Updated: January 27, 2023


Vol. 89 No. 02                Fortuna Adventist Focus            February 2023


From Pastor Dan

The Unlikeliest Hero

For the year 1938 the most column inches in American newspapers was not logged by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Nor did it concern German Chancellor Adolf Hitler, already embarked on his conquest to build the Nazi empire. And certainly not Winston Churchill, still in the political wilderness.

No, it was a horse named Seabiscuit that dominated the news in 1938. America was still gripped by the Great Depression. Although conditions eased somewhat, millions were still out of work (only the onset of World II would bring the country fully back). But the cloud of doom was broken by a remarkable champion, the unlikeliest hero.

Seabiscuit was born of fine stud but was small. To make matters worse, he had an ungainly stride so he was quickly written off. For three years he was beaten and badgered, overworked and mistreated. He became angry, hostile, unapproachable, and dangerous. This is the horse that against all odds became the champion in 1938. He won event after event, set new speed records, and in a dramatic match on November 1, ran one on one against the acknowledged champion and beat him.

Some 40 million Americans, one third of the population, clustered around radios to follow the race. The president was one of them. Seabiscuit’s story resonated with a nation bowed down by the Depression, a nation longing for a second chance.

But there’s more. Seabiscuit’s jockey was considered a “loser,” too. He was too big to ride. Seabiscuit’s trainer was old and out of touch. And his owner was a Buick salesman whose life had fallen apart after the death of his only son.

So it is a story of a horse that is too small, a jockey that’s too big, a trainer that’s too old, and an owner who doesn’t know what he is doing. But he won!

Now today I’m not writing about a nice human interest story. I am writing about what God can do in each one of our lives. Regardless of where we were born, or our net worth, or our age, or our ethnicity, or our education level, or our position in life or our physical handicaps, or our mental limitations or any circumstances we may face – God loves you and He is here to help you. The Apostle Paul writes, “I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13.

God’s grace will save us and transform our lives. (Ephesians 2:8; Titus 2:11-12). In God’s eyes, by His grace, we can become the unlikeliest hero. Tell Jesus you want to accept and experience His grace today. May God richly bless you!

Pastor Dan



We are saddened to let you know that two of our church family members passed away in the last two weeks. Diane Sargent passed away on January 17th and this week on Thursday our sister-in-Christ, Raemel Oliveira passed away at Stanford hospital. Please lift these families up in prayer.


We are planning a baby dedication on the first Sabbath in March. If you have a baby or young toddler that you would like to have dedicated on that day, please call or e-mail the church and leave a message.



We recently passed out a yearly bible reading plan for 2023. On one side are the bible passages for each day. On the other side are Ellen G. White passages that correspond with each bible reading. There are still copies available in the lobby.

February Offering Schedule

We recently passed out a yearly bible reading plan for 2023. On one side are the bible passages for each day. On the other side are Ellen G. White passages that correspond with each bible reading. There are still copies available in the lobby.



The Pathfinder dinner& dessert auction brought in a little over $1,200 to help supplement the Pathfinder program. They will be putting part of the money into their mission fund to help sponsor pathfinders that need help on future trips. Also it helps with the International Pathfinder Camporee which will be held in Gillette Wyoming 8/2024.

Thank you for those that donated to the dessert auction and those that came out to support it in person. All had a fun time socializing with each other. Our next big event will be the Area 1 Campout at Humboldt Bay on February 10-12.

We are continuing to teach all aspects of the pioneering honor and making it relatable to each of the kids. We just finished the fungi (mushrooms/fungus) honor. We have several other honors we are working on. If any of you would like to help teach an honor or have worship…. Please contact Chris Miller. May the LORD bless each and everyone one of you!

(Submitted by Chris Miller)



Happy February church family! This month we have a field trip to the Clarke Historical Museum, where the students will learn about Humboldt history.  We will also be celebrating President's Day this month. Special thanks to Lane Thomsen, who is teaching the kids woodshop and has some fun projects for them in the spring, and to Miss Anna Rodriguez, who is here every week to help out.  Thank you church family for your continued prayers and support.

Ms .Burzo and the FJA Staff



EARLY CALIFORNIA EVANGELISM #47 (Continued from last month)


Prices were high in San Francisco, and it did not seem best to begin work with the tent in that city. They therefore laid the matter before the Lord.

In answer to their petition, the next day a stranger came from Petaluma and invited them to come to that place with the tent. There was a small church there, the members of which went by the name of Independents. They saw an item in some Eastern paper that two ministers had sailed for California, bringing a tent in which to hold religious services. They made the coming of these ministers a subject of special prayer.

The night following the prayer meeting, one of the prominent members of the group dreamed that he saw two men kindling a fire to light up the surrounding country which seemed enveloped in darkness. As the two men had a fire kindled and shining brightly, the brother in his dream saw the ministers of Petaluma trying to extinguish the fire by throwing on brush, grass, and other things. All their efforts seemed only to increase the flame. While he watched, the men lighted a second flame in another quarter and the ministers tried to quench it. This continued until the two men had five fires burning brightly. This man related the dream to his brethren, saying he would know the men when he saw them. When he saw the Adventist missionaries, he declared they were the identical men he had seen in his dream.

Naturally this company did all in its power to get the brethren started with their tent meetings.

All of the little church of Independents paid close attention and accepted the message until the Sabbath question was presented. In the end six of their number joined with the Sabbath keepers. The ministers opposed the work of the two brethren. On April 9, 1869, at a general meeting of the brethren in the State a temporary State organization was formed called a "State meeting," which voted to support the mission and relieve the brethren in the East of the financial burden. This action was supported by pledging gold coin to the amount of $750. This occurred less than eight months after the tent was first set up on the 'Pacific Coast.

The brethren continued to hold meetings in spite of considerable opposition. In one instance when the two married daughters of a farmer accepted the Sabbath, the man of the soil said that Loughborough would never preach again, and arming himself with a heavy club and a butcher knife, he lay in wait for the minister. Fortunately, Mr. Loughborough was an early riser, and although he knew nothing of the threat, he had passed the spot long before the infuriated man took his place in hiding. As a result of this opposition and the refusal of certain people to allow meetings in the schoolhouses, there arose a demand for a church, and the first Seventh-day Adventist church west of the Rocky Mountains was completed and ready for occupancy by the first of November at the town of Santa Rosa. At a conference, February 15 and 16, 1872, California was organized as a conference with 238 Sabbath keepers, and with J. N. Loughborough as president.

(From The Book – “Founders Of The Message”)

Next month we will be starting the history of  our German church families’ journey to America.



Our health team along with “Pathways To Health is continuing all the behind the scene efforts to facilitate this free program for our community. They are in need of health care professionals to volunteer their time on February 24th and 26th . They need dental and vision doctors, hygienists, nurses etc. If you know of anyone, please let Dr. Brinckhaus know. This is a huge endeavor to organize. Last time there were dozens and dozens of people that received free dental and vision services as well as glasses. Programs like this testify to people just as much as sitting in church and hearing a sermon. How they are treated at this event will determine their vision of Jesus. Please pray for all involved that His plan will be carried out through all who volunteer and hearts will come to Jesus.


“Family of Origins Workshop.

Coming March 10th-March 19th, family therapist, Dr. Lorna Lawrence will be presenting topics and sermons on improving mental and emotional health habits. Each weekend there will be presentations and materials for us to follow along with as she presents. During the week, she will be scheduling those of us who would like to meet with her for counseling. There MAY be a sliding scale cost for this service, and a registration/materials fee.



As a follow-up to these community outreach ministries, Pastor Dan will be presenting an It Is Written bridging seminar. We hope that those whose lives we touched at the clinic and the mental health workshop will want to come and learn more about Jesus, his love, grace, forgiveness and the promise of eternal life. The series will be April 14th to May 21st.



Children’s Story

Last year Debbie Miller graciously volunteered to tell children’s story each week. This year she wants help!! If you can pick one Sabbath each month, like the 1st, 2nd, etc. Sabbath of the month and tell a story, that would be great. I will make up a schedule if it helps. If interested please get in touch with me.






Vol. 89 No. 01                Fortuna Adventist Focus            January 2023

From Pastor Dan

Happy New Year!

I recently heard the story of a man who had climbed up a mountain to spend the night and see the sunrise. As the party was climbing up the mountain, and before they had reached the summit, a storm came on. The man said to his guide, “I am going to give up; take me back.”

The guide smiled And replied, “If we continue, we will soon be above the storm.

So they continued on and it was not long before they were above the storm and everything was calm once again. Down in the valley a terrible storm raged. They could hear the thunder rolling, and see the lightning flash, but it was all calm and serene on the mountaintop. Likewise, when we face the storms of life, and the darkness settles in, the thunder booms and the lightning flashes; climb higher and you will experience the peace and presence of God.

As 2023 begins, I want us as a church family to start the year with fasting and praying. Let me remind you this is not a contest to see who can fast the longest, nor is it a work we have to do for our salvation. Rather, it is a way for us to humbly approach God to seek His leading and guiding throughout the year.

This year we have planned for our community a dental and eye clinic, a mental health seminar and an evangelistic series. I know this will not be easy. There will be many storms in our lives and in the valleys where we live, so let’s determine now to climb higher.

I believe the success of these programs depend upon our hearts being right with God. After all, we have the examples of Moses, David, Jehoshaphat, Daniel, Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, Joel, John the Baptist, Jesus, Peter, and Paul all fasting and praying. These inspirational stories should encourage us to do great things for God in our daily lives regardless of our circumstances.

In addition to fasting, I believe we should have a time of feasting. A time when we can join together

and celebrate the blessings and victories God has given to us to start the new year. On January 21 we

will end our time of fasting and have an all-church potluck.

On the Mississippi River a ship captain was concerned with a treacherous area filled with rocks and sandbars. As he anchored off the river bank, he sent men to the nearest town to see if there was someone who could guide them safely through the waters.

A man came aboard the ship and said to the captain, “I hear you need some help to guide you safely down the river.”

The captain said, “Yes, I do. Do you know where all the rocks and sandbars are?

“No sir, replied the man. But I do know where all the deep water is.”

As we start the new year, let’s determine to allow God to guide us into the deeper water of His presence. May God richly bless you, your family, your church and your community.


Pastor Dan


We recently passed out a yearly bible reading plan for 2023. On one side are the bible passages for each day. On the other side are Ellen G. White passages that correspond with each bible reading. If you did not get one on Sabbath, they will be available in the lobby or I can mail one to you if you let me know.


January Offering Schedule 2023






FASTING & Prayer

FASTING &January 1st through January 20 our church will be focusing on a time of fasting and prayer. We have had two Sabbaths where our health team has talked about safe, healthy ways to fast. There are still information sheets regarding this in the lobby. Let us pray for ourselves, our commitment to be Christ-like to our church members, our community and all we come in contact with on a daily basis. May they see Christ in us and want to be part of a God and a church where love is felt.

We have upcoming evangelism events. Please pray for these presentations and all who will be involved.





Happy New Year! After a busy and exciting December, everyone enjoyed Christmas break and time with family and friends. 

This month we have a guided field trip to the Eureka Library, where the students will learn about how to use library resources and check out some books.  We will also be celebrating Martin Luther King Jr and the New Year this month.

Have a wonderful new year, everyone!

Ms .Burzo and the FJA Staff




When our season of fasting and prayer is over we will have an all church fellowship potluck on Sabbath, January 21st.

Since many of our members are just coming off of their fast, we are suggesting that you please bring a healthy, mostly clean, salad, entrée or vegetable, rather then our less healthy but delicious casseroles, etc. Our health team wants our systems that have been fasting in many different ways, to gently have foods introduced back in to our systems.





In the winter of 1867-68 Mr. Loughborough, who had lived in Battle Creek for ten years, became restless and felt that a change would be well. He had dreams of California and the Southwest.

Until 1868 the work of Seventh-day Adventists was confined to the territory east of the Missouri River and north of the south line of Missouri. At the General Conference held in Battle Creek in May, 1868, an appeal was made to extend the work to California.

The manner of distribution of labor at this time when all the ministers went to General Conference was for all to sit in committee of the whole and listen to the reports of various workers and receive applications for laborers from the different fields.

The General Conference president then asked each worker to pray earnestly about the matter as to where he should labor another year. In a day or two the president called the names of the various fields and the worker was invited to speak up when the field was mentioned to which he felt he had a call.

When the roll was called, all the fields were named except California. Finally, Mr. White said: "Has no one a burden for the California field?" J. N. Loughborough and D.T. Bourdeau then spoke, saying they had a burden for the work there. Accordingly, it was arranged for them to go there. Mr. Bourdeau had felt so impressed that there was different work for him to do that even before coming to conference he had disposed of all his goods,

and he and his wife had come with their belongings converted into money.

James White asked for one thousand dollars through the Review and Herald for the purpose of buying a tent and sending the first workers to the West Coast. The brethren left Battle Creek, June 18, 1868.

At that time the Pacific railroad lacked several hundred miles of being completed, and it was decided to go by water via Central America. They purchased a tent and equipment and sailed from New York, on June24, for the Isthmus of Darien, going by land to the Pacific and on boat to San Francisco, where they arrived July 18, 1868

Continued next week.

(From The Book – “Founders Of The Message”)



Sabbath, January 14th is our Religious Liberty Sabbath. Your offering will sponsor “Liberty” magazine subscriptions to high-level government officials, federal, state and provincial judges and prominent social and religious leaders throughout North America. It also goes to the North American Litigation fund---resources that are needed to defend our religious liberties in court when necessary.






Below are Some of the Evangelism outreaches that we will be doing in 2023. Please pray how you can be part of any or all of these ministries. Pray for each person we come in contact with that they will see Jesus in us.



Our health team along with “Pathways To Health”, will be putting on a clinic in February. This is an “all hands on deck” community ministry. If you were part of the AMEN clinic a few years ago, you know how busy and chaotic these clinics can be. Our health team has already been working for months to assemble the needed personnel, professionals and support staff required to present this clinic. Pray that we are able to provide free dental and vision services to those in need in our community. During this clinic we are hoping to have other ministries and outreaches to those in need. Please pray for everyone involved. If you have time to volunteer and be part of this clinic, contact Dr. Brinckhaus or the office.


Family of Origins Workshop.

Coming March 10th-March 19th, family therapist, Dr. Lawrence will be presenting a workshop. Each weekend there will be presentations and materials for us to follow along with as she presents. During the week, she will be scheduling those of us who would like to meet with her for counseling. There MAY be a sliding scale cost for this service, but we are still looking in to that. Watch for more information.



As a follow-up to these community outreach ministries, Pastor Dan will be presenting a bridging seminar. We hope that those whose lives we touched at the clinic and the mental health workshop will want to come and learn more about Jesus, his love, grace, forgiveness and the promise of eternal life. Again, pray that each life our members come in contact with during these programs will show something to others that they want more of. If you cannot participate, you can pray.


