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                                   Fortuna Adventist Focus

Vol. 86 No. 4                Published by the Fortuna SDA Church        April 2020



I am amazed at what is taking place in the world at this time. Who would have thought in this day and age we would be experiencing a worldwide pandemic? Until this year I had never heard of the coronavirus. Not only are our churches canceled, but our schools are canceled, professional sports are canceled, the Olympics are canceled, even the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists for 2020 is canceled.

In a matter of a few days, this thing has gone from “wash your hands and cover your cough” to a significant lifestyle change that most of us have not experienced in our lifetime. Of all the cancellations, perhaps the most unnerving of all is the call to cancel church worship services. This seems counterintuitive in a time
when people are anxious and need community; when people are facing economic uncertainty and need support; and when people are fearful and need the comfort of prayer and connection. However, we have to acknowledge that “large gatherings” are a hotspot for the spread of disease, and that church services can be pretty cozy experiences as far as personal space goes. For all of our best efforts to eliminate hand shaking and
hugging, and to postpone communion, we still have to admit the best way to protect folks right now is to keep them apart.

It’s sad. It’s painful. It goes against every impulse of church leaders who proclaim faith in a God who is bigger than human fear and disease. It even rubs up against the ego of those who think of themselves as hardy enough to weather any storm and get to church early.

I get it. I really do. But sometimes, painful as it is, cancelling is the responsible, compassionate thing to do. Think of this illness as the black ice of liability. If there is a blizzard, you might be able to get to church. But if you can’t clear the sidewalks and the parking lots, do you really want to invite people into a hazard situation - the invisible threat that is just under the surface? This is like that. Sure, folks who are not sick are going to feel like they should still come to church. But they could be carrying something they don’t know they have yet, and pass it right on to their elderly or immune-compromised neighbor.

There are many unknowns here. There is unprecedented territory ahead, and nobody can say how long it might last. Now that church is temporarily canceled, here are some things to remember, and ways to keep “being the Church,” even when you can’t be in the church building.

Support your pastor, elders, and board members - whoever has to make the really hard decisions about whether and how to gather in these times of uncertainty. There is no road map for this, and there is no one right answer.

Trust that the folks who ultimately make the call spent some time in prayer, and had some very difficult conversations. Know that they heavily weighed the consequences of closing the church, including your disappointment, and ultimately did what they thought was the best thing for the Well-being of the church and community. Thank them for having your best interests at heart.

Remember your church budget. This may seem like a small thing in the grand scheme right now, but trust me it matters that you continue to give your offering, as long as you are fiscally able. You can give online or mail in your offering. Even if the building is empty, bills and salaries need to be paid. By giving you’re helping your church maintain mission commitments to the community in a time when that commitment is more important than ever.

Check on your neighbors. Your older neighbor, your neighbor on chemo, your neighbor whose kid relies on free school lunch, your neighbor who still has to go to work and could use help with childcare… Any time you help someone in your proximity, you are living out the values of your faith. You are embodying what the whole gospel is about, which takes church out of the building and brings it to life for others. This is what we go to
church to learn how to do - it is ‘for such a time as this’ that you have spent all those other Sabbaths in worship.

Pray for your church family. Send notes and make phone calls. All the things that we do for shut-ins, do for each other now that we are all shut-ins. We are one body, even when that body is not together in the flesh. There are plenty of ways to stay connected in spirit, and care for each other’s spiritual needs.

Make the most of your time. For some, this shutdown of life as we know it is going to cause significant economic hardship. Recognize, your own discomfort is just a temporary inconvenience. The downtime you are experiencing is a gift - a time to sit still and be with your family, without the usual rush of places to be and things to accomplish. Read together; prepare meals together. When’s the last time everybody was home for this long?

Talk about what you can learn from this season. Talk about your blessings. Play a game. Make something.
Listen to music. Work in the garden. It really doesn’t matter what you do, just don’t sit around and do nothing.

In times like these I am reminded of the words of Jesus, “When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.” Luke 21:28. This worldwide pandemic is a reminder that Jesus is coming again. He is trying to wake up His Church, His people, and all the world He is coming back. Today let’s determine to be ready. May God richly bless you.
Pastor Dan


The Discovering Revelation meetings are cancelled as well. However they are being posted online.  The outline
and the study guides are on the church website, You can either read through them at your leisure if you don’t have a printer or print them out and fill them in. If the order is lifted and the meetings resume we will let you know when they will start up. No matter what, we will continue the
series once the order is lifted.


Remember, the church website is:  It is better and less confusing if we all use this address. 



