetter who lived nearby joined the others thus forming the nucleus of a group that would become the Adventist church in Pepperwood.

(To be continued. Thanks to Dolores Gardner for supplying this information about the Pepperwood church.)



FEB. 10        SCHOOL BOARD 4:00
FEB. 13       FJA CONSTITUENCY Mtg. 6:00
FEB. 17       CHURCH BOARD 6:30



Dear Church Family,
It's only February, but we are looking forward to spring here at FJA. We have a greenhouse going up soon-- thank you to everyone who supported our student fundraisers! They did great. We are also beginning to prepare for the 7th & 8th grade class trip. The kids are excited, and we will tell you more about that soon.
February 13th we are having our constituency meeting at 6pm. Please contact FJA or Ms. Burzo for the zoom information; we would love to have you join us. Special thanks as always to our volunteers and supporters who make this school the great place it is.
God Bless,
Ms. Burzo, and the FJA Staff

P.S. The church secretary will also be forwarding it to all members with e-mail.



Wed. nights at 7:00 mid-week study

Shadow Empire – exciting Shawn Boonstra series tying archeological finds with biblical prophecy. Friday Nights in Feb. at 7:00pm (hopefully)

Daniel & Revelation “Storicals” beginning March 4-April 24 th , Fri./Sat./Sun. at 7:00

Watch for more information.



The address in the directory for Pedro & Adela Yanez needs to be updated. It is 2010 Shamrock Dr. Fortuna.

If you have a PO BOX and physical address in the directory, please let me know which one is your current mailing address. It is confusing to some, including me. LOL. If there are any other change of address needs, please let me know. (Especially for new directory)



I want to say a BIG thank you to those who participated in our 2021 Live Nativity. We had a number of challenges, but “the show goes on,” and it certainly did! Many thanks to Rhonda Lewis for supporting this event all these years. Special thanks to Pastor Dan, Ken Hough, Earl Carson and the Mazzone-Clementi family for setting up, to Laurie Pettey and her crew for the food, Ivette for organizing the costumes AND caring for them after the event, and Michael Norton for making sure traffic duty was covered, even though he was sick.
BIG thanks to all who stood outside (including some double shifts) on the stormy Saturday nigh and faithfully reappeared for Sunday night. MASSIVE thanks to Pastor Dan, Lane Thomsen, Ken Hough, Don Baird and Ron Stevens for taking it all down and stowing it away in the POURING rain on Monday morning and to Lane for drying it all out.

This is a group effort and I appreciate each of you and what YOU do to make this event a success! Nativity 2022 – December 10 & 11. Make a note on your calendar! Nineteen years!
Much love, Colleen



I just want to give a heartfelt thank you to everyone for their prayers for my family. My husband Nick is out of the hospital after weeks in and out of the ICU. He is now off oxygen and working on getting his strength and lung capacity back. One step at a time��

Thanks again., Tawnya McKnight, FCSC



FEB. 05 Local Budget              FEB. 12 Local Budget
FEB. 19 TV Ministries              FEB. 26 NCC



Our Awesome God! As you know about mid-December we were over $8700 short for 2021. We appealed to our members and began to pray as a church. When Amy closed out 2021, we ended up $14,700 OVER BUDGET!! You read that right!. God used the hearts of our members to answer our prayers and we thank you. We can now begin to build our budget reserve to stabilize our budget.




As you know the FJA fire alarm system had to be replaced because of changes to the law. In December we told you that the cost was approximately $22,000! Our church has been faithful in their giving and we have raised over $13,000 since December. An anonymous donor has pledged a matching $5000 if WE raise $5000 from now until February 28 th . Prayerfully consider how you can give. Mark the donation as “ FJA $5000” so we can keep track. If we end up with more, those monies will be used for other needs on the campus of FJA. We know that God has always blessed us when we ask Him in faith.