 Happy New Year

"Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.”
1 Peter 1:3

“This New Year as we embark on true life change, we should get ourselves into a truly humble position and start off the year with a spirit of praise.

Too often we are so quick to try to throw out the past and move onto the New Year with the hope that this year will be better. The problem with this mindset is we often focus too much on the failures and not enough on the victories.

It is important that we start the new year by praising God for all the amazing victories he has delivered to us in the past year. If you’re having a hard time coming up with said victories, a good place to start is by praising him for the ultimate victory that you have received in Christ.

One of the greatest things you can do in faith is praise God not only for the victories we have received in Jesus name but also for all the victories we are about to receive and will receive in the future.

With this mindset, we can really dive into the New Year excited and ready to glorify God to the fullest in this New Year.”

From Abide and Seek Magazine



Vol. 88 No. 12                Fortuna Adventist Focus            December 2022

From Pastor Dan

Open My Eyes

In December 1897, a newspaper reporter in Boston saw three little girls standing in front of a store window full of Christmas toys. One of them was blind. He overheard two of the girls trying to describe the toys to their blind friend. The newspaper reporter said, “He never thought of how difficult it would be to explain what something looks like to someone who is blind.” He went back to his office and wrote the story about the three girls for his newspaper.

Two weeks later, the reporter attended an evangelistic meeting conducted by Dwight L. Moody. The reporter did not go there to learn about what the Bible says, rather he wanted to catch the evangelist in some inconsistency and write a negative article about him. To the reporter’s surprise, Moody quoted from his newspaper article about the three girls at the toy store window.

As Moody told the story, he added, “Just as the blind girl could not visualize the toys, so an unsaved person can’t see Jesus Christ in His glory.” Moody went on to say, “God opens the eyes of anyone who acknowledges his sin and accepts Christ by faith.”

The newsman was touched by Moody’s words, and realized he was spiritually blind and needed his eyes opened. As he sat in the audience, he confessed his sins to God and asked Him to open his eyes. At that moment, he saw the light of day.

The apostle Paul wrote, “The god of this world has blinded the minds of the unbelieving that they might see the light of the gospel.” (2 Corinthians 2:3-4). In the great hymn, Amazing Grace, John Newton pens these words, “Amazing grace! How sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me! I once was lost, but now am found, was blind but now I see.” God not only wants to find us but He wants to open our eyes.

In the book of Revelation, Christ describes the last day church as being blind. (Revelation 3:17). Only by opening the door of our heart and inviting Jesus in, can we see again. (Revelation 3:20). God wants to give you the Christmas gift of eternal life. Only God can open your spiritual eyes to see it.

This holiday season may God open our eyes so that we will see our great need of Him so we can share with others how their eyes can be opened too. May you and your family have a blessed holiday season! Be safe and stay healthy!

Pastor Dan


Fortuna Junior Academy

We are looking forward to the holiday season this year at FJA. We have a garden fundraiser, a field trip to the Train Depo Museum to learn about our town history, and FJA students will be assisting in a special Winter Festival for some preschoolers on our campus. We also have a Christmas Program at the church on December 17th as we celebrate the birth of Jesus this holiday season. Anyone interested in being involved in the Christmas program, both adults and kids, please let Ms. Burzo know.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Ms. Jamie Burzo,
Principal FJA



If you can help up at the FJA garden, please contact Ms. Burzo at 707-725-2988. They need hands on deck as well. They also need a fence. If you would like to donate to this garden fence, please mark your envelope “school garden fence”.



What a special Sabbath of Thanksgiving music, testimony and praise we had last Sabbath. Thank you Karina for all the time, effort and planning you did to bring this together. It was a blessing. Thank you to everyone that participated and worked behind the scenes to make it happen as well. We are THANKFUL for all of you .


Live nativity

Our Live Nativity will be December 10th and 11th, 7-9pm. There are 9 scenes that need to be filled. If you can work shifts that evening in a scene, contact Colleen Hough. There is so much more than just the scenes that they need help in. Set-up will be on the 9th. Costumes, traffic and take-down on the 12th. (Remember the center upstairs is unavailable during this time.) Another huge task is working the kitchen. Lorie Pettey will be heading up this job, but she too needs help working the shifts each night. Kitchen staff usually arrives around 5:45 or 6:00 to get set-up and start preparing. Call Lorie at 707-445-1801 to be scheduled for a shift.



On Sunday, December 4th, from 10am-4pm the school garden will be hosting their craft fair at ACE hardware store on Fortuna Blvd. There have been several folks meeting in the Blue Room during the week and on Sundays to work on the crafts. Thanks to Emily and all who showed up to help. Come out on the 4th and support the students and their garden.



As of January 1st, there will be two church positions available. One is a paid position and one is a volunteer position.

First, Merlin Anderson is stepping down as Church Historian. We have so appreciated all he has chronicled and kept track of for us over the years. Thank You Merlin. We have really appreciated all for efforts and information. Whoever takes this position, keeps track of events in the church and school, documents them, files them at the church. Each month there is a FOCUS blurb on some historical event in our church’s history. There are files and files you can pull from. I am sure Merlin will work with you and get you started.

Secondly, I will be stepping down as custodian at the end of December. With my dad’s needs increasing, I need a little more flex time. Also, my back is TOO OLD to vacuum this big of a building. This is a paid position through the conference. You would need to complete an application if you have not been employed by the NCC before. It is around 4 hours a week, sometimes less, sometimes more. The person has to make sure the church is tidy for any event that is going on during the week as well as preparing for Sabbath. You can make your own hours. If interested in either, please contact Pastor or I at the church office.



Wilson Roots in Humboldt County

According to research done by the late Dorothy Price, a former member of the Eureka church, the present General Conference President, Elder Ted Wilson, has distant roots in Humboldt County. Following is a brief summary of her findings.

In 1893, Isabella Scott Wilson was baptized into the Ferndale, California Seventh-day Adventist church. Isabella Scott and her husband, William Howard Wilson, were born in Ireland. One of their sons, Nathaniel, was born on Humboldt Hill, February 4, 1897, according to the Humboldt County Census of 1900.

The Wilson family left Humboldt County, going to Lodi when the Ferndale church closed in June 1920. Nathaniel Wilson married Hannah Myrtle Wallin, and she and Nathaniel had five children; three sons and two daughters. One son was Neal, who was born in Lodi, California in 1920. In 1942, after graduating from Pacific Union College, Neal married Elinor Esther Neuman. They had two children. Their son Ted, who was born in Takoma Park, Maryland, graduated from Columbia Union College, and there married his wife, Nancy. Both Neal and Ted Wilson became General Conference Presidents. Neal was president from 1979 to 1990. Ted Wilson was elected president in 2010 and is still serving today in 2022.

This is my final Church History post for the FOCUS. I hope you have enjoyed learning about our history as I have briefly presented snapshots of it in the FOCUS these last three and a half years.  A History of Adventists in Humboldt County that I compiled can be downloaded to your computer, device, thumb drive or flash drive.  Email for the link.


Submitted by Merlin Anderson



Dec. 04 School Garden Craft fair 10-4

Dec. 08 4:00 School Board

Dec. 09 Nativity Set-up

Dec. 10-11 Live Nativity 7-9

Dec. 12 Nativity Take Down

Dec. 17 FJA Christmas Service

Dec. 21 FCSC Give-A-Way

Dec. 24 Church Christmas Service

Dec. 31 Communion



We have several series, events and ministries coming up to serve our church and community. In January we will be having our time of Fasting & Prayer. You have heard some about this and in December you will hear more. This will end with a potluck and time of praise.

In February (Date could change), we will be hosting a Dental/Vision clinic for those in need in our church and community. See Below.

In March we have Dr. Lorna Lawrence coming up for two Sabbaths and the week in between. Her FOCUS is mental/emotional health. Each weekend will be workshops open to everyone. During the week, she will schedule anyone who would like to receive additional counseling sessions.

There is a cost associated with this event. We do not want to pass on too much of the cost to those who want to participate in the event. We have been blessed by applying for and being granted some funds from the conference. However, it may not cover the cost of the whole program. If you would like to donate to the ministry/event just mark your envelope. March/Dr. Lawrence

Then in the early Spring Pastor Dan will be starting another evangelistic series here in the church. As you can see, we are gearing up for some pretty big events and as usual, we need your help and also would love to have you attend and fellowship with one another.



This clinic will be a huge endeavor between our church, the FCSC, the NCC and Path-Ways-To-Health. It takes dozens and dozens of people to help out before, during and after this ministry.

Such things as advertising, set-up, take-down, registering, copying and just being runners during the two-day event take many hands. Please contact Ruben or Lalita if interested. Also, every Sunday at 5:30 there is a ZOOM planning meeting for the D/V clinic. If you would like to sit in and see if you are interested, please contact Cindy by Sabbath evening each week and she will get the link to you.



If you are in charge of hosting any event at the FCSC where you will be using the stove, please contact Chris Miller ahead of time. Chris says that he needs to come in and turn the gas on to the stove. Since the pandemic, the actual gas is turned off so as not to just have the pilot lights on. Please let him know ASAP as there are just a couple guys that know how to turn the gas on. If you don’t contact him ahead of time, there may not be anyone around on potluck day to turn the gas on!!



DORCAS: Gearing up for the Christmas give-a-way. The food for the Christmas boxes has been ordered. They are working to get the fireside room cleaned out so they can start utilizing that space.

Christmas sign-ups are at 30 households. The church will be helping out by getting gift cards for the older kids and possible ot­her needs. Our giveaway is Dec 21st. Dorcas will be closed that entire week.

TABITHA’S: The thrift store is busier than ever this time of year. Many folks come back annually just to purchase their Christmas decorations because of the large inventory and the price. Sherry and Larry share that they have regular customers that return weekly and monthly to Tabitha’s because they like the atmosphere there. Some come from over 70 or more miles away!! Remember this ministry in your prayers!!

GARDEN: The community garden on the grounds of FJA is looking for someone to take the “Manager” job. If you might be interested in this job, reach out to Rhonda Lewis at FCSC 707-725-1166 ext. 201. Right now they are in need of some volunteers to come and clean and straighten the sheds for them. Lane continues to volunteers lots of his time, but can use some help. For now Rhonda is handling the applications and contracts. This is such a ministry so if you can help out, please contact Rhonda!



Christmas Give-A-Way

The FCSC Christmas give-a-way will be December 21st. The center will be closed that week so that they can set up. If you can help out in anyway, please contact Rhonda or Cherie at the center.

As usual, we will be helping out. This year there will be a mall Christmas tree in the lobby that will have just an empty envelope on it. We are asking that anyone that can, take an envelope and purchase a VISA credit card in the amount of $20-$25 or whatever you can. Bring the envelopes back to the center and give to Rhonda or Cherie. You can also bring them to the church office or to me on Sabbaths. Even if the tree is not up yet, you can purchase your card now and then when it is up, you can grab it and put your card in it. Most of these cards are used for the older kids and teenagers that can be a challenge to buy for.




The Pathfinders are very busy as usual. One of their main honors this year is the “Pioneering” honor. Several other honors such as butter-churning, fire-building and others will be incorporated under this honor. They will be going caroling and ice-skating during the holiday season.

January will have them hosting a dinner and dessert auction. You can support this by donating a dessert for auction, volunteering to help and of course attending. Watch for more info.

In February they will have their winter campout at Humboldt Bay.

Chris wishes to thank all his staff and volunteers that help out with the Pathfinders. He says he couldn’t do it without all of them and all of us!!! We help him out by supporting, volunteering and attending Pathfinder programs. Especially Monday nights. Just show up and he will put you to work.




Dec. 3 Local Church Budget

Dec. 10 Adv. Community Ser.

Dec. 17 Local Church Budget

Dec. 24 Local Conference Adv.

Dec. 31 Union Designated

***Sabbath Dec. 10th the conference offering is designated for Community servies. Offering you want to go for that, must be marked NAD as part will go to community services***



Check your mailboxes for your 1st quarter supplies starting the 3rd Sabbath of December. If you didn’t pick up your supplies for last quarter, please consider if you want them or not. They do cost the church money each quarter and if you aren’t using them and they are sitting in the mailboxes, it could save the church some money. There were about a dozen left in mailboxes this last quarter so I will be cutting back. If yours was left in your mailbox this last quarter, I am not ordering one. They are available from pacific Press should you decide you want one you can order from them directly.



Funny Letters to Santa From Kids

(Typos and all)

"Deer, Santa me and my litle brothrr have  ben tring ar best to be good! i woud like to be the elf on the shelv.  I have ben prkctising. I can sit on a shelv for like a halv hour. my brouther Mickael woud lov to be a raindeer in fact he is praktising rite now. he can fly two inchis!

-Jesse 5-


"You better bring me a pony this year. 

or there will be consequenses."

-Charolette 10-


"Dear Santa,

I think you are a fat man and I'm not leaving you any cookys, because Msis. Clas said yur on a diet. You need to stay away from junk food. Thats why I'm leaving you vegtabls this year with Ultra Skim Milk. I hope you lose some wait, because with all those toys and you two I start to fill sorry for Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Doner, Blitzen, and Rudolphe. I sure hope you brought everything I asked for. Well see you later.

-Braxton- 9


"Dear: Santa Claws

I don't think are baby brothr should have precents this year. He is hurtin us and he sed you are trash. think about not giving him precents

Frm: “A nice boy, Thomas" -8-


"The Giving Of Gifts Is Not Something Man Invented. God Started The Giving Spree When He Gave A Gift Beyond Words, The Unspeakable Gift Of His Son." -Robert Flatt





Vol. 88 No. 11                Fortuna Adventist Focus            November 2022


From Pastor Dan

No Limits

Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. Rosa Parks refused to sit in the back of the bus. Johannes Gutenberg invented the movable-type printing press. Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. Florence Nightingale was the founder of modern nursing. Each person made a monumental, lasting impact on the world.

There are only so many people who will invent, develop, create, or pioneer, but any single person can have a greater influence than the most prominent inventor or expert in industry.

Consider this statement; “There is no limit to the usefulness of one who, putting self aside, makes room for the working of the Holy Spirit upon His heart and lives a life wholly consecrated to God.” (MH 159). King David was a young shepherd before he led Israel to power and prosperity. Gideon described himself as “the least in my father’s house” (Judges 6:15), but went on to deliver Israel from its enemies and restore peace to the beleaguered nation. James and John were fishermen, and Naaman was led to faith in God owing to the humble witness of an enslaved young girl. None seemed likely candidates to do great things for God, but has it has often been stated, God does not necessarily call the equipped; rather God equips the called.