     Until the first decade of the 1900s travel from the south to Humboldt County was by ship to Eureka. The first overland stage to Eureka arrived in 1908 and it was another four years before Harvey Harper made his famous trip to Eureka in a Model T, being pulled part of the way by teams of horses. That first road was via Willits, Laytonville, Bell Springs, Blocksburg, Bridgeville, Carlotta, Hydesville and Fortuna. The first passable highway to Eureka was completed in 1920 and two years later two daily passenger trains linked San Francisco and Eureka. These were the transportation options early Adventists and ministers coming to Humboldt County were faced with.

     Recall that the Banner church several miles north of Fortuna was built in 1908. By 1909 Adventists were also meeting in Fortuna in the home of Dr. George Loverin at the corner of 12th and N Streets. In 1913 his home was sold to Dr. Rockwell and although Adventists continued to meet in this home until 1918, plans were being made to move the Banner church nearer to Fortuna. In 1918 Elders Beddoe, Moffitt and Lester Bond held evangelistic meetings in Fortuna. Dr. Rockwell donated property at 16th and L Streets for locating the first Adventist church in the city of Fortuna. In 1920 the Banner church was torn down and boards and nails were brought to Fortuna to build the new church. The proceeds from the sale of the Ferndale church were given to
aid the construction of the new Fortuna church. That story will continue next month.



Last month we started the conversation on coffee. While this is a worthy topic the current development with the Coronavirus has shifted the emphasis for this month. Many are aware of the prevention guidelines, so these
will not be repeated. The focus will be on natural methods of treatment, namely hydrotherapy. The medical community is overwhelmed and underprepared which is why this is one of the most useful tools to use in your own home to keep you well, or to get you well when you succumb to sickness.

First of all to stay healthy, one of the best things to do is to end your daily shower with cold. It increases your blood circulation and closes pores in your skin. However, in the event you get sick, hydrotherapy is very
important to help you get well. One of the important things that take place with these treatments is the
increase in circulation. These treatments help to bring out the white blood cells, which are the ones that fight
disease, that have been lying dormant and place them in circulation.

There are several things that you can do. Let us start with fomentations. This is basically a pad which you boil in hot water. If you do not have this you can use a wet towel and put it in the microwave. The point is to apply moist heat not dry. Be careful not to burn yourself! Place this on the persons back with a dry towel in between to protect the skin. Then place one over the chest of the patient with dry towel in between.

Leave them on for 3 minutes. Then rub the chest with a rag dipped in ice cold water for 30 seconds. Repeat the
process 3 times ending with cold. Then make sure the person is warm with a blanket and left to rest. This can
be done 2-3 times a day. This increases circulation greatly to the lungs, and loosens fluid that has built up in the lungs, which is one of the issues with the coronavirus and incidentally with pneumonia.

If you do not have the ability to do chest fomentations, the hot and cold shower is another alternative. This can be done by letting the hot water beat on your throat and chest area, as well as your back. Do this for 3 minutes gradually increasing the heat to what you can tolerate. Then turn the shower on cold for 30 seconds. You can run in place, or rub with your hands on your extremities during the cold and it won’t feel so bad. Then turn back to hot, you will find that you will be able to stand it a bit hotter after each cold. Do this 3 times ending with cold. Then make sure you get dressed right away. The most important thing is not to get chilled. Then lay down to rest for a minimum of 20 minutes. Your body needs rest most importantly after these treatments.

Another type of treatment is steam. This kills viruses. A steam treatment can be done with a pot of water boiled on the stove and then place on the table. Keep the lid on and put a towel to cover both the pot and your head. Then release the lid slightly and adjust to whatever amount of steam you can handle. Again do not burn yourself. Do this for about 15 minutes. This helps with any sinus congestion you may be feeling. This can be done several times a day. You may alternate with ice cold water to your face every 5 minutes or just end your 15 minute treatment with cold.

There are many uses for hydrotherapy and these are just a few. These are very helpful during the flu season and with the coronavirus. Let us use God’s natural remedies that he has provided as much as we can. They will become very useful to us in these last days.
The Wellness Team



Aunt Sue Carson wants to thank, thank, thank all of you for your prayers when her husband Jerry had his stroke on the 18th. It was so difficult to be banned from the hospital because of the virus and to not be able to see or talk to him for days. Just knowing that her church was praying for him and for all of the family was such a comfort. Reading all the responses, prayers and well wishes on Cindy’s Face Book page helped all of them so
much. When Jerry is a little better, we are going to read them to him so that he will be blessed as well. Your prayers made a terrible situation easier for all.
THANK YOU! (Cindy & Connie 2 nd this appreciation)