Pastor’s sermons and the Wednesday night studies on “Growing In Jesus” can be watched on our YouTube channel. In the YouTube search bar, type fortunasdaworhip. All one word and all small letters. If the videos do not come up automatically, double click “your videos” on the page and they should come up. They are always posted by Friday of each week. In addition, the sermons continue to be broadcast on 106.7 to the parking lot on


Brutally Honest
Valentines From kids

1.Dear Mom, “I won’t love you if you make me clean my room” Eathan,6

2.Mom and dad, “you are lucky to be alive, happy Valentine’s day”. Lala, 8

3.Dear Ms. Evelyn “you are my 2 nd “favoritist” teacher. Happy Valentine’s Day” Ellie, 5

4.“Roses are red, violets are red, just everything is red”. Carlos, 7

5.Dad, I love you even though the dinners you cook aren’t good”. Sarah 9

6.Mom and Dad, “I love you but I love Mars more and you won’t see me when I am older and in space”. Connor,10

7.Dear mom, “ I love you more than Amanda does”. Aidan,9

8.Dear dad, “I love you. I only hate you when you send me to my room”. Charolette, 6

9.Dear Mrs. Traker, “I love you, but Annie does not”. Eli, 7

10.“Roses are red and violets are blue you are in the shape of a heart and I love you” Chi, 6






Vol. 88 No. 1             Published by the Fortuna SDA Church       January 2022 

Dear Church Family

Soaring in 2022

Isaiah 40:28-30 shows the striking contrasts between God’s strength and human weakness. Verse 28 begins by asking two questions about God, Have you not known? Have you not heard? The LORD is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. He does not faint or grow weary; His understanding is unsearchable. Isaiah is telling us, God has no limitations. Time doesn't age Him because He is everlasting. Chronological time
means something to us, but isn't important in God's frame of reference. He isn't diminished by getting
old. He creates, He knows everything, and His energy never diminishes.

Our passage goes on to say that God transfers His limitless strength to us. He gives power to the faint, and to him who has no might He increases strength. (Isaiah 40:29). The text says that even young men and women will get to the point where their strength is utterly spent. They'll reach their limit. Even youths shall faint and be weary, and young men shall fall exhausted. (Isaiah 40:30). But here comes the promise that doesn't depend
upon my age or relative strength or endurance. They who wait for the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint. (Isaiah 40:31). They who wait upon the Lord will find their strength renewed.
The Hebrew word for wait upon is qāwâ, which means to wait or to look for with eager expectation. Waiting patiently on God expresses our faith that He will save us. As we turn our faith towards Him, He strengthens
us. & Renew is ḥālap, which means & change, exchange, replace. Here renew means we
exchange our weakness for His strength as we wait expectantly for Him to act. The promise is that in the Lord we will renew our strength, just as David & strengthened himself in the Lord his God (1 Samuel 18:6).

In Verse 31 we see an eagle soaring. If you've ever watched eagles fly, they hardly have to flap their wings. They just move their wings ever so slightly to catch the wind. They can stay up for hours. If you and I were to try to do what eagles do we would never make it, but God offers His strength to us. You wait on Him in faith, you trust
Him, and His strength is transferred to you. Your weakness is replaced by His strength. Jesus invites us to enjoy this miracle of replacing our weakness with His limitlessness.

The world says that there is no real hope or help from God. It's all in your mind. It's foolishness. But God says, They who wait upon the Lord will renew their strength. Jesus says, Seek first my kingdom and I'll give you what you need. (Matthew 6:33). The Psalmist says: Cast yourburden on the LORD, and He will sustain you. (Psalm 55:22).

In this New Year, I choose to trust the Lord. I choose to wait on Him and let Him exchange my weakness for His strength. I choose to soar like the eagle, rather than try to claw my way up to the heights by my own faltering strength. This is what it means to walk by faith and not by sight (2 Corinthians 5:7). This is how I choose to walk in this New Year, by His grace. Soaring, not struggling.

May God richly bless you! May you have a safe and healthy New Year.
Pastor Dan


Memorial Service

On Sabbath afternoon January 8, 2022, there will be a memorial service for George Miller. It will be in the church starting at 3:30. Afterwards there will be a time of further visiting and refreshments across the
parking lot at the Fortuna Community Center.



4 th quarter 2021 communion will be this Sabbath January 1 st . We will be making the bread and juice and they will still be in individual serving cups. Everyone has had enough of the pre-packaged ones. Thank you
deaconesses for the extra work to help us keep everyone safe.