When God called Peter and Andrew to be His disciple’s, He said He would make them “fishers of men.” The qualifications needed by the two brothers in order to be effective gospel ministers would be granted them from heaven. Please notice, Jesus Himself would make them fishers of men.

In 1 Corinthians 15:10, the Apostle Paul writes, “By the grace of God I am what I am, and His grace toward me was not in vain; but I labored more abundantly than they all, yet not I, but the grace of God which was with me.” Paul was the least likely of all men that Jesus could have called to be an apostle. After all, he persecuted the church, had people thrown into prison and even put to death. He outwardly opposed everything and anything that had to do with Jesus Christ. But when the grace of God touched his heart, his life was changed. Today God’s grace is still changing lives – it has changed my life and all who believe in His name.

If we want to live life with no limits we must learn to put self aside. Put aside our own desires and wants and put God first in our hearts. Then the Holy Spirit will come and fill us and abide with us. As we daily make a full and complete surrender to God there will be no limit to what God will do in and through us. As good as training, education and experience may be, it is surrender to God that truly qualifies a person to be used for His glory. When one’s life is given to Jesus to do as He wills, there is truly no limit to what God can do.

May God richly bless you as fully surrender your life to Him daily. May you truly live a life with no limits.

Pastor Dan



On this coming Sabbath, November 5th, we will be celebrating Karole Poli’s 90th birthday which is on November 7th. Tim and Joy Elwell will be hosting an indoor picnic potluck at the FCSC. We will have tables and chairs set up for you. Please bring your own meal for your family. Dessert and Punch will be provided. There will be a basket for cards at the center. Please do not bring things that need to be heated up. This remains a picnic lunch!




As hard as it is to say goodbye, we wish our friends Nancy and Ed Sutsch the best as they re-locate to the Yreka area. On Sabbath, Nov. 12 th , after church we will be having a good-bye reception for Nancy and Ed.  Not sure if this will be another picnic-potluck or just dessert before your own dinner at home. We will let you know.



Pathfinders has been busy in their first couple of months. They have had a car-wash, gone camping and continues to work on various honors. Canning is wrapped up for the most part. During the upcoming holiday season they will be having a cookie give-a-way, Christmas caroling and other fun activities. Some of their upcoming honors will be in Knots, pioneering, braiding, wielding, tie-dying and many more. If you have time to help out, let Chris Miller know. Again we thank all those who are working in Pathfinders to minister to our young people.



Sabbath, November 19th will be our very special Thanksgiving service. We hope that you will invite friends and family to join us on this Sabbath as we give Thanksgivings to the Lord for all that he has done for us!



Things are busy at the school this November, and we love it!  We have parent teacher conferences, a field trip to Fort Humboldt, a science fair and Thanksgiving break.  Pastor is also continuing his weekly bible study with the upper-graders; we love having him come in Wednesday and Friday to worship and study!

As Thanksgiving approaches, we reflect on all the things we have to be thankful for, and there are many.  Thanks to those who took part in the rummage sale and made it a success, and thank you to those who have spent so much time and energy-- in the present and in the past-- creating this school and nurturing it.  The good things we do now come from your efforts.  


Ms. Jamie Burzo ,Principal -The Staff of FJA



Nov. 5       Local Budget

Nov 12     Annual Sacrifice for Global Mission (GC)

Nov. 19     Local Budget

Nov. 26     Local Conference Advance



Church History  #44

A very brief history of Redwood Area Camp Meeting

The first Redwood Area camp meeting was held for the local North Coast churches on a summer weekend in 1951 at Redwood Creek. The next summer a three-day camp meeting was held at Hammond Grove, fourteen miles east of Fortuna on Highway 36. Eighty family tents and a dozen or more travel trailers provided camping and a wooden building was fitted for cooking and serving meals with tables out in the open under the redwood trees. Howard Williams and assistants were the cooks.

Elder Carl Coffman was in charge of the Hammond Grove camp meeting. Elder Graham Maxwell was a featured speaker for the adults and Elder Bruce Babienco of Healdsburg led the youth meetings. Malcolm Maxwell, pastor of the Fortuna church was ordained to the ministry at one of these camp meetings at Hammond Grove.

By 1971 Hammond Grove was known as Pamplin Grove and camp meetings continued there from 1952 until 1975. Attendance continued to grow and by 1971 there were 200 campsites and 1600 people either camping or commuting to the camp. Some speakers included Eric B. Hare, Graham Maxwell, H.M.S. Richards, Jr., William Fagal, Rene Noorbergen, R.R. Bietz, Theodore Carcich, Andrew Fearing, Norval Pease, A.R. Mazat & W.R. Foulston.

The grove was rented from various owners through the years including Georgia Pacific, Louisiana Pacific, the Nature Conservancy, and finally the County of Humboldt. Environmental activists eventually made the site unusable for camp meetings. Ed Stockton knew of fifty acres for sale near his farm on Dyerville Loop Road so in 1976 the land was purchased. Local pastors Bill Hilliard of Fortuna and Gene Anderson of Eureka led out in developing the land. In 1979 an additional 29.5 acres was purchased. Additions and sales of land now leave the camp with approximately 100 acres of land and about 1700 campsites.

With the exception of 2009, when camp meeting was cancelled due to the economy, and modified meetings held during the COVID pandemic, camp meetings have been held continuously at the present location.

Submitted by Merlin Anderson




NOV. 10    4:00 SCHOOL BOARD



NOV. 15    4:15 FCSC BOARD MTG.


NOV. 22    6:30 CHURCH BOARD






As of this date, the rummage sale has made around $4,500.00. However, there are still some more expenses to be paid. We thank you for all of you who came and spent your money, helped with meals, helped in the months and weeks before and helped us clean up. It really is a huge job and it could not be done without all of you. Thank you Mr. Whitchurch and your Home and School team.


Live Nativity

It is hard to believe that it is already Live Nativity time once again. This year it will be December 10th and 11th, 7-9pm. You have several opportunities to help. Either in a scene, with soup and food, with set-up, costumes, take-down, etc. This year will be Colleen Hough’s last year running the program. Don’t worry, she is training a wonderful crew to take up the torch. We will not let her get far in the upcoming years. We cannot even begin to THANK HER for bringing this ministry to our community, but let’s tell her thanks anyway. Hope you will answer the call to help.


Church web page

The church bulletin is posted on this website each week.  If you miss church you can access the bulletin and announcements here at  Birthdays, Anniversaries, Obituaries, the Church Directory etc. are in the Members Only section of the website.  Phone the church or contact Merlin Anderson ( to get the password for access to pages in the Members Only section 



The 2nd Sabbaths of both November and December will be presentations on fasting, its meaning, intention, different ways and how to do it safely and for different medical conditions. This is all in preparation for our after-the-new year fast we are planning. Encourage friends and family to attend to learn safe and alternative ways to fast.


November Birthdays

Mauricio Jeronimo
Raemel Oliveira
Robyn Soper (Waddell)
Thomas Aldinger
Mick Whitchurch
Arleen Perry
Amy Norton
Susan Carson
Matthew Fillman
Karole Poli
Sam Wendt
Lalita Brinckhaus
Rita Roberts
Cindy Neumann
Michelle Mason
Winona Bevins
Amby Burum
Linda Lewis
Abigail Norton
Rosa Paredes
Zachary Hindley
Al Gladden
Colleen Hough
Quinten Dumitrescu


November Anniversaries

Cliff and Cindy Whitchurch
Don and Alice Charlton
Mauricio and Lupe Jeronimo



Vol. 88 No. 10                Fortuna Adventist Focus            October2022

Pastor Dan

Being Patient

Have you ever waited at a red light and it seems to take forever to change? Obviously, patience is not one of my strong characteristics. The other day I was driving down Newburg Road to go to a finance meeting at Fortuna Junior Academy. The public school was letting out at the same time. I drove into traffic and there was no way out. Between kids crossing the street, cars dodging in and out, school buses and the red light, I ended up fifteen minutes late to my meeting. I confess that the thoughts that ran through my head were not all Christian. Today I want to write about being patient.

John Bradshaw, speaker and director for It Is Written, tells the time when Don received a flyer in the mail advertising a series of Bible meetings. When he attended and discovered that the meetings were presented by It Is Written, he remembered that forty years earlier, he had attended It Is Written meetings conducted by an evangelist named George Vandeman. At that time, he didn’t make the decision to surrender his life to Jesus. But, this time, he yielded his heart to Christ, was baptized, and joined the church. Forty years is a long time, but    God patiently waited for Don to come to faith in Jesus.

Pat prayed for her husband, a faithful Roman  Catholic, for thirty seven years. Pat was hopeful Sal would choose to follow the teachings of the Bible and trust in Jesus alone for salvation. For many years he attended the church with Pat and their children on the Sabbath and still attended Mass on Sunday. After his retirement, Sal began volunteering at It Is Written. After attending an evangelistic series, Sal told Pat he wanted to talk to her. “I can’t do this anymore,” he said. Pat was concerned. Did Sal no longer want to go to church with her? She held her breath. “I’m going to stop going to Mass on Sundays.” Sal was baptized a few months later.

Peter wrote that “the longsuffering of our Lord is salvation.” (2 Peter 3:15). God could have turned His back on the human family after Adam and Eve fell in the Garden of Eden. If He had done so, not a single being in the entire universe could have found fault with His decision. Yet God continues to work on the hearts of those who have not yet come to Him. God is gracious and in His mercy, appeals to the lost to respond to the pleading of the Holy Spirit.

God is patient. We do not want to presume upon that patience, but God’s longsuffering should encourage us to continue working for the salvation of our friends and family. Daniel waited about thirty five years for the conversion of King Nebuchadnezzar, Do you have friends and family you are waiting for? Never give up, keep praying for them. What about church members who seem to slip through the cracks. On every Sabbath more
than half of our members are not in church. How do we get them back? Pray for them. Let the Holy Spirit do His great work in them. God never gives up on us and He never gives up on them. God is still drawing them to come to Him in faith.

May God continue to richly bless you and your family.
Never give up. Be patient.
Pastor Dan



Pathfinders started! They have around 15 kids registered. This Sunday, September 25 th they will have a car-wash at Fortuna Jr. Academy. The cost is whatever you want to donate!!!

Oct. 7, 8, & 9 is their campout. Pray for good weather and safety for them.

Some of the honors they will be working on include; dogs, cats, canning, pioneering, mushrooms and more.

They are possibly planning a trip to the Oregon Caves and next year at camp meeting they will again be working at the café and burger bar.

Thank you to Chris Miller and his dedicated team of leaders for ministering to our kids. Pray for them as they journey through life.



Fall is here, and with it our first regular field trip in quite awhile-- we're happy to have them back on the schedule! We're so excited to be going to a pumpkin patch and sunflower maze this month where each student will enjoy getting a festive fall gourd.

  We also have the Rummage Sale October 6,7, and 9. Special thanks to the amazing Home and School crew who make this possible. Please reach out to Tim Whitchurch if you'd like to help out with getting this
event through the home stretch. Thank you all!
Ms. Jamie Burzo, Principal and the staff of FJA



We recently had a pretty serious leak in our main water line here at the church. Al and Jared Gladden came and
dug the 2 ½ ft. hole so that when Michael Norton got off work he could come and fix the line. We just want
to thank you for your willingness to care and repair our church. We love and appreciate you all.


A HUGE, HUGE THANK YOU to our Elder Charolette Wareham and the Dumitrescu family and others for
bringing together a beautiful program for both OUR church and then in PETROLIA in September. This is what we are looking for and need for our 2 nd Sabbaths when Pastor is ministering elsewhere. We have so many talented members and children. You might have a message or a testimony or be in a group that could put on a service. If you heart is moved to plan a Sabbath, contact Ruben Brinckhaus, Lead Elder.
Thank you for prayerfully considering it.


Church History #43


(Details of the Orleans church came from Roger Williams, a long-time member.)

A number of Adventist families came to Orleans in 1953 to build a plywood mill. The same year, Eugene and Irma Mitchell and two children bought a homestead of 150 acres near Orleans. By 1954 the plywood enterprise was bankrupt and most of the Adventist families had moved on. Of the original families who were involved with the plywood venture, only the Stanley Sornberger family remained. Also during 1954 Roger and Lonnie Williams and one small son moved to Orleans to work for the Mitchells who were logging part of their homestead. These three families formed the nucleus of the Orleans SDA Church.

Some of the places in which the families met for services were Short's dance hall, the Episcopal Church and the Sornbergers' home. By 1957 the families determined that they must have their own meeting place, so began searching the community for a piece of land to build on. The families found nothing to buy but were able to lease some property from Lloyd and Mary Downs and began building.

The site was on the edge of the Klamath River about 50 feet above the high water level on a placer gold mining area so there was no soil, only bed rock and piles of boulders. Mr. Sornberger brought in his D8 Caterpillar tractor and pushed the boulders into a deep ravine to the side of the property.

Frank Mitchell, Eugene's father, helped build the church and before it was finished, Harvey and Madge Young moved here along with Harvey's brother, Calvin, and family. Harvey worked on the church lot. Raymond Hurd, Irma Mitchell's brother, did a lot of painting and the sheet rock finishing. By the time the building was completed, other families were moving into the area as logging and milling were booming.

The Orleans "Company" became organized church #91 of the Northern California Conference on Sabbath, March 31, 1962, with 36 charter members. They immediately set about adding to the church building to make space for a church school. The school was also used for Sabbath School rooms. School was conducted in the back of
the church from 1960 - 1964, when a separate school building was constructed. An additional 18 feet was also added to the front of the church sanctuary, providing more room to accommodate the 100 plus members then attending.

The original school was started by Eugene and Irma Mitchell for their two children in 1959. The following year several others joined and school was conducted in an old house in Orleans. Then the move was made to the back of the church in 1960. Around 1966 – 1968 the school reached its peak enrollment of 30 children.

On December 24 and 25, 1964, the most devastating flood of the century occurred. Many families lost their homes and moved what they had left into the public school. On Christmas Eve, due to faulty wiring from their standby electric generator, the public school burned down. Due to the flooding, the fire department could not get there. The other disaster that occurred the same day was the loss of the main bridge spanning the
Klamath River which divides the town of Orleans. All roads were washed out so that all supplies had to be flown into Orleans. The U.S. Army, Marines, Coast Guard and the Red Cross cared for this detail. Providentially, the new school building was almost finished. The public school district requested the use of the new building and rented it for about one year. The rent monies were enough to completely reimburse the church for the material cost of the building.

It was a difficult time for some of the members who lived on the other side of the river from the church and school. After the river subsided somewhat, the county ran a boat ferry, which enabled the members to get to church and back home.