Dear Church Family,
Thank you all for your continued prayers and care for the school. At the school, we have made some big changes. Students are learning at home now, meeting every day with the teacher online. We try to find the small blessings during this time, and it is a huge blessing that we have the technology to meet via video and have class together. We expect this to continue through April, and hope to be back in May. There are also many amazing online opportunities for students now, so though we have had to cancel our local field trips, the students can take an online tour of famous museums, be read a book by an astronaut in space, and many other
exciting things. The school work bee has been cancelled at this time. We are doing our best here, and praying for you all. God bless! Jamie Burzo,
Principal FJA



Notice regarding vege foods: My vege food supplier will only be delivering twice a year—at camp meeting and Christmas time. I will have to order four months in advance of the deliveries (that’s August and March) so I am
planning on cutting down on what I have to sell. You, the customers, need to let me know which items you prefer. Please call Rita Roberts at 764-5375 to give her foods you would like her to keep stocking.



Our 40 days of prayer ended on March 20 th . Due to the shelter-in-place order, praise and testimony Sabbath will be rescheduled once we are meeting again. I think we will have even more reasons to praise and even more testimonies!!! Lalita has stated that in about six months or so, women’s ministries will be doing another Dennis Smith, 40 Days of Prayer book. Many are continuing to meet and pray weekly or monthly with their prayer partners until then. We need prayers now!!


Praise The Lord

Greetings, I was not able to get in on the formal 40 days due to all of the crazy in my world. But we can all be thankful and I would like to share a blessing we have gotten here at HART. We had to put the whole program on pause while “the State” changed regulations allowing us to hold groups by telehealth. We are all learning a new skill here, that of hosting video conferencing. This adjustment to the rules allows us to keep our clients engaged in addiction recovery services and moving toward their full drivers license. We are now at just over 500 clients and need to move some of them out so we can make room for more. Please keep praying that our service to the community will continue to flex as we work on new way to respond to our community.      Rhonda


As some of you know, we have been trying to provide you with a worship experience each Sabbath during this virus. The first week, things went well. The 2 nd week, there were some technical difficulties experienced.We have received several different ideas and suggestions and opportunities to try. The most important thing to us is to make it consistent, simple, easy-to-access and user friendly. We will be looking at a couple options this week and see what works best for the most people.

Please remember that all of our members do not have access to e-mail, may not be computer savvy, may have physical or memory difficulties that make using a complicated, multi-step access more difficult.

We so appreciate all of the ideas we have received. We appreciate all who have been helping us do this. To all of you who have stepped up and posted services when we did not, thank you, thank you, thank you.

We will let you know by Thursday or Friday where and how to access the service each week.



Currently, e-mail is how we are communicating most all of the information during this outbreak.
We need your help in a few different ways.

1. If you have changed your e-mail address in the last year, WE DO NOT HAVE IT. Please shoot me an e-mail so that I can make sure I have the current e-mail address.

2. Some of our church friends and family do not even have e-mail. They need to be made aware of what is going on. That is where you can come in handy. Check in with them to let them know the latest and greatest information from the church. Especially how to access church services on the TV or radio if they do not have a computer. Some of these are listed below:

  •  Amazing Facts

  •  It Is Written

  •  Voice of Prophecy

  •  Faith for Today

  •  3ABN TV

  •  Hope Television

  •  Loma Linda Broadcasting Network

  •  New Perceptions (Pioneer Memorial Church)



If people need food, the food bank is “open through the door” during regular hours or by appointment. If you need a food box please call Cherie Porter at 725-1166 ext. 206. If no answer, leave a message with your name and current phone number. You will get a return call to get you all set up. We are attempting to stick to regular food days of Tue and Thurs.  Stay safe. Rhonda.




                                   Fortuna Adventist Focus

Vol. 86 No. 3                Published by the Fortuna SDA Church        March 2020


Dear Church Family,
The story is told of a shipwreck that took place on the Atlantic Coast many years ago. During a storm a passenger ship became lost and hit some rocks. All were lost and the people in the coastal town were very upset. They were determined not to let this happen again. The people rallied together to build a lighthouse – complete with a lifesaving station in case a boat loses its way. Each week the people would gather together and have lifesaving classes. They collected dues to keep up their facilities and had weekly training sessions. In
addition, they would have socials and served meals together. They were very pleased with their lifesaving station and many from the community were actively involved.

One day a terrible storm came up and sure enough a call came out from a ship in distress. Bravely some men went out into the storm and rescued many people. They brought them back to the lifesaving station where they could give them dry clothes, a good meal and medical attention. Sadly, the members were shocked at how wet and muddy they were and the disarray they left the lifesaving station in.

Quickly a meeting was called and it was discussed that that should do no more lifesaving because it is too messy. They couldn’t have their new facility with the latest state of the art technology being wet and dirty from the people they rescued. They told those who wanted to continue in the messy business of saving people to
start their own lighthouse.