Just a little clarification. We have had some inquiries as to why someone was not on the nominating list or
asked to serve. In order to serve in a leadership position i.e. deacon, elder or deaconess, division leader etc., your membership has to be here. You can be asked by a nominated leader to help in any position, but to lead out, your membership has to be transferred here. If you would like your membership transferred here, please let Cindy know and she will initiate the transfer. Need to know the name and location of the church where your membership currently is, as well.


Church History (#34)

This month begins a look at other Adventist churches in Humboldt County, including some that no longer exist.

Eel Rock, a small community along the Eel River several miles northeast of Miranda, had an Adventist presence at least as early as January 1936. The C. L. Davis family living in Eureka had been impressed for some time that they should be in the mountains and after much prayer and search they found an opening, where acreage could be acquired, near Eel Rock, overlooking Eel River. Here they dedicated their lives to representing the third angel's message. In due time Fred S. Jacks and wife, of Napa, joined them and later, the Roy Baker family of Glendale, experienced nurses, arrived.

They created interest among their neighbors, giving out papers, magazines and books. A group of five
families started reading the Signs of the Times regularly and welfare work was done and treatments given.

In early 1936 plans and specifications were made for a chapel and dispensary, and to accomplish this Fred Jacks erected a saw mill. Soon the chapel site was located and ground broken and cleared. The church building was completed and ready for occupancy in 1937. Sabbath School attendance averaged about 15 with twelve regular members. Mrs. Caroline Green, the public school teacher of Eel Rock, and several of her pupils joined the Sabbath school and attended regularly.

In 1939 Elder L. E. Tupper, leader of the Eureka district, opened a series of meetings at Eel Rock. That same year the Eureka church loaned the bell from their belfry to the Eel Rock church where it remained for a number of years. (It has been returned to Eureka and is on display today in the foyer of the Eureka church.)

In 1941 the Eel Rock church sent the following note to the Pacific Union Recorder: "Our chapel is
located about one and one-half miles from Eel Rock Station and Eel River, and our new road out to the
highway will soon be completed. In making this move we have tried to follow the Lord's instruction that a few
families should locate so as to form a unit. We need more families to strengthen our company, and will be
glad to hear from any who are interested in such a move." 

In 1947 the Pacific Union Recorder, in telling some of the history of the work in Humboldt County, mentioned that a church school was established at Eel Rock. When this church school was started and how long it operated is not known. As late as 1952 the church at Eel Rock was in existence. The magazine mentioned that delegates from area churches, including Eel Rock, were present at a regional M. V. Rally in Fortuna. No further mention of Eel Rock occurs in the Union paper after April 14, 1952.

Dale Zumwalt, a long time member of our Fortuna church, mentioned that his wife, Barbara, and her family attended the Eel Rock church and that Barbara was baptized in the river out there.




JAN. 1               COMMUNION SABBATH
JAN. 4               ELDER’S MEETING/MEAL 5:30
                        (The rest of the elder’s meetings will be the 2 nd Tuesday of the month.)
JAN. 5               GROWING IN JESUS STARTS. 7:00
JAN. 8               GEORGE MILLER’S SERVICE at 3:30



If you are a 20-23 deaconess or junior deaconess we are having a luncheon on Sunday, January 9 th , 1:00 at the FCSC. Julie wants us to brainstorm and share what we as deaconesses would like to do in the future. How can we minister to one another, our church and our community? Please bring your favorite salad to share. From 1:00-3:00. Please try to attend, even for part of it. If youtraining and results are not done, come anyway please.



The first Elder’s meeting for 2022 will be next Tuesday January 4 th . Pastor will be gone on the 11 th , so for this month only, it is the first Tuesday of the month. This is an in person meeting. There will be a dinner served.
The meeting will begin at 5:30. The hope is to prayerfully meet and plan out how you can minister to one another, the church family and the community. Bring your heart, your ideas and your appetite. Please RSVP to Cindy by Monday the 3 rd so the food can be planned. If your training and results are not done, come anyway please.



JAN. 5           Wed. nights at 7:00 mid-week study “Growing In Jesus” through June (This set of 3 books will be $36 dollars. Please mark a tithe envelope “growing in Jesus” and drop it in the offering or bring it by the office.)



Watch for more information.