Some of the pastors that served the church were from Arcata in the early formative years. Elder A. O. and Ruth Sage figured prominently from the very first. They came to Orleans on their vacations from working in evangelism. They met with the members several times and encouraged them to build a church. The members encouraged the Sages to retire in Orleans, which they later did, but before fully retiring they pastored the church for a number of years.

The Orleans church today is pastured by Matthew & Juanita Baker who also pastor the Eureka and Arcata-McKinleyville churches.
Submitted by Merlin Anderson




Our final picnic potluck o the year will be on October 22, at the Dumitrescu home: 3800 Newburg Rd., Fortuna. Heading east on Rohnerville Rd., turn Left on Newburg Rd. Go past the park. Follow the road out aways until you see a peach colored house on your right. Parking is tight and the ground is a little unsteady to walk on. Do not let that keep you from coming. There is a way that you can be driven up to where we eat, dropped off and your car parked elsewhere. Then you can be picked up when ready to go. There may be a special presentation after we eat or music or charades… never know. Come close out the summer and greet fall with us.



DORCAS: They continue to minister to our community just by meeting the basic needs of food, clothing and showers. Please pray for the staff as they continue to show the love of Jesus to some of our most vulnerable. They desperately need our help on Sunday, October 23 rd . Their shed on the church property needs to be cleaned out and organized so that they can see what they have and what they need to discard or sell. If you have anytime on that day, please come and spend an hour or so helping them out. Rain Cancels!

TABITHA’S: Tabatha’s continues to stay busy, busy, busy. They got tons of merchandise from the city-wide yard sale. They have noted that so many regular customers come back time and time again to not just shop, but to visit with the staff. They comment on how nice they are treated by everyone. What an outreach!

GARDEN: The produce is coming in and Emily donated some to the Pathfinders so they could work on their canning honor. She is looking for someone from CR to come down and develop flower beds as well. She is so appreciative of all that Lane Thomson does for the garden!!

HART: Now for some serious news. COVID and the subsequent shut down continues to effect the center. They are running around $10,000 short each month. Payments have not been coming in. Some month’s payroll is met only through the grace of God and the money Tabitha’s contributes. The were about $8000 short one payday and the staff of course, was concerned. Rhonda shared with them her faith in Jesus and that “God’s Got This”. By the next day, the phones were ringing off the hook with non-stop payments and payroll was met.
Praise God. However, they remain in critical financial need. They are brain-storming ways to get the word out through social media about exactly what and how the center serves the community. The hope and prayer is that the community will consider donating to the center. If you know someone, or an organization that
donates or accepts grants for money, please le Rhonda know. In addition, please prayerfully consider how you can help the center in you regular giving. Most importantly, please pray over the center, the staff, their finances and the clients they serve. Thank you.

Coming Up At FCSC:  The annual constituency meeting for the center will be Sunday, October 16, at 2:00 pm.  This meeting is open to everyone in the church. Please think about attending in person or accessing the meeting through the information below. This is a time when they desperately need input and ideas from the church on how to continue to be able to serve the community. Plan to attend and see exactly what they do. Come in person to the center or access the meeting by the ZOOM link below:

Meeting ID is: 890-6338-0394
Password is: 534761 (Rhonda said ok to share with you.)

1. Easiest way to join is to copy and paste the above link in your browser.
2. When ZOOM opens click on JOIN.
3. Enter the ID and Password above.
4. Make sure your audio and video are not muted.



Sign-ups at the FCSC for their Christmas give-a-way will be ending soon. If you know a family in need please
contact them or refer them to the center. This is open to church members as well. Do not hesitate at all to
contact them and sign up. That is what they are here for. As usual the church will give you an opportunity to
donate to this program a little closer to Christmas.




4 TH Quarter lesson studies are in your mailboxes. Remember to check your box each week. Other materials and information will be in them as well! The doors will be opened as we are leaving. If you don’t see your name on the mailbox list OR the supply list, please let Cindy know. Make changes on the lists for the materials you will want for the 1 st quarter of 2023!! Everyone can have a mailbox. Member or not. If you attend regularly and get quarterlies, FOCUS etc., you get a mailbox.



The Home and School rummage sale is this month!!! October 13 TH , 14 TH & 16 TH at Fortuna Jr.
Academy gym. (New Date) There is so much work and not many hands. This is a huge fund-raiser for the school. If you are younger than 65, we could really use your help. An hour or ½ an hour means a lot. As our membership ages it is a challenge to get enough people for hard physical work. We need help setting up the tables, putting the stuff out, working shifts, lunches and clean-up after. If you can do any of the above, please contact Tim Whitchurch. 707-496-0441. Thank you to Rose Hoaas, Barbara Kanen, Sandra Carson, Tim
Whitchurch and others whose names I don’t have for coming up to the shed at the school and helping out.



Some of you may remember Jo and Will Spurling who were members here for years. Will passed away on September 10 th after his battle with cancer. Copies of his obituary are in the lobby and also available on this church website. Please remember Jo and the rest of the family in your prayers.



Fasting with a purpose
We've been hearing about fasting lately as something to consider, particularly a spiritual fasting. Does that seem daunting to anyone? If so, I'd like to suggest a good starting point. As with many things in life, it helps to begin with a

1. Ask yourself, "What is my motive?" Should losing weight or getting healthier be my motive? These
are not the purposes of a spiritual fast. They are side benefits but not the motive. A spiritual fast is
generally for getting closer to God, to hear or know him better. To increase our prayer life, or seek God’s guidance in our life.

2. Ask yourself, ’What are the specific needs I am fasting for?" In the Bible, people fasted when they were in trouble, for their children, for help in seeing what they needed to change, etc. Now people also fast for finances, for help, for the needs or the conversion of others, etc.

3. Ask yourself ,”Am I serious about ministering unto the Lord?" Acts13:2 says the church in Antioch ministered to the Lord and fasted." When we fast we are sacrificing something to seek more of God. It's not about just getting what we want from God. But showing him "I want to love you, I want to know you, I want to get closer to you.’
     If you approach your fast seriously, you will get serious results. Your heart must be in it and if it is you will receive an experience of fellowship with God like you have never known before!
     When we fast we submit our bodies to God and say, "Cleanse this body, and deal with the habits and other things that are earthly. I'm presenting this flesh to you.  I know the flesh will always be here, but I'm letting it know that Jesus is Lord of this temple! Every time we fast we get closer to God.  There is no greater reward than him!
     If we decide to fast at the beginning of the New Year we add another dimension. It follows the principle of giving our first fruits to God, such as tithing our earnings 1 st ,  or spending the 1 st hours of the morning in worship and prayer. The promise for your faithfulness is blessings that will abound.
     If you are considering joining in a fast, I encourage you first to identify what your PURPOSE will be. It is what will carry you through the fast when it gets hard. Your PURPOSE will make the sacrifice worth it!
-Submitted by Lalita Brinckhaus-


“One day, all of our praying and all of our fasting in pursuit of God will culminate in the goal of our salvation: everlasting, uninterrupted, uninhibited, unimaginable, indescribable, all- satisfying, communion with God.”
-David Platt-




Vol. 88 No. 9                Fortuna Adventist Focus            September 2022


From Pastor Dan


A remarkable passage in the book of Zechariah presents important details regarding the plan of salvation. In Zechariah 3:1, Satan stands at the right hand of Joshua, the high priest, accusing him on account of his sins, when God does a fascinating thing.

Joshua was “clothed with filthy garments.” God said, “Take away the filthy garments from him.” Then God spoke to Joshua himself. “See, I have removed your iniquity from you, and I will clothe you with rich robes.” (Zechariah 3:3-4). The symbolism is obvious. Joshua’s filthy garments represent his own sinfulness and his own righteousness. As Isaiah the prophet wrote, “All our righteousness are like filthy rags.” (Isaiah 64:6). The rich robe that Joshua is clothed with represents Christ’s perfect character, His righteousness.

The unrighteous man stands guilty, dressed in filthy rags before God, and God removes all of the man’s sin. Next, the following order is given; “Let them put a clean turban on his head.” The command was immediately obeyed; “So they put a clean turban on his head, and they put clothes on him. And the Angel of the Lord stood by. (Zechariah 3:5).

At first, Joshua stood before God as a sinner, covered in “filthy robes.” When Joshua’s interaction with God was completed Joshua stood before God with clean garments, representing the righteousness of Christ, and a clean head covering indicating he had experienced a change of mind. What did Joshua do to receive the righteousness of Christ? The answer is, nothing at all. As we take a closer look at the story, we see that it was what Joshua did not do that is instructive for us. Joshua did not resist. Joshua did not put up a fight. Nor did he say, “I’m not deserving of this great blessing. I have been too great of a sinner.” Joshua yielded to the will of God, and when he did, God took away his sin and clothed him in Christ’s righteousness – Christ’s perfect life covered him.

God is willing to do the same today for you, me and every sinner. Salvation is received as we surrender to the will of God. It is God’s will that we shall be saved and not lost. (2 Peter 3:9). God is waiting to clothe any willing sinner with His righteousness. We will never deserve it, we can never earn it, but we may receive it. God extends to us the most precious gift we could ever receive. Today, this very moment, yield yourself to God. Tell Him, I am willing Lord to surrender myself completely to You. I trust You and know that You will do what is best in my life. Take away my filthy garments of my self-righteousness, and clothe me with the righteousness of Jesus Christ.

May God richly bless you and all your family.

Pastor Dan



Pathfinders will start again on September 12th. There are great things planned for the Pathfinders this year. We look forward to supporting them and being part of the things they do.

Also, they hosted the Burger Bar/Café this year at Camp Meeting. They have food items left over that are for sale. French fries, cheese, onion rings, various juices etc. If you would like to help the pathfinders out by purchasing some of these items, please call Chris Miller.



We are excited to be back at school and getting started with our new year!  We're enjoying getting to know our new students.  We are blessed to have 11 great students from 1st grade through 8th at our school this year, and many supportive volunteers. We are so pleased to announce that Kerry Freedman will be our TA this year. She has been a TA in both SDA and public schools. Welcome Kerry! Special thanks again to all who help us educate and minister to these little ones. Please keep our school, staff and students in prayer for this new school year.

Ms. Jamie Burzo




Chris wants to give a BIG thank you to all those who helped with Burger Bar/Café at Camp Meeting!! Amy Norton, Valerie Wikander, Emily Mazzone-Clementi, Ivette Gomez, Dr. Thomsen, Rhonda Lewis, Kathrin Matheson, Janet Eastburn, Deborah Buck, Nathan Wikander, and of course all the Pathfinder Kids! We had volunteers throughout the week which were a big help as well. Could not have done it without them. Thank You, Thank you, Thank you!



As you know, Pastor is either in Petrolia or Miranda the 2nd Sabbath of every month. This leaves us with the challenge of finding a speaker AND IT IS A CHALLENGE. It can be presented by an individual, DIVISION, CLASS or a group. It can involve music, readings, testimonies, prayer services, kids, adults, etc. It is a struggle to find someone every month. It shouldn’t be guys. (I’m being brutally honest folks). Some of you have done it in the past. How about again? If you’re not coming the 2nd Sabbath cuz Pastor isn’t here, be the one that presents the program!!! Prayerfully consider how you can serve Jesus in this way. You have the pick of any 2nd Sabbath you want.


Church History #42

Humboldt Academy

Does it surprise you that there was once an Adventist boarding academy in Humboldt County? There was, and this is the story as told by the late Dorothy Price, a long-time member of the Eureka church.

There was a building behind the Eureka Adventist Church at 6th & M Streets in the early days used for an elementary school. When the congregation moved to the new church on E Street, just south of Harris, the south side of the church was partitioned off for use as the school. By 1917 there were about 25 students and the area used for the school was becoming too cramped so some of the local brethren walked out to the end of F Street, and there among the stumps and redwoods, marked out a site for the future Humboldt Academy. (The present Eureka church is just south of the academy.)

Humboldt Academy’s first building to be erected was 2 stories high and was used for the school for about 6 years, from 1918 to 1924. The enrollment by this time stood at 36 students. The next building to be erected was the Administration building, just to the north of the first building. This new building housed classrooms, a library, and a chapel. The first building was turned into a home for the boys, and was called “South Hall.” The 2-story house just to the north of the Administration building was the girls’ home, and was called “North Hall.”

In 1927 a basement was added under the Administration building for use as the dining room and kitchen. It served very well through the years for Saturday night entertainments, Home & School functions, student programs, even recess on rainy days.

In 1928 the Normal building was erected to the east and behind the other buildings which faced on F Street. (Normal schools were created to train teachers.) It was torn down in the 1960’s and is the only building which no longer exists.

A carpenter shop, store and a laundry were next to be added to the campus - later a print shop and a clinic across F Street near Spruce. By 1930 there were 123 students and 11 teachers and the school had leased a farm and chicken ranch out near where College of the Redwoods is today.

The young men students, under the supervision of some of the teachers, built homes in the area, and sold them to earn their tuition. Some of these homes are on the west side of F Street, one block south of Harris Street: 3005, 3015, 3122, and 3132 F Street. There is also one at 368 Spruce, and 4088 D Street.

By the 1930’s the depression hit and many people in Eureka lost their jobs, including the families who had bought the homes built by Humboldt Academy. When the payments failed to come in the properties were repossessed and value was lost. The boarding students gradually left Humboldt Academy, leaving only the students who lived in or near Eureka.

Enrollment decreased over the years but the school did not close until the spring of 1968, when the Eureka students joined with the students in McKinleyville at Scheppler School.

Submitted by Merlin Anderson



We are planning to have a baptism in the next month or so. If you are interested in being baptized, re-baptized or pledge profession of faith, please let the office know. We would be honored to include you.



Ariana Rayburn is starting a Spanish sing and play for babies and toddlers. The 1st meeting will be on September 15th at 10:30. The class will continue every other Thursday at the Eureka Seventh-day Adventist Church. Here is a little message from Ariana:

“Hi friends! I'm looking to start a Spanish learning group locally for little ones. Just a short Spanish circle (songs and activities) followed by open play time. It's a dream I've had since Nate was a baby. If you or someone you know might be interested. Check it out and feel free to share!”



Our next picnic potluck will be at Michael and Amy Norton’s on September 24th. Thanks for stepping up and volunteering guys! Bring everything you need for a picnic in the sun. We will be celebrating Ben’s birthday that day. How lucky are we!! Plan to come on out and fellowship with us. 1720 Loop Rd. Go down Rohnerville rd. Turn on north Loop Rd.  Go away up the road. Their house is green and will be on the left.



DORCAS: Dorcas is busy as ever. Their biggest need is to have someone come and help with the laundry. If you have an hour or so to spare, please call Cherie Porter at the center 707-725-1166 ext.206.