Prayer and Blessing Service

As we did in the past, we are going to have a prayer and time of blessing for those who will be serving through
the end of 2023. Last year this was a very special an moving service where our Elders and others prayed over
members that have been nominated to serve in church offices. Please join us on January 15 th (tentatively) for
this service. Plan to pray with and for each member who has agreed to serve in a church office. When they serve
us, they are serving Jesus. Even if training is not complete we will still pray over you. This service can run
longer so we want you to know in advance. But how do you put a timer on praying for others!



The Christmas give away at the center had fewer sign-ups this year so they were able to bless the children extra gifts to make their Christmas a little merrier. Thanks to all of you who donated to this give-a-way. What a ministry this is for ou community.

Humboldt Alcohol Recovery Treatment Program (HART) is in need of a part time certified, Spanish speaking addiction counselor for part time employment. Please call 725-9481 to request forms. Go on conference website for required papers Please return to 2331 Rohnerville Rd. Fortuna CA. 95540 attention Rhonda Lewis.



For the next few weeks, Anna’s mailing address for cards and letters will be c/o Debbie Richards at: 75 Neil
Bay, Friday Harbor, WA 98250



We still have many who have not done the training. You have to complete it in order to serve. We recognize that just getting to the website is a challenge. If you have a neighbor, friend or family member that understands
computers, please call them to see if they can help you. In the lobby this Sabbath will be typed out directions for you on red paper. If you still have difficulties, on Tuesday, January 3 rd , 2022, in the afternoon, I will block out 60 minute times for you to come use the church laptop or bring your own laptop. Please contact me by e-mail or phone to reserve a time. I can help set you up but I cannot help you with the questions.



Pathfinders restarted in the fall after taking some time off during the summer. Membership is up in correlation to the increase in students at FJA. (Praise the Lord) They have replaced the windows in one of their meeting
rooms and plan to do the same to their other one. There is a chance that they may give up either the store or the burger barn at camp-meeting and look for other fund-raising opportunities. It is a lot of work, planning and
organization & scheduling to undertake both. Please pray for Chris and the leaders as they make these
decisions. Pray that these kids will learn more about Jesus as they participate in Pathfinder activities and



If you would like a visit with Pastor Dan just call the office and we will schedule you. You can meet in his office or your home. Whichever is more comfortable for you.



The Hand of God

Little Philip was spending the weekend with his grandmother. She decided to take him to the park on Saturday morning. It had been snowing all night and everything was sparkly and beautiful.

His grandmother commented, Doesn't it look like an artist painted this scenery?  Did you
know God painted this just for you?

Yes, replied Philip, & God did it and he did it lefthanded”, he said matter-of-factly.

Confused his grandmother asked him, Whamakes you say God did this with his left hand?

It just makes sense, Philip loudly pronounced, we learned at Sunday School last week that Jesus SITS on God's right hand.



                                  Fortuna Adventist Focus

Vol. 87 No. 12           Published by the Fortuna SDA Church       November 2021 


From Pastor Dan

A Tree-mendous Christmas

I recently came across the story of Chad Rose who lived in Michigan. Each year, he would enter a float in his town’s Christmas parade as a way of advertising his business and supporting the community. One year he just happened to have an extra Christmas tree that was to be used on his business’s parade float that he did not need, so he did what any decent person would do, he posted on Craigslist to give it away for free. For some, a tree is an annual necessity and integral part of the holidays, but for many, it’s an expense they simply cannot afford. To his surprise, after posting the ad, his inbox was immediately flooded with touching stories of why various families deserved to have the tree.

With each e-mail he read, it became clear how significant a simple tree can be in contributing to the holiday cheer. One email read, “Having a real Christmas tree would be such a great blessing this year [because] usually we draw a Christmas tree on a large poster and hang it in the corner.” Realizing that $25 towards a tree was too much for some families to spare, Chad went out and bought 40 more to give away for free. He spent most of
the next day going over his list of emails, checking it twice, and not paying much attention to who’s been naughty or nice, just deserving.

But the good holiday spirit in this story doesn’t stop here. Ann Posont of East Grand Rapids read Chad Rose’s advertisement on Craigslist and contacted him, not to get, but to give. She offered to donate ornaments and other trimmings for the 40 trees he had picked up. Ann said, “Going out to gather up more trees after realizing the impact it would have on those in need is just so generous. It tells a lot about his character, and makes you want to help.”

The true meaning of Christmas is not found in the Christmas tree nor in all the Christmas decorations. It is not found in all the gifts or in the meals that will be planned and given. What is the true meaning of Christmas? It’s a story about God, who loved you so much that He wants to spend all eternity with you. He is not only a God of love, but He is also a very generous God. He gave to the whole world the greatest gift for all time – His Son

Jesus Christ. Through Jesus we can be with God now and for all eternity. This is what Christmas should be about. Not trees, or decorations, or gifts or special meals. It’s all about showing love and being generous to those around us. Chad Rose and Ann Posont understand this and they helped those – forty needy families –
who lived in their community. They didn’t plan to do it but once they realized people who lived in their home town did not have Christmas trees, they had to help.

How about you? What are you planning to do this Christmas? Let me give you three ideas on how to have the best Christmas ever. One, accept God’s love and generous gift of His Son Jesus Christ into your hearts. Secondly, share the good news of Christ’s birth with all your friends and families. Finally, if you come across a needy person in your community, stop and help them. May God richly bless you and your family. Have a happy and safe holiday. Merry Christmas.
Pastor Dan



This year’s nativity will be on Dec. 11 th and 12 th 7- 9pm. As always many hands are needed. If you want to help with costumes, food, scenes, set-up, participating, etc., etc., etc., etc.!!!!, YOU NEED TO CALL COLLEEN PLEASE. Invite friends and family from other churches to participate and encourage them to attend. Certain COVID protocols will be in place.


Church History (#33)The Miranda Church  -  Part 2

(written by Marjorie Gaunt)

Dr. Leland Loewen had completed the Garberville Hospital, and about this time, Roy Schmunk and his family came to Garberville. Roy served as Business Manager of the Hospital. Several other families joined the staff at the Hospital, and a little group was started in Garberville. They met in the Garberville Presbyterian Church until they joined the Miranda Church. A group of Adventist believers had been meeting at the Eel Rock Church and there was a group meeting at Alderpoint. Jack and Rosalind King and Sid and Marje Gaunt and their families
would often travel to meet with these folks and help with their meetings.

On August 23, 1953 members of the Adventist Church from Garberville, Miranda and Myers Flat were organized into a formal church. The meeting was held at the Myers Flat Community Church with Elder Carl Becker, President of the Northern California Conference officiating.

In the fall of 1953 our first Church school began in the home of Edith Shafer (a teacher, who with her family had moved to Miranda). It was called a Home School. As our attendance increased our school moved to the little white building known as the Rock House, south of the current church site.

Christmas week of 1955 a disastrous flood washed away the Myers Flat Community Church, buildings, and many homes - among which was the home of Pastor and Mrs. Bailey. It was a time of great heartache and despair in the community. On Christmas Eve Pastor Bailey organized a group of us to go to the Junior High School where many of the community had gathered, to sing Christmas carols for the heartsick folks who had lost so much in the flood, and to encourage them.

The same year (1956) our church purchased the property where our present facility stands. Art Morgan, a building contractor, was in charge of the work and many of the community came to help with the construction of the building. The classrooms and the room used as a multipurpose room (later sanctuary) were built in
1956. Classrooms were not in readiness when school started that fall and so the students had their desks out under the trees. A Conference tent was set up out in the ball field and we had our services out there. We had sawdust on the ground to keep down the dust, and folding chairs, and it was like an old-fashioned camp meeting.

How happy we were, though, when we were able to move into our own place of worship. This room was a multi-purpose room. During the week and Saturday nights the students and church family used this room for recreation. On Friday afternoon folding chairs were set up to prepare the room for Sabbath services. At first we had a wood stove to keep us warm in cold weather. Weeventually acquired the quonset building, which
eventually became our multi-purpose building.

Elder Bailey had longed to make this multi- purpose room into a sanctuary and Art Abegg helped to make this a fulfillment of that dream. We had pews instead of folding chairs, a carpet instead of a bare wooden floor and drapes at the windows. The installation of a public address system was a highlight in our history, making it possible for our church’s tape ministry to begin sharing services with shut-ins. Our sanctuary was dedicated in May of 1991.