TABITHA’S: They continue to grow and thrive!! They have donations constantly, more than they can keep up with some days. Right Larry and Sherry? Every day brings a new chance to share Jesus with people just by the loving actions of the staff. If you want to volunteer, give Tabitha’s a call.

GARDEN: The garden is doing well. Emily says their biggest challenge right now is GOPHERS!! If you have a magic trick for getting rid of the pesky pests, let her know. Please remember to turn the water off after you have watered.



Sign-ups at the FCSC for their Christmas give-a-way will be September 1st to December 21st. If you know a family in need, or you need assistance yourself during the holidays, please contact them or refer them to the center. As usual the church will give you an opportunity to donate to this program a little closer to Christmas.



Just a reminder that we need to remember to turn the PA system off after each service, meeting etc. It has been found on various days and times of the week, so it is not just one of us that is forgetting. Same thing happens with the fans and windows. No biggie. Stuff happens and this is just to juggle our brains a little. Thank you!



The NEW directories are out in the lobby. It is possible that when they were coming out of the printer, pages could have gotten shuffled or maybe didn’t print at all. If you are missing pages, please let me know. In addition, please let me know any corrections that are needed. There is a current list of the corrections in the lobby as well. Again, my apologies for errors. I told ya from the beginning I am not perfect….and I am ok with that lol!!



We would like to have one final picnic in October, weather permitting, If you would like to host then, please let Cindy know.



The doors for the mailboxes will be open again. Please check the list to see what mailbox is yours. Remember to check them regularly for quarterlies, information and news!!! If you don’t see your name, please let me know and we will make sure you have a box assigned to you.



The Home and School rummage sale will be October 6th, 7th and 9th at Fortuna Jr. Academy gym. There is so much work that needs to be done ahead of time. Starting Monday, August 29th, you can come help!! Each Monday to Wednesday from 2:00-4:30 Tim will be up at the school working to get ready. If you have an hour or more to come up and help, it would be greatly appreciated. The money raised from this sale goes directly to the school to help them financially. Hope you can make it up there. This will continue up until the sale. Thanks in advance for anything you can do.




Vol. 88 No. 8                Fortuna Adventist Focus            August 2022

From Pastor Dan

Over the years I’ve visited the graves of many notable people in the Seventh-day Adventist Church. In Battle Creek, MI, I stood by the graves of James and Ellen White, Uriah Smith and John Harvey Kellogg. In Low Hampton, New York, I stood by the grave of William Miller. In St.Helea, I stood by the graves of John Loughborough and Daniel Bourdeau who brought our message to California. But far more often I have walked among the graves of people nobody remembers.

In every cemetery I have been in, I have seen some very old gravestones, that sadly the names and dates were faded out and gone. Buried in the grave were people who came into the world, lived and loved, played and worked and died. Now they are gone, and virtually nobody remembers them. But God remembers the dead,
and He notices some in a very special way.

Therefore I have to ask the question, in life, what really matters in the long run? Not everyone can win a gold medal, sign the emancipation proclamation, walk on the moon, or climb Mt. Everest. But notice what Daniel wrote: “Those who turn many to righteousness” are the ones who will shine “forever and ever.” (Daniel 12:3).

The tomb of Karl Marx, author of The Communist Manifesto, is in Highgate Cemetery, just outside London, England. Since its construction, it has been a destination for adherents of Marx’s theories. The grave of Jim Morrison attracts tourists in Paris decades after the singer’s death. Vladimir Lenin’s body is still on display in the Red Square in Moscow. People file past it every day to see the grave of the man who once led a powerful nation. These are the people – dead people – who command attention and are remembered by the world.

But in unremarkable graveyards all around the world lie the remains of humble men and women who were
never household names but who will shine forever because they did what was truly valuable in God’s sight.
Running a country? Fronting a rock band? God says the person who will shine forever is the one who turns many to righteousness – who leads people to faith in Christ.

Winning souls is truly valuable in God’s sight. This is why Jesus came to earth – to seek and save the lost. He
died on the cross because you and everyone else in this world are valuable to Him.

To win souls to Christ is a legacy that endures. If you want to make an eternal difference, share Jesus with
someone. That’s what really matters. And you will shine like stars forever. May God richly bless you as you share
Jesus with your family and friends.
Pastor Dan



Pastor and Cindy are normally here on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting at 10:00. Pastor leaves by 1:00. Cindy is here usually until at least 4:00. If you need to speak with Pastor, appointments are best as his calendar fills up quickly!! Try to arrange to pick up anything you need on these days and hours.

The office will be closed August 12-17 while Cindy is out of town. Pastor may be in on Tuesday morning. The office will re-open on Thursday, the 18 th .



As you know, Pastor is either in Petrolia or Miranda the 2 nd Sabbath of every month. This leaves us with the challenge of finding a speaker AND IT IS A CHALLENGE. If you have a message, a presentation a group a or topic that you would like to share, please contact our head elder Ruben Brinckhaus or Pastor Dan. It can be presented by an individual or a group. It can involve music, readings, testimonies, prayer services, etc. We
know there are folks whose heart will be led to do this. Please pray for this. We want to feed our members. We want to hear your story, your message. We want to share ourselves with one another. Prayerfully consider how you can serve Jesus in this way. You have the pick of any 2 nd Sabbath you want.


Church History (#41)

Dows Prairie

The story of Adventists at Dows Prairie begins in 1884. Dorothy Versteeg of the Arcata- McKinleyville church provided much of the following account.

Henrietta Johnson, the future wife of Robert Hare (Irish Immigrant, Pioneer Preacher Poet and father of Eric B. Hare), taught the Dows Prairie one-room public school. One day in the fall of 1884, a stranger knocked on her door and said, "Miss Johnson, my name is McClure. I am an evangelist and would like to hold some Sunday
meetings in the school house."

Henrietta determined to attend the meetings herself and take her Bible along to make sure he taught just what was in the Bible. His first topic was the New Earth. She was a very sincere Sunday-keeping Christian and was thrilled with the new light right from her own Bible on the New Earth, the seventh-day Sabbath, etc.

During the holidays, Henrietta went to visit friends in Ferndale. They invited her to some revival meetings being held by J. N. Loughborough. Henrietta saw Elder McClure at the meetings and told him the good news that she was keeping the seventh-day Sabbath. At the end of the ten days of meetings, Henrietta was baptized, December 10, 1884.

During the summer of 1885, a church of twenty members was established at Dows Prairie and Henrietta was a charter member and officer of that first congregation.

In January, 1886, Elder McClure persuaded Henrietta to go to Healdsburg College and while there, Henrietta met Robert Hare, a ministerial student from New Zealand. Robert was assigned to work in Arcata the following summer. The next year Robert and Henrietta were married by Elder McClure. Robert and Henrietta became the parents of Eric B. Hare, a well-known missionary to Burma before World War II who later became MV Secretary of the California Conference.

There were 19 members in Dows Prairie in 1902 when the church was painted, papered, reseated and a new organ provided. The church with its 19 members had been used a long time when in 1904 it was dedicated by Elder D. T. Fero. Dows Prairie was later absorbed by the Arcata- McKinleyville church.
(Submitted by Merlin Anderson)



We are gearing up for our 2022-2023 school year!! The 1st day of school will be on Thursday, August 18 th!!! FJA registration will be Sunday, August 7 th , from 9:00-1:00. If you have any friends, family or neighbors that have school age children, please let them know. Pray for our school, staff and students. Pray for the enrollment that we will find students in our community that can be blessed by a Christian education.

Ms. Jamie Burzo , principal
And the Staff of FJA



Our next picnic potluck will be at Connie Bertholf’s. Bring everything you need for your own picnic and seating. Head out on Hwy 36 East. You’ll travel approx. 22 mile. Take a Right on to Golden Gate, Right on to Ackerman. Takes about 35 or so minutes. Because of this, we will have the blessing and begin our picnic about 2:00. Hope to see you there!!!



DORCAS: They can use volunteers to help with the laundry and the front desk

TABITHA’S: Tabitha’s continues to minister to our community every day. They recently had a client who had a $50 voucher for clothes. She has three children and a husband. Larry & Sherryallowed her to spend over her voucher in order for her family to be fully clothed!! A few days later the lady brought in a Lemon Meringue pie!!! She was so appreciative of them allowing her to make sure her family’s needs were met. Sherry and Larry
make these judgments calls all the time as they serve our community and Jesus. Thanks guys. GARDEN: Emily wants to remind everyone to please make sure the water is turned off after you have used it. Also they need volunteers to com and help on Sundays. Call Emily for more information.



Reasons Kids Stay

1. Ate dinner as a family 5-7 nights a week.
2. Served with their family in a ministry.
3. Had one spiritual fellowship a week in the home.
4. Entrusted with a ministry at a young age.
5. Had at least one faith-focused adult in their lives besides their parents.
The Health Team





As you know, the first of June we started fund-raising campaign to raise $5000 to replace the downstairs exit doors with a crash bar type door. We are so blessed to let you know that on the deadline date we only had
around $2500. As of the date of this FOCUS, we have raised $4200. Praise to Jesus for the out pouring of his blessing. Thanks to all who prayerfully donated to this fund-raised!



BREAKING NEWS: The directories are ready and in the lobby. Please just take one for now. It is not a perfect professional directory for sure. It was challenging to make things work in a template that was temperamental at times and refused to let me make some changes. If there is an error somewhere please let me know. I will make the changes and let everyone know about it. If there is not a picture of someone, it is because they chose not to have one and we respected that. There were also those that we couldn’t get in touch with to get a picture. Hopefully a face with a name will help us. Especially, when we have a prayer request.



We would like to have some more picnic potlucks as our best weather is late summer and early fall. If there is someone who would want to host in September or October, please let Cindy know.



The doors for the mailboxes will be open again starting August 6 th . Please check the list to see what mailbox is yours. Remember to check them regularly for quarterlies, information and news!!! If you don’t see your name, please let me know and we will make sure you have a box assigned to you.





Fortuna Adventist Focus


Vol. 88 No. 7                Published by the Fortuna SDA Church            July 2022


From Pastor Dan

Christian Meditation  

There’s a profoundly simple reason more people don’t experience the peace of heaven or possess a solid faith experience. They simple don’t set their mind to it. Every believer has the choice as to what will be the object of his or her focus of their thoughts – things above or things on earth. Solomon in the book of Proverbs puts it this way, “For as he thinks in his heart, so is he. (Proverbs 23:7 NKJV). What Solomon is trying to tell us is, our thoughts are very important. They determine who we become and our destiny. If we think on worldly things we will become like the world and will be lost. If we think on divine things we will become like God and will be saved.  

Unfortunately, too often, the mind is not where it ought to be. An hour spent mindlessly watching you tube videos or aimlessly searching face book is an hour not spent focusing on spiritual growth. No doubt down time is necessary for any person, but too many hours with the earthly develops a preference for the earthly over the heavenly. A physician can recall arcane medical facts, or a lawyer can quote obscure case law because these
subjects have been the focus of years of study. What a person focuses on is what they come to know and love. Paul wrote in 2 Corinthians 3:18 that by beholding, a person becomes changed into the likeness of what they focus on.  

David wrote in Psalm 119:97, “Oh, how I love your law! It is my meditation all the day.” In other words, David meditated upon God’s law all day long. Two verses later he said, “I have more understanding than all my teachers, for Your testimonies are my meditation.” David loved God and God’s Word because he chose to make it the foundation of his life. He chose to make God’s word the source of his meditation.  

What do I mean by meditating upon God’s word? In today’s world the word meditation has   many meanings so Iwant to be clear on what I suggesting. When I meditate upon God’s word I take all God’s blessings and promises in the Bible and I put my name there. For example, “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” (John 3:16 NKJV).
When I meditate on this verse I will claim the promise, “For God so loved Pastor Dan Freedman that He gave His only begotten Son, that if Pastor Dan Freedman believes in Him, Pastor Dan Freedman shall not perish but have eternal life.”    You can do this too! Put your name in the Bible verse and claim His blessings and promises.  

Here is another fun scripture. Put your name in these verses. “But now, thus says the Lord, who created you, O Jacob, and He who formed you, O Israel: “Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by your name; you are Mine. When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow you When you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned, nor shall the flame scorch you. For I am the Lord your God.” (Isaiah 43:1-3 NKJV). The verse should become, “But now, thus says the Lord, who created (your name), and He who formed (your name): Fear not, for I have redeemed (your name); I have called (your name),
(your name) is Mine. When (your name) pass through the waters, I will be with (your name); and through the rivers, they shall not overflow (your name). When (your name) walk through the fire, (your name) shall not be burned, nor shall the lame scorch (your name). For I am the Lord, (your name) God.  

Meditating on the Bible, the character of Jesus, and the love of God will have a transforming effect. Filling the mind with cheap things will also have a transforming effect but in the opposite direction. The person who waits until he or she loves exercise before beginning to exercise will never exercise. But today many people exercise because they made the decision to get active.  Instead of being dictated to by your environment, decide today, with God’s help, you will meditate on heavenly things. When we meditate more on Jesus, we become more like Jesus. Jesus said, “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you.” (Matthew 6:33 NKJV). May God richly bless you today and every day as you meditate on God’s word.  
Pastor Dan



Just a reminder that Pastor and Cindy are normally here on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting at 10:00. Pastor leaves by 1:00. Cindy is here usually until at least 4:00. If you need to speak with Pastor, appointments are best as his calendar fills up quickly!! Try to arrange to pick up anything you need on these days and hours. Most everything else can usually wait until Sabbath to be picked up. Cindy and Pastor are sometimes here on Mondays and Fridays, but these are not carved in stone hours. For emergency needs like illness, anointing, urgent prayer or someone passing etc., please always text Cindy or Pastor so we can help you ASAP. Thanks.


Vacation Bible School

Thank you to Amy Norton and Valerie Wikander once again for hosting our Vacation Bible School this summer. We so enjoyed VBS Sabbath and seeing how much the kids enjoyed sharing everything they had learned. Thanks to everyone on their team as well for helping make VBS possible for our community.


Church History

JULY 2022 (#40)
Redwood Creek Camp

Oliver & Nettie Cookson, an Adventist couple living in Eureka, dreamed of finding property in the country where they could raise their family free of city influences. On Thanksgiving day, 1933, they and some of their friends packed a picnic lunch and got serious about looking for property.

The Cookson’s found a lovely ranch in Redwood Valley but money to purchase the property was scarce. Oliver had $20.00 to use as their down payment on the ranch and contacted a real estate friend to list their family home in Eureka.

Oliver and Nettie petitioned Heaven. If the Lord wanted them to own the ranch, He would provide a way. In less than 2 weeks their home in Eureka sold for cash. The dream became reality on July 3, 1934, when the Cookson family loaded their few possessions and moved to the ranch. There was no house on the ranch and Doreen Burden, a Cookson daughter, recalls that they spent that first summer living just as campers of today do - -
under the stars.