A roll call of our Pastors who have served the Miranda Church are F. C. Bailey, James Cooper, Samuel Joyce, William Hull, Donald C. McIntosh, Lawrence Pumford, Harold Hall, Robert Green, Ejler Jensen, Stanley West, Milton Perry, Ernest West, Preston Smith, Stanley (Nick) Barnes, Garry Genser, Greg Webster, William Hilliard, Garry Genser (District Pastor) and David Perry (District Pastor). Pastor Dan Freedman (District Pastor)
Submitted by Merlin Anderson


   “100 TH BIRTHDAY”


FJA News    

     Dear Church Family,
In this season we look back on the year and think of all we have to be thankful for, and at FJA we have a lot!  Our school has been growing (we should have 11-12 students when this is printed) and we thank all those who have been praying for our school to grow and be a blessing to the community.  Our updated fire system is being installed (thank you to all the generous donors who are making it possible!), and we have seen our
practical arts program expanding (thank you to the volunteers who are teaching the students about gardening, woodworking, sewing and other life skills).  We are having a wonderful year, and God is blessing us.  Please join us at the church service December 18th for the combined church-school Christmas program to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

May God bless you richly this holiday season, Thank you for all your prayers. 
Jamie Burzo and the FJA Staff      



DEC. 4             LOCAL BUDGET

DEC.11            ADVENTIST COM. SERV.





If Chris calls you, please go on-line ASAP to complete the Sterling Volunteers course. You must complete the background section as well. If you have already done the course, but did not do the background check, YOU ARE NOT DONE. YOUMUST GO BACK IN AND DO THAT PART AS WELL.



Dec. 4 TH            6:00 Church business meeting
Dec. 11-12            7-9pm Live Nativity
Dec. 15                10-4pm FCSC Christmas Give-A-Way

Dec. 18                 Christmas Service
Dec. 18                 Blood Mobile Here. /Picnic Potluck @ FCSC

Dec. 19                 Sing-a-long at Don & Colleens
Jan 1 st                 4 th Quarter Communion



Blood Bank

Sabbath, Dec. 18 th , the Mobile BLOOD BANK will be in our Parking Lot. We are planning an indoor “PICNIC POTLUCK” @ the FCSC . As usual just bring food for you and your family. No potluck line. Bring your own utensils and beverage as well. When not eating, masks will be required. We hope that this allows you to go to the blood mobile, while fellowshipping at the same time. Social distancing and masking will be supported inside the blood mobile. Since we have no potluck teams, we do need help Thursday to set up tables. Also, after the potluck, please put your own chairs away and plan to stay to help clean up. Let’s show them how we come together as a team to support their ministry to the community. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DONATE IN ORDER TO



GARDEN - The garden hosted a community event at the Gene Lucas center where folks could bring apples and use a cider press to make their own juice. The fence has been completed. Winter crops are in and plans for next year are well under way.

TABITHA’S - A few weeks ago a woman came in out of the rain. She was in low spirits and was wearing shorts and no coat. She had very little money. Sherry and the team gave her a coat, clothes and a blanket at no charge to her. Another homeless man comes in regularly that they give warm clothes to and vouchers as well. The customers have remarked that they feel and see the spirit of Jesus in the store. THANK YOU TABITHAS!

DORCAS – The give-a-way is December 15 th . Please volunteer with Cherie if you have the time. This is a big ministry of the Dorcas and a chance for us to love, pray and minister to those that show up.

HART – “Heart” ministers to others as well. A client came in to see if he would qualify for assistance to pay his HART fees. Rhonda explained that he did not, but she could help him with other expenses. She signed him up for the food box, toy, and Christmas give-a-way which would help his financial hardships. He called back and thanked her for helping him out.

Folks, these people will remember these acts of kindness and love. Pray that they will want to learn more about what lives on in the hearts of the FCSC employees.


Christmas Program

December 18 th at 11:00 will be our combined Church and FJA Christmas program during the worship service. This is a great time to invite friends, family and neighbors. Everyone loves kids and Christmas!!!!



Our 4 th Qtr. communion will be on Sabbath January 1 st . We will be trying to package our own juice
and bread this quarter. Please let Julie know if you can prepare the bread. We know everyone is tired of the pre-packaged.




On Sunday, December 19 th, AT 5:00PM, Don Baird and Colleen Hough invite you to a sing-a-long at their home, 400 Annahy Drive. Please bring any instrument that you play and your favorite snack. What a wonderful time of year to fellowship together and celebrate the birth of our Savior.