As time passed, their dream grew to include other families. Soon they had need of a small church and school house. A school at Redwood Creek began operation in 1934 and in 1940 the Redwood Creek Adventist Church was organized with twenty-nine members.

The ranch grew and thrived. In 1937, Oliver wanted to begin a Junior Camp and contacted Eric B. Hare who was a friend of the family and also Youth Director for the Northern California Conference. The result was the first junior camp with about 20 campers. There were no cots so campers slept on the ground. As there was no
cookhouse, cooks worked over open fires and campers washed dishes at the creek. But the dream of Oliver and Nettie Cookson had grown to include Junior Camps and the camp has continued uninterrupted for many years.

In 2012 the bulk of the Cookson property was deeded to the Cookson Ranch Foundation, a non- profit corporation, and continues today as a setting for youth camps, outings, retreats, family reunions, weddings, school outings and seminars.

Redwood Creek Summer Camp 2022, operated by the Northern California Conference for children ages 9-15, will take place July 10-17. Redwood Creek Camp information can be found at

(Submitted by Merlin Anderson)




It's a beautiful summer, and we're enjoying the summer break and taking time to get everything ready for the fall. School will start August 18.  School registration day is Sunday, August 7, 9am to 1pm. New students
are welcome! Please let your friends and family know there are openings. For more information, call 707-725-
Ms. Burzo, and the FJA Staff



Our next picnic potluck will be on Sabbath, July 16 TH , at Don and Colleen’s, 400 Annahy Drive, Fortuna. Lunch will start at 1:30. Bring everything you need for your own picnic and seating. They will be providing Anderson
juices for beverages. Parking is limited, so car-pooling is suggested. Hope to see you there!!!




As you know, the first of June we started a fund-raising campaign to raise $5000 to replace the downstairs exit doors with a crash bar type door. As of the typing of this article we have raised a little less than $3000. We
have this coming Sabbath, July 2 nd to complete the fund-raising. Thank you to all who have prayed for this cause and who have donated. Thank you always for your faithful giving & support. You can always continue to donate to the building/maintenance fund.



Watch for when Pathfinders will be restarting in the August FOCUS.  (They will still have the burger-bar at camp meeting this year)



BREAKING NEWS: Well, all the pictures and addresses are entered and proofread. My hope is to start printing a few at a time, until I have them all done. If any of you have changed addresses, e-mails or phone numbers since March, please let me know before the 6 th of July. I will need to make the corrections before I print.



Before staff, speakers and Pastors start to arrive around the 20 th of July, there are a number of URGENT projects that Harry needs to complete. Here are the top 5 things that need done.

A LOT of weed eating:

  1. Around basketball bleachers.

  2. Around the faucets and trees where mower can't get (and would like all spigots to be opened and closed, noting which aren't working)

  3. Registration area

  4.  Branches that are on ground to stacks parallel to the road

  5.  Road names and campsite numbers - what are missing or broken

  6.  Clean River Road

  7.  Clean divisions, especially Primary and Youth - they haven't been used since 2019.

Please get in contact with Harry if you have free time to help out. If there is a group of members that could get together and go out in the evening or weekend day, that would be great. It doesn’t get dark til nine and you will be amazed in what can be done in two hours in the evening. On a weekend, even if you came out in the early morning at 8:00 it is cooler and if you work until noon, you can get a lot done. Please get with some of your church friends and family. Get some folks to come out to make your meal and the rest can work!!! Be prepared for sun, heat, dust and poison oak. Bring sunscreen, protective clothing, a hat and water. Harry can be
reached at 530-277-2611.



Our 2 nd quarter communion will be on Sabbath July 16 th . We will be re-starting the foot-washing again with communion.



Vol. 88 No. 6                Published by the Fortuna SDA Church            June 2022


From Pastor Dan

The Extra Mile


Weighing 530 pounds, Mac realized he had to lose weight. He had tried to lose weight some years before, but a visit to a gym resulted in two treadmills belching smoke under his considerable weight. He realized it wouldn’t be easy to lose the 300 pounds he wanted to lose and that doing so would take a lot of time.

Setting small, attainable goals enabled Mac to chip away at his task one pound at a time. He now runs half marathons and competes in bicycle races, which a few years ago would have been impossible.

One key to Mac’s weight lost success was that he was patient. Without patience, Mac would have given up losing weight long before seeing any progress at all. Some things – like losing 300 pounds – simply takes time.

It is important to remember that God is patient. He bears with His children as they sometimes stumble their way toward heaven. And God is also patient with the lost. Jesus taught a parable in which a vineyard owner intended to cut down a fruitless fig tree. But a worker spoke up and asked if he could, “dig around it and fertilize it” and give it one more chance. God goes the extra mile to ready us for eternity. Instead of casting aside those who don’t look like they will bear fruit for his glory, God is gracious enough to work with sinners and draw them to Himself.

A gardener who noticed bugs had almost eaten an entire tomato plant, leaving only a stalk, patiently and carefully nursed it back to health. It became the most fruitful plant in the garden. While we don’t want to abuse God’s patience, it is good to know the He is with His children for the long haul. He stays with us and works with us, tenderly and patiently growing us in preparation for eternity.

The Apostle Paul challenges us with these words, “What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us? He who did not spare His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not with Him also freely give us all things? Who shall bring a charge against God’s elect? It is God who justifies. Who is he who condemns? It is Christ who died, and furthermore is also risen, who is even at the right hand of God, who also makes intercession for us. Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword? As it is written:“For Your sake we are killed all day long; we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter.”Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us. For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers, nor things present nor things to come, nor height nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” (Romans 8:31-39 NKJV).

Never ever give up on God! Never quit! Never give in! God will never turn His back on you. Remain faithful, true and loyal to God regardless of your circumstances or how you feel. Claim the promise, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:13 NKJV). In Jesus Christ victory is certain, victory is sure, victory can be yours. May God richly bless you and your family today.

Pastor Dan

Our Graduates for 2022







Alder Grover Charter



Fortuna High






This Sabbath, May 28th, our health team is hosting another Healthy Options presentation. There will be healthy food samples and demonstrations along with recipes. Kerry Freedman will be speaking on her health journey. Please join us after church at the FCSC. Bring your own PICNIC POTLUCK lunch and come fellowship and learn at the same time!!


Vacation Bible School

The journey to “Jasper Canyon” begins June 13th from 1:00 – 4:00. We will learn how God treasure’s and loves each one of us. Volunteers needed to supervise, not teach, are still needed. If you have a VBS aged child, please call Amy Norton or Valerie Wikander. VBS will run through June 17th, with VBS Sabbath on the 18th! A list of needed supplies is posted in the lobby, in the bulletin this Sabbath. Call Amy or Valerie before purchasing any item on the list to see what they still need!!



HART – Hart continues to have more in-person clients. Waiting for the ok from both the county and the state to increase their fees. They have one new counselor.

DORCAS – Dorcas continues to serve our community with clothing, shoes, food, showers etc. The food drive brought in over 2 ½ tons. In addition, the spent their grant money of $2000…not sure if that is correct, and the food bank is well stocked. They are asking you to please pass the word. With the cost of gas and food going up, there have to be families that could benefit from this. You don’t have to be homeless or destitute to be served. Let your friends, neighbors, co-workers know. Food bags may help them save money for other costs. They can call at 725-1166. Kimberly Unruh has just joined the staff as the Cal-Fresh coordinator and also helping Cherie with Dorcas as needed. Welcome Kim!

TABITHA’s – Tabitha’s was closed for a week. Our friend Larry Kennedy had to undergo surgery. What could have been a devastating diagnosis, turned out to be the “best case scenario” according to his Dr. The Lord heard the prayers of His people. Larry and Sherry thank you for all the prayers on his behalf. Now that they are back to business, they continue to go above and beyond for Tabitha’s and the community. Go visit them. You’ll find everything you need and lots of stuff you don’t but have to buy anyway!!

COMMUNITY GARDEN – Emily continues to get the garden ready for planting. All the plots are spoken for and if we had more, they would be utilized as well. She continues to organize all the paperwork that goes with each application. It is important that everyone is screened in order to keep other gardeners, employees and the students on the campus safe. Thanks Emily for all you are doing. It is a big job and you are just the right person for it!! Lane Thomsen….do you sleep there? Lane’s car is there almost every morning when I leave for work. Thank you Lane for all the time you dedicate to the garden as well. You guys are appreciated.



Blue Lake

Yes, at one time there was an Adventist church in Blue Lake. There were never many members in this small church and it struggled for existence for a number of years. The church was organized and then disbanded a time or two but in some form or other it existed at least into the 1940s. By the 1960s all of the Adventists in the area had become part of other churches in nearby cities.

Bible Studies and meetings in Blue Lake were held as early as 1886. A camp meeting was held in Blue Lake in 1900 and a year later a group of Adventists bought a 60 x 120 foot lot in Blue Lake for $50 and raised funds for the building of a small church. Its location is not known but by January 1902 the new church with a seating capacity of about 100 was nearly finished and ready for dedication. J. C. Shaeffer and a Brother Freeman were the leaders of this church. Revival meetings were held in 1907 and as a result several new members were baptized in Mad River. More meetings were held the next summer and four more people were baptized.

Membership was always sparse and the Sabbath School membership fluctuated between four and seventeen members. Nothing is known of the church from 1910 to 1918 and it probably ceased to exist sometime during that period.

In 1918 meetings were again held in Blue Lake and a church was again organized with eight members. More meetings were held in 1919 and 1921 but by 1931 most members had gradually moved away and the church had been standing idle until eleven students of Humboldt Academy in Eureka held Sabbath afternoon meetings at the Blue Lake Church. Seven adults and nineteen children were in attendance. Late in 1931 Elder E.F. Peterson of Eureka followed up with more meetings begun by the students. In January 1932 a new Sabbath School was officially organized with nineteen members and the church again became a member of the conference churches.

In December 1940 Elder Tupper held a series of meetings at Blue Lake but it appears that the church gradually disappeared and ceased to exist, its members absorbed by other area churches.





Dear Church Family, 

Our year is winding down, and what a year it has been!  Thank you to the church members and friends who've come to do presentations and teach the students about woodworking, gardening, art, rocks and more. We've enjoyed the class-trip this year, and starting to get back out into the community again.  We're looking forward to getting completely back to our usual activities next year.

Depending on when you read this, our graduation was (or will be) Thursday June 2 at 7pm at the church, with a reception following at the center.  We are so excited for our 3 graduates, Angel, Gen, and Gio, and want to welcome the entire church family to join us in celebrating their accomplishments.

God bless you all this summer.  May it be a time of rejuvenation and rest in the Lord. Thank you for all the support,


Ms. Burzo, and the FJA Staff



 A very BIG thank you to all who showed up and helped with the Postal food drive Sabbath, May 14th. We had a lot of help which was so nice.  We received over 2 1/2 TONS of food.

 As we were leaving, another truck came and said he had about 500 more pounds and would deliver that coming Monday. We are still waiting for that at the time of this writing.

Thank you again. Dorcas is so, so grateful to all of you that showed up to step in for our Pathfinders. Teamwork makes a healthy church!!! 



Summertime is almost here! Time to enjoy the outdoors with its many health benefits.  You know, fresh air, sunshine, water etc....With the activities the outdoors brings let’s focus on good hydration. With water we often like to bring along a Gatorade or other sport drink. Electrolytes and water are necessary for the  active person, but most commercial drinks aren't very good, with their artificial colors, sugar, and chemicals that can cause cancer, hyperactivity, and more. 

Why are electrolytes important? They are iron rich minerals and salts that promote rapid fluid absorption and maintenance of body fluid. Simply they help balance the amount of water in the body by balancing acid-base levels (Ph), supporting the function of nerves, muscles, heart and brain, and moving nutrients and wastes in and out of the cells. The most common electrolytes are sodium, potassium, calcium, and bicarbonate which we normally get enough of in food. When we're in the heat, exercising and sweating we are losing electrolytes which need replacement during activity. For hydration water is best! Some prefer coconut water, a good alternative being that it has everything the average sport drink has, especially potassium. Coconut water is lower in salt, so some unrefined salts like sea salt, Himalayan pink salt or Real salt which have sodium, calcium, potassium plus essential trace minerals can be added especially for heavier activity to bring up the electrolytes.

If energy and endurance are the goal, adding some raw honey or maple syrup, which are rich in minerals and easily digestible are helpful as coconut water is lower in sugar. If using a water base, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, lime juice or orange juice which contain about 30-36mg of potassium are excellent to use.


Recipes to try!

1. Coconut water and lime- 2c. Unsweetened coconut water, 1/3c. Fresh lime juice, 2/3c. Water, 11/2 t. Raw honey, 1/8 t. Himalayan pink salt.  Combine ingredients and stir til dissolved. 

2. Orange twist drink- 2c. Water,  3/4c. Fresh orange juice, 1/4c. Fresh lemon juice,  1/8 t. Himalayan pink salt,  1 tablespoon raw honey.  Combine as above.

3. Strawberry lime drink- 2c. Unsweetened coconut water,  1/4c. Lime juice,  1/2c. Water,  1/8 t. Himalayan pink salt, 4 med. Strawberries,  1 t. Raw honey. Combine ingredients in a blender and blend on high. Add more honey if desired. 

4. Lemon or lime drink- 31/2 c. Of water, 1/2 c. Fresh lemon or lime juice, 3 T Raw honey, 1/4 t. Himalayan sea salt. Combine ad above.


So along with your sunscreen, hats, water,  good shoes....., why not take along a tasty homemade version of your favorite  sport drink and enjoy!

Lalita Brinckhaus, Health Team Member




At the May board meeting, the board voted to go ahead with some much needed maintenance projects at the church. We had an electrician come in and check our sanctuary and balcony wiring & lighting as well as other electrical issues. The cost to fix and update the electrical system is approximately $2500. Because of your generous and liberal giving, the church is able to cover this cost.

The board also voted to replace the downstairs exit doors. They will be replaced with a “crash bar” door. In an emergency exit situation, this will be a much safer and quicker egress. The cost for replacing, including labor and construction is approximately $5000.

In addition, the board also gave the ok to go ahead and start fund-raising for the replacement of these doors. We know that you have been faithful in the past. Financial circumstances for all of us are challenging with the sky-rocketing cost of everything. We just ask that you pray about it and give as you can.

The fund-raising for the doors will go From June 1st through July 1st. Please make sure any donation is marked. “downstairs doors”.

Thank you always for your faithful giving & support.



Wasn’t that a remarkable service last Sabbath for Pathfinder Day!!! Thank you to Chris and his entire staff and to each Pathfinder. It was a very special service that all of us appreciated.

We enjoyed seeing the slide show of some of the things that you have done this last year!! All of the time, patience and hard work it took to make those ukuleles!!! Now that was an accomplishment and something you will have to treasure.

To each and every Pathfinder we love you and are so proud of who you are growing to be!

Keep moving forward for Jesus!!

Your Church Family



BREAKING NEWS: Well, the directories are a bigger project than I had anticipated. It takes some time to get the pictures cropped and sized to fit in the space outlined. But, rest assured I am working on it as time allows. This has been an “OFFICIAL DIRECTRY UPDATE”, OR ODU. Stay tuned for more breaking directory news!




Don’t forget that Sabbath, June 25th is our Camp Ground Sabbath out at the camp meeting grounds. All the local churches will be coming together to worship the Lord. More information will follow regarding the starting times and the meal situation. Watch the bulletin and lobby for updates!!!



Due to every Sabbath in June being taken up with Praise, VBS, Spanish and camp meeting services, our 2nd quarter communion will be on Sabbath, July 16th.




                                Fortuna Adventist Focus


Vol. 88 No. 5                Published by the Fortuna SDA Church            May 2022


From Pastor Dan


Speaker and director of the It Is Written television program, John Bradshaw, writes, “Sibling discontent arose as Jesus visited the home of Mary and Martha. Martha was busy preparing for a meal. Even today, food preparation can be involved and time consuming. Without the benefit of modern, labor saving devices, Martha’s task was far less simple than it would be for us.

As she prepared the food, Martha became increasingly frustrated that her sister, Mary, who was not giving her any help. Instead, Mary was sitting at Jesus’ feet listening to Him teach. While food preparation methods were different in ancient times, attitudes between siblings were evidently not too far removed from what they are today.

Martha complained to Jesus about Mary’s failure to help her, and she urged Jesus to use His influence to rectify the situation. Jesus’ reply was interesting, He said, “One thing is needed.” Jesus wasn’t advocating laziness or unhelpfulness, but He was pointing out that while there are many good things that need to be done, the most important thing of all is to sit at the feet of Jesus and hear the sound of His voice.

Today, people can be so busy and rushed, that it seems impossible to stop and take time to be with Jesus. It isn’t only the bad things that can get in the way of a relationship with God. Many a worker in Christ’s cause has lost their way spiritually because they were too busy doing God’s work to pause and listen to God’s voice. Families
suffer because the pastor or the church elder is giving so much time to good things that there isn’t time left over for the best things. Personal devotional time can disappear because there are so many other “good” things that need to be done.

Don’t fall into that trap. As busy as He was, Jesus made time to spend with His Father, and He urged the disciples too “come aside . . . and rest awhile.” (Mark 6:31). While there are many good things that must be done, time spent with Jesus is the most valuable time you can spend.” Jesus tells us to seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness. He is trying to tell us we need to have priorities in our life and at the top of our list
must be God. There is no other way. We must begin each day searching the scriptures and spending time in prayer. If we are too busy to spend time sitting at Jesus’ feet, then we are simply too busy and must change our schedules.

In the book of Revelation, the Apostle John writes to the seven churches from Patmos Island. The first church he writes to, the church at Ephesus, has a serious problem because Jesus is ready to take away its’ lamp stand. Apparently, the church at Ephesus had lost their first love. Their first love is always to be for Jesus and it is the
same for us today. Today and every day let our first thoughts be to spend time with Jesus – sitting at His feet, doing more than good things but doing the best thing.

May God richly bless you and your family and save you in His kingdom!
Pastor Dan




Yes, I know how that sounds but I did it anyway so have a little chuckle. We officially have three new members to our church, but we certainly know their faces. Josh and Ariana Rayburn and Janet Eastburn have all been voted in as members to our congregation. Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! We love you and are blessed to have you as part of our membership.


40 Days Of Communing With God

Our 40 days of “Communing With God” continues.The last day is May 26 th , I believe. We will be having our usual follow-up praise and testimony Sabbath on June 4th. Remember the 1 st Sabbath of the month is when the group that is praying and/or fasting meets after church to pray together. EXCEPT, they will be meeting this Sabbath the 30 th instead of May 7 th .



It’s of interest to know that at one time there was an Adventist church in Alton and for at least one year there was a school. Although Dorothy Price, historian and former member of the Eureka Adventist Church,
mentioned that Elder N. C. McClure started a church in Alton in 1885, most of what we know about the church
comes from the Pacific Union Recorder, the official publication of the Northern California Conference.

The December 1901 issue of the Recorder mentions that tithe receipts from the Alton church amounted to $28.15 which for that year would have been a considerable sum. The next mention of Alton is in the January 16, 1902, issue of the Recorder. It states: "The Alton church has begun the erection of a new house of worship in their midst, which we believe will be a blessing and comfort to them, and an honor to God, and a strength to His cause there in the eyes of the world."

Nothing more is known of this structure or its location in Alton. The same paper in a later issue states that there were 17 members in 1902. In November 1904 the Alton church people met with the Fortuna church for the ordinances.

The Alton church also had a church school during the school year 1903-1904. C. L. Taylor is listed as the teacher and the enrollment was reported to be ten students. No mention is made of a school in any other year.

Clinton Berg is listed as the leader of the Alton church in 1904. Elder A. J. Osborne and W. L. Sims held meetings there in 1907. The Alton church disappears from our records after 1907. It’s probable that their members became part of our church here in Fortuna.

Any information that anyone might be able to add about this church in Alton would be appreciated.
Submitted by Merlin Anderson



There are RAC applications on the table in the lobby as well as a few copies of the newsletter. If you have a computer, you can get RAC news on Face Book as well as the application on the RAC website. Camp Meeting will be July 24 th – 30 th .

It looks like there are some minor changes that you need to be aware of. A photo release is required as well. So check out all the places Harry could possibly put information, (see below), and get ready to enjoy Camp Meeting this year.

Harry Salvini -           Executive Director - RAC
WebPage -        
Facebook -       
Facebook -        
Instagram -       
Twitter -            
Phone -                      1-707-946-2452



Dear Church Family,  
Thank you to everyone who came to the carwash fundraisers and to all who have been supporting the students.  The students worked hard, and have done great in raising funds for their 7 th -8 th  grade class trip.  

They will be going to San Francisco May 8-10, visiting Alcatraz, walking across the Golden Gate Bridge, and having other educational adventures.

We also have graduation coming up, Thursday June 2 at 7pm at the church, with a reception following at the center.  We are so excited for our 3 graduates, and want to welcome the entire church family to join us in celebrating their accomplishments.

As always, we appreciate all of you who help u through your donations, prayers and volunteering to be a light and safe haven for our kids.   
God Bless,   
Ms. Burzo
And the FJA Staff



Redwood Area Camp Meeting has two job openings. One is for camp secretary and the other is for camp treasurer. Job descriptions are available in the lobby (or in the Announcements page of this website) or you can contact Harry Salvini directly. If you or someone you know would be good at these challenging jobs, get in touch with HARRY!!
Thank you!!!!!!

Harry Salvini - Executive Director - Redwood Area Camp
Web Page - 
Phone - 1-707-946-2452
Address - 2437 Dyerville Loop Rd. Redcrest,
California 95569




We know we have 3 students graduating from Fortuna Jr. Academy, Gio, Gen and Angel, on June 2 nd . We also have Ocean, graduating from 8 th grade home schooling. Also, Bethany Unruh will be graduating from Alder Grove Charter School and Marissa Sears from Fortuna High.

Feel Free to drop off cards here at the church and we will make sure that they get to the students. Let’s show these young people that we cherish them and pray for the best for their futures!!



Amy and Valerie are preparing for VBS!!! It will be Mon.-Fri., June13th-17th, from 1-4pm, on the FJA campus. The kids will be visiting “Jasper Canyon” where they will learn they are treasured by God.

Amy and Valerie need lots of volunteers during the week of VBS. The most important thing is to have enough eyes and hands to keep the kids safe and corralled. That takes volunteers. Even if you can’t come all afternoon or the whole afternoon. please let them know some times that might work for you.  Please call Amy at 495-3584 or Val at 918-916-2124. 

Special VBS Sabbath will be June 18th at the church.



The postal food drive will be on Sabbath, May 14th. The post office will most likely pass out the bags on the 13th. They will then come and pick up the bags and deliver them to the FCSC the afternoon of the 14th. This is a huge part of our food pantry stock!

This is where we come in. The Pathfinders will be gone that weekend so we need volunteers on Sabbath the 14th around 1:00-1:30 to come to the center to help unload the food. If you can hang around after church or come back to the center, they would appreciate the help.

Also, on Friday the 13th, Cherie will need help setting up the tables to put the food on as it is delivered.   We will let you know the time soon.



The Pathfinders will be having their work-a-thon weekend at the Ruth lake area. They will be gone May 13-15. Each Pathfinder will be calling a member to ask for a sponsorship donation. You will not get a call from more than one Pathfinder. We hope that you will be led to donate as you are able.

Pathfinder Sabbath will be May 21st. We are so looking forward to this. It’s been awhile since we have had a Pathfinder Sabbath. They have finished their ukuleles and will be playing them for us as part of the program.





Picnic Potlucks

We will be starting our outdoor Picnic Potlucks in June. On Sabbath, June 18th, the Dumitrescu’s will be hosting and on July 16th, Colleen and Don will be hosting. If you would like to host a picnic potluck for Aug./Sept./Oct. just let the office know. We will each bring our own meal, chairs etc. The afternoon could involve music, charades or a walk & especially fellowship with one another.



Vol. 88 No. 4                Published by the Fortuna SDA Church            April 2022                                    

From Pastor Dan

                                                                     Brussels Sprouts**         

John Bradshaw, speaker and director for the It Is Written television program, writes about the time when he, and a breakfast show co-host, were discussing what they thought were the worst tasting vegetables. They
found, to absolutely no one’s surprise, that a lot of people despised Brussels sprouts. John agreed with them and said, “I was one of the many who had them at the top of the list of foods I dislike.”

John goes on to explain, I was raised in a home where we children didn’t get to be picky when it came to food, but Brussels sprouts were a bridge to far for me. On that morning on the radio program, it seemed that
everyone agreed. Earlier that week, before the breakfast show, while visiting Pike Place Market in Seattle,
Washington, John noticed a sign describing Brussels sprouts as “Little Green Balls of Death. John adds, once we had concluded the unscientific poll on our breakfast show, we were inundated with calls from defenders of the Brussels sprouts. “No you are all wrong,” they told us. Person after person said that while Brussels sprouts have an unfortunate reputation in certain circles, the key to enjoying them is in how you prepare them. “If you just boil them to death,” people said, “they’ll be awful. But if you prepare them right,” and we were given myriad suggestions as to how this is properly done, “they’re fantastic.”

As it happens, time has done its work on me, and I now love Brussels sprouts. Evidently, something may not
be as bad as it seems if you give it a chance by presenting it right.

Today, I am not writing to you about Brussels sprouts and how they taste; I am writing to you about  Christianity. Is it possible more people would respond positively to Christianity if it was presented attractively?
In the book Ministry of Healing, Ellen White says, “the strongest argument in favor of the gospel is a loving and
lovable Christian.” (MH 470).

If Christianity is boiled to death, it isn’t going to be palatable. But when the love of God is presented
appropriately, it is hard not to appreciate. Jesus said, “You are the salt of the earth.” Too much salt isn’t
palatable, but the right amount enhances the taste,  brings healing to old wounds and preserves its flavor.

When we present it in an attractive way, the gospel is difficult to resist. May God richly bless you and help
you to be a loving and lovable Christian.
Pastor Dan

                                                     NEW DIRECTORY

Thanks to every one for getting pictures to me and allowing me to take their pictures. The last day to have a picture to me is April 9 th . If you do not want a picture in the directory, please let me know ASAP. I DO NOT HAVE SOME OF YOUR CURRENT ADDRESSES….PLEASE CHECK THE LOBBY DIRECTORY!


                                                       COKE CODES
                                      Applies to all Coca Cola beverages!

Al Gladden shared this with us as a way to support FJA. If you buy Coca Cola soft drinks, inside the lid of a bottled one is a code #. It is worth money. The twelve packs will have a code on the box as well as a flat of soda will also have a number. Turn these cardboard codes and lids to the box in the lobby. We will get them to Al and he will get them entered into the website and we can earn money for the school. Thanks Al.


                                                   FCSC UPDATES

HART – Hart continues to slowly re-open it’s in-person meetings and one-to-one visits. Rhonda is applying for
some more grant monies to facilitate different programs and to meet the month to month expenses. Remember
them in your giving. There is a huge list of “honey do” jobs that need to be done. All of our buildings are in
need. There are small jobs and some rather large and costly jobs as well. Please contact Chris Miller if you
have any time to do some handy-man jobs.

DORCAS – Dorcas continues to be in a continual cycle of sorting, laundering, and sending clothing to Tabitha’s.
They have some cal-fresh money that they need to spend on groceries before they lose it. One of their main challenges is storage for the food they are blessed with. If you know of families who need assistance with
food, please put them in touch with the center.

TABITHA’s – Please remember this MINISTRY in your prayers. It is so much more than a thrift store. Last month at our meeting, Larry and Sherry shared that  lady named “Carole” came in to the store. As usual the staff greeted her and assisted her with her needs. During their conversations, Carole shared with them that before coming in she was thinking about killing herself. Their interaction with her helped her voice that and they
were able to pray with her and shared other resources and help available. Let. That. Sink. In.

COMMUNITY GARDEN – Emily has been extremely busy taking over the reins or should I say shovels from Sean. She has great plans to continue what Sean has started and expand on that. She needs a lot of volunteers to do things that need to be done around the garden that those with individual plots are not part of. Please call her if you have an hour or two a week to meet and help her. She is also updating all the forms and contracts that each person has to sign. There are around 22-24 plots. There is a lot of hands-on and paperwork both that need to be done. Sean will soon be installing a sign to thank all of the volunteers that have helped out this 1 st year at the new location. Emily wants to thank everyone who has been coming up and helping with the out-buildings and green-houses. They are slowly coming along.


40 Days Of Communing With God

On April 17 th we will begin another 40 days of "Communing with God”. We will be using a NAD publication of the same name. Because it is no longer it print, we will have to make the copies ourselves. So I need to know ASAP if you want to participate in this event. I have to know no later than Sabbath April 8 th . I am sure by the time I am done copying them, I won’t want to copy anything for a long time. The Cost is $13.00. Tithe envelopes can be marked “40 days”. Thanks.


Church History (#37)

Dolores Gardner writes her memories of the Pepperwood Church that she once attended:

"My grandmother, Florence Millsap, joined the Seventh-day Adventist Church when my mother was small. My mother was born November 7, 1910.

"Some of my earliest memories are of attending Sabbath school in the little white church around the block; in Pepperwood. The church had an old fashioned pump organ -and Grandma played the hymns for the services. The Swanson’s and others from Fortuna would come out to hold services on Sabbath. I do not remember if they
came in the mornings or afternoons.

"In 1938 or 1939, a young evangelist by the name of Leland Cottrell along with his wife an daughter, Janice, came to hold meetings in the little church. They lived across the highway from us in one of Mambretti's Auto Court cabins.

"Pastor Cottrell would hold meetings in the evenings at the church, showing pictures of the strange-looking beasts that Daniel saw in vision. To my knowledge no one was baptized as a result of these meetings.

"During the day he would visit the people in Pepperwood. I remember going with him one day to visit the church school on F Street in Eureka.

"Mrs. Cottrell was expecting a baby and when her time came, they went to St. Helena or Loma Linda where she gave birth to a baby boy born with a club foot. She died as a result of complications from childbirth. I remember that when he came back to get their things, he spent a long time visiting with my grandmother.

"For a long time Grandma would take my brother and me to the little church on Sabbath mornings, but eventually no one else came and we had Sabbath school at home.

"In 1945, shortly after my uncle Richard returned from the army, he came home from visiting friends one evening, woke my grandparents to tell them the church was on fire. The house next door had caught fire and consequently the church ignited also. Nothing was salvaged.

By 1957 there was no church group in Pepperwood.

Thanks to Dolores Gardner for the three articles about the church in Pepperwood.



Teresa Burgara wants to thank her church family for their get-well wishes, prayers cards etc. while she recovered from her knee surgery and complications. She loves her church family.

Nancy Sutsch and family want to express their gratitude for all of the prayers, sympathy, cards, and visits during their time of loss. They so appreciate all the love they received.

Lorraine Schueler wants also to express her gratitude during her loss. The cards, friends, flowers, prayers and love meant so much to her and the girls. She was blessed.



Now that are masks are off and we can meet a little closer up, we have several maintenance/repair projects
both at the church and the community center. Our buildings are aging. We will need both financial
volunteers and volunteers to help us with some of the jobs. Here are the top jobs that need priority:

1. Downstairs outside doors  
2. Brick around the church  
3. Electrical


1. Upstairs Entrance doors.                                                                                                                            2.Upper level gate/fence

If you want to help, please contact Chris Miller for FCSC or Michael Norton/Pastor Dan for the Church. If you
can’t physically help, mark a tithe envelope Church repair or FCSC repair. Please pray over these projects as well.

Pastor Dan



Dear Church Family,  
Thank you so much for your generosity and support with our new fire system!  We are deeply touched by your help, and we are happy to say the school fire system has all the funds needed (and then some). We are glad to have an upgraded system that meets new requirements and we appreciate all of you who help us  through your donations, prayers and volunteering to be a light and safe haven for our kids.    

In other news, we just got back from spring break, and it is always lovely to have a little time to refresh, visit with family and friends, and enjoy the natural world.  Now we are starting to get ready for the graduation and the 7 th  and 8 th  graders’ class trip.  

The 7 th  and 8 th  graders have some fundraisers planned for their May trip.  Please support the kids by
attending our car washes on April 10 th  or 24 th at Buen Gusto Market, and/or the garden and woodworking
sale on campus May 1 st

Hope to see you there!     
God Bless,   
Ms. Burzo, and the FJA Staff



Fortuna Jr. academy has an opening for a teacher’s assistant. Must have vaccination proof, background check and live fingerprint scan if hired. For hours and wage information contact Jamie Burzo or Raemel Oliveria. If you know someone who might be interested, pass their name on as well.


                                      VOICE OF PROPHECY MINISTRIES
                                             Along with Amazing Facts

Will be presenting “Storicals” beginning April 8 th at 7:00pm. These presentations will continue every
Fri./Sat./Sun. in the sanctuary through May 29th. These well-known bible stories will be linked with the prophecies of Daniel/Revelation and show us the hope that is in Jesus. We sent out over 6000 invitations to our communities. Check to see if your neighbor got one and invite them to come. Attend with them the 1 st time. Even if you can’t come to every meeting, bring them the first time and let them get to know us. There will be a bible, a binder, a weekly lesson, and a weekly E.G Whitebook given out.



Amy and Valerie are preparing for VBS!!! It will be June 13 th -17 th on the FJA campus. The kids will be
visiting “Jasper Canyon” where they will learn they are treasured by God. Special closing Sabbath will be June 18 th at the church. Amy and Val need lots of volunteers both during the week of VBS, but also preparing for the program. If your child is interested in attending and/or you can help, please call Amy @495-3584 or Val at 918-916-2124.
                                                              ***Time to be determined***


Passover Seder

On Friday evening, April 15 th from 5:00-7:00pm we will be having a Passover Seder at the FCSC. A light meal is served and with each dish, there is a reading that explains the significance of the food as it relates to Christ, the Passover, Communion etc. It is a very moving experience for Christians of all faiths.

Because there is a meal, Lalita and Ruben need you to RSVP by April 8th. Responding is not always one of our
strengths, but please try to do so as a courtesy to our hosts as food is a BIG part of the service. RSVP either to Lalita or to the office.

Those attending the 7:00 Evangelistic series may need to leave the Seder early.


April Humor

1. Why did it take so long for the chicken to cross the road?
There was no eggs-press lane!

2. What did the principal say to the naughty chicken?
You’re egg-spelled!

3. What happens when you tickle an egg?
They crack up!

4. What did the egg say when she bumped into her teacher?
Egg-scuse me!

5. Why was the egg going to travel the world?
He wanted to be an egg-splorer.




                                  Fortuna Adventist Focus


Vol. 88 No. 3                Published by the Fortuna SDA Church            March 2022                                    

From Pastor Dan

Dear Church Family
                                                                   Rescuing Our Enemies

Machine gun bullets pounded the deck just inches above John Elliott’s head. It was December 7, 1941. John Elliott was on board a loaded oil tanker in Pearl Harbor when the Japanese flew in to attack. He heard bombs screaming out of the sky, he heard them exploding close around him, and he heard the cries of pain as more than 2000 of his countrymen died that Sunday morning.

Four years went by. John Elliott was now a lieutenant in the U.S. Navy and in command of a cargo ship traveling through the waters off the coast of China. He was not far from the Yangtze River in January of 1946. The war was over, but the memory of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was not forgotten. The lookout reported that a Japanese ship loaded with refugees was heading out of the Yangtze River. Suddenly, there was a tremendous explosion. The Japanese boat had struck a mine, and the water was already pouring through a gaping hole.

Immediately Lt. Elliott snapped out an order. “Change course and rescue everyone on that Japanese ship!” One of his officers seemed to protest, “Excuse me Lieutenant, have you taken into account that there is a mine field between us and that ship, and we may hit a mine too?” “Of course I have.” The officer persisted, “You were in Pearl Harbor, sir. The Japanese tried to kill you, sir.” Lt. Elliott gazed at the officer sternly. “There are men and women and children on that boat, and there is only one thing we can do.”

The officer grinned. “That’s what we hope you would say, lieutenant. All the crew is with you.” Through the minefield Lt. Elliott guided his ship till it came alongside the sinking Enoshima Maru. The two ships were bound together with ropes and within twenty five minutes, four thousand, three hundred Japanese crowded onto the American ship, till all were safe on board. Then the American ship swung about, and took the refugees to safety. Lt. Elliott never told those refugees his name, nor did he expect that they would thank him.

But the refugees so appreciated his kindness that they determined to find out who he was and where he lived. It took them seventeen years.

At the anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack in 1963, they sent John Elliott seven crates full of gifts. The Japanese government presented him the Third Order of the Rising Sun, Japan’s highest award for foreigners.

The Bible says, “If your enemy is hungry, give him bread to eat; and if he is thirsty, give him water to drink.” (Proverbs 25:21). Jesus said, “But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you.” (Matthew 5:44). Lt. Elliott says, “When your enemy is in danger, rescue him.”

May that same Spirit of Jesus Christ that forgives, helps and serves others be in each one of our hearts’ today and every day of our lives’.

May God richly bless you and save you in His kingdom.

Pastor Dan



We will start working on a new directory to hopefully be out by April. We would like to include a picture for each person or family. Please e-mail, bring by or text me a picture of you or your family. The pictures will be
in black and white when the directory is printed, so please make sure there is a light background or at least
a good contrast between the people and the background. It will be cropped as well, so make sure there is a bit of margin around those in the picture. I would like to have all of the pictures by March 25th.
Thanks so much.
(I may have to steal pictures off of Face Book….I am not above doing that.)


Memorial service:

John Sutsch’s memorial service will be Sunday, March 6 th , at 2:00pm here at the church. There will be a time of fellowship at the FCSC after the service.



HART – Hart recently passed their audit with flying colors. The auditors were pleased with everything they
found. If you or someone you know with the heart and skills to be part of Humboldt Alcohol Recovery
Treatment Program (HART) they are need of a part time certified, Spanish speaking addiction counselor. Please call 725-9481 to request forms. Also you can go on conference website for required  papers,  Please return to 2331 Rohnerville Rd. Fortuna CA. 95540 attention Rhonda  Lewis .

DORCAS – Dorcas continues to be in a continual cycle of sorting, laundering, and sending clothing to Tabitha’s.
The food bank remains fully stocked. Starbucks has partnered with our Food Pantry to donate items they are
moving out each week. They have heard about what our FCSC does and wanted to be partners with us

TABITHA’s –They are hopping right along as usual.  Some of the staff came down with COVID and they were
closed for a week. Everyone is feeling better. Praise God. They continue to minister to many displaced clients
and families with vouchers and donations. The Dollar General has also partnered with Dorcas and Tabitha’s to
give their surplus and other items to them. Making these community relationships with other business speaks volumes about these ministries.

COMMUNITY GARDEN – We are sorry to report that our friend Sean Todd will be slowly transitioning out as
director of the garden. He has some family needs that require his attention. Sean says he has been very
blessed by the people he has met and formed relationships with while director of the Garden. He has seen the Spirit of Jesus in those he has met. We are excited to report that Emily Mazzone-Clementi will be transitioning in to the new FCSC garden director. If you know Emily, then you know this is her happy place and a job she was born to do.



Many of you may know, but our sweet friend Andy Schueler passed away February 10 th , at his home surrounded by Lorraine and his family. Please remember Lorraine and the girls in your prayers. If we find out any information on a service we will let you know.


Church History (#36)
(Submitted by Merlin Anderson)

We concluded last month telling how three or four families who attended meetings in Pepperwood conducted by Elder Osborn became believers and formed the nucleus that was to become a new church. The new members wished to build a church in which to meet but they had no money.

Theodore Tunsen, one of that small group, through a series of amazing circumstances met Mr. Gage, a stockholder in the Pacific Lumber Company. Mr. Gage, who lived in the Midwest happened to be married to an Adventist and was in Scotia for a few days. Theodore was working down river from Scotia at the time and walked the seven miles to Scotia to meet Mr. Gage.

Theodore asked Mr. Gage if he would like to have a part in building a church in Pepperwood by donating lumber. Without hesitation Mr. Gage said, “yes, how much lumber do you want?” The two went to the lumber yard and picked out the needed lumber. Mr. Gage told the foreman to load the lumber on a flatcar and send it to Pepperwood and charge the bill to him.

Theodore Tunsen and Clarence Greenlaw immediately began building the church on a lot donated by Tunsen. Mr. Gibson from the Eureka church made donations of hardware and Joe Barkdull paid for the steeple. The bell for the steeple was given by a Mr. Spear. In the spring of 1897 the Pepperwood church with thirty-five members was dedicated free from debt.

(Thanks to Dolores Gardner for supplying this information about the Pepperwood church.)




Here are a few Healthy Tips for Nutritional
1.Make a healthy swap- Use mashed avocado on your bread instead of butter. Use whole wheat pastry flour over refined white for baking
2.Be good to your gut. Use high fiber in your diet. It  can make you feel full longer and provide a well moving experience.
3.Shaking the salt habit. Replace salt with lemon, herbs or spices.
4.Cook with the children. Teaching them to put together a meal is a lesson they can use for the rest of their life.
5.Pick Plants. Protein derived from plant sources such as seeds, nuts, tofu as well as grains such as quinoa can help lower cholesterol. This is important for heart health and can add a satiating blend of flavor.
6.Have a vegetable for breakfast. Most people save veggies for dinner, but it is healthful to think outside the cereal box. Add a vegetable like mushrooms or zucchini to your tofu at breakfast.
7. Finally, sip while you sit. Bring a cup or bottle of water with you wherever you sit, at your desk,



Spring is in the air, and we are excited to get gardening at FJA. We are putting up our greenhouse March 1 st  and March 13th. The students are excited to start planting in it soon.

I'd also like to invite our church homeschooling families to join us for Week of Prayer (probably April 18th-22nd, more details to follow) and to a free afterschool class in Tang Soo Do at the school Mondays and Wednesdays.  Please call for more information.

Thank you to those who joined our constituency meeting in February.  For those who didn't I'd like to let you know about our new school philosophy & FJA: Following Jesus Always.&  We also made some updates to the Mission Statement and a few other things which will be on our school website soon.

Special thanks as always to our volunteers and supporters who make this school the great place it is. Special, Special thank you to all who donated to our Fire Alarm system. We could not have done it
without you!

God Bless, 
Ms. Burzo, and the FJA Staff



The Shawn Boonstra series tying archeological finds with biblical prophecy, “Shadow Empire”, will be starting Friday, March 11 th at 7:00pm for 4 Fridays. Even if you’ve heard it all before, come on out and fellowship. Invite a friend or family member. ( I had the wrong date previously)

Amazing Facts “Storicals” will begin April 8 th – May 29th. Every Fri./Sat./Sun. at 7:00 These too will link bible stories in with the prophecies of Daniel/Revelation. Invite someone and come on out and fellowship and study as one family in Christ.




As you know, as of last Sabbath, we had only raised a little over $1986 toward our matching $5000 pledge. As of today, February 24 th , Amy reports we have raised $5,469.64!!! God hears His people when they come together in prayer. To our anonymous donor THANK YOU and to each and everyone who stepped up and gave what they could, THANK YOU too. God used you in a mighty way to fulfill his plan!


Passover Seder

On Friday evening, April 15 th from 5:00-7:00pm we will be having a Passover Seder at the FCSC. IF you do not know what this is, we encourage you to read up on it. A light meal is served and with each dish, there is a reading that explains the significance of the food as it relates to Christ, the Passover, Communion etc. It is a very moving experience for Christians of all faiths. Because there is a meal, Lalita and Ruben need you to RSVP. Please remember to do so as the food items are part of the service. If you are attending the Evangelistic series we understand if you leave to attend that meeting.