Soon news plans were made for a new lighthouse along the coast which promised to be better than the first one. After some time, a new lighthouse was built where lifesaving methods were taught. Not to long afterward another storm came up and a desperate cry for help was given. Some brave and daring men went and rescued many from the storm. But rescuing the lost is a messy business and the people were upset their new lighthouse was wet and muddy and had to be cleaned. A meeting was held and like the first lighthouse they told those who would rescue the lost to start their own life saving station.

Today there are many lighthouses and lifesaving stations up and down the Atlantic Coast but very few go out and save those who are perishing. How about the Fortuna Seventh-day Adventist Church? Are we a lighthouse with a lifesaving station or are we a club that meets weekly? This month we have an opportunity to evangelize in Fortuna. I want you to know ahead of time -things can get messy. But our God is bigger than any mess we can make! He doesn’t mind messy as long as we are winning souls for His kingdom.

Starting March 6 th we will begin an evangelistic series. How you respond will be very important. We need you to be bold and daring. We need you to pray, attend, bring someone and be friendly to whoever attends. We are more than a club; we are a lighthouse with a lifesaving station. We have a heavenly mission to accomplish. Today, let’s determine to win souls for Jesus.
Pastor Dan



This year has just flown by, and we will be finishing our third quarter this month. It has been so busy with things to learn and places to go. The kids have been learning (with the help of our amazing mom and volunteer, Emily Mazzone-Clementi) about gardening, and how growing a garden can teach Biblical real life lessons.

Last month we enjoyed going to the Badzik’s home to learn about alpacas and spinning wool, seeing the entire wool-making process from animal to finished hat. We are looking forward to a trip to the Gem and Mineral Shop this month, and Rio Lindo for S.T.E.M. Camp in April.

Once again, we would like to thank our volunteers for the time they spend to keep our school a great place to be. Another way everyone can easily help out the school is by using Amazon Smile. Most everyone orders things online nowadays, and the school has an Amazon Smile account, so if you are ordering something use It will prompt you to choose the organization (Fortuna Junior Academy) you want your donation to go to.  Amazon then makes a donation; it does not cost you anything extra. We appreciate
everyone's efforts and support.
Thank You,
 Jamie Burzo and the FJA Staff




SCHOOL BOARD                MARCH 5 4:00
ELDER’S MTG.                    MARCH 10 7:00
CHURCH FINANCE             MARCH 12 6:00
CHURCH BOARD                MARCH 12 6:30
FCSC BOARD                      MARCH 24 4:00









In the fall of 1907 a six-week series of meetings was held in Loleta. Although attendance was fairly good only two persons accepted the message, a young couple who owned a hardware store in Loleta. At the close of 1907 some evening meetings were held in a school house located east of Loleta and about three miles north of Fortuna. Attendance was good and soon Sabbath meetings began. There were Adventists who had been
worshipping in small groups who attended these meetings. The result was a Sabbath School of thirty-three members and under the leadership of Elder A. J. Osborne plans were made to build a house of worship. A piece of land owned by Mrs. Mary Gibson was donated for use as long as the church was needed and $400 was raised to begin building as soon as weather permitted. By May of 1908 this small white wooden church on Table Bluff was nearing completion. This church, known as the Banner church was the first Adventist church in
the Fortuna area. This Banner church (often called the Banner-Fortuna church) was abandoned in 1915 but that story will be left for next month.

In the meantime, early in 1909, ministers had begun working in the Scotia-Rio Dell area. No suitable building for holding meetings was available in town so a request was made to pitch a tent for the meetings. The town of Scotia was owned by the Pacific Lumber Company and the company refused to allow Adventists to pitch a tent in their town for meetings. The company manager said they didn’t care to have any revivals, and as for
religion, they wanted to be left alone. So, a tent was pitched about a mile and a half north of Rio Dell on the banks of the Eel River and meetings were begun. There was considerable interest in the Adventist message but few baptisms.



What can water do in my body instead of coffee? Is coffee really good for waking me up? Or does my mind
function better with water. What do studies show? What really keeps our minds clear and functioning? Stay
posted for next months health update



This Month’s Thank you!!  FROM NADINE RADOVICZ

I would like to thank two women in our church we all know and love for the love they have for so many.  These two faithful women are  Mary Ann Kost and Jeannie Beach. Mary Ann never misses an opportunity to come and help our church or to reach out to others. And Jeannie faithfully ministers regularly to so many at Fortuna Rehabilitation and Wellness Center (The Old St. Luke’s), by visiting the residents, comforting them, reading to them and sharing literature with them. Jeannie also shares her love for Jesus with anyone and everyone she can, hoping they will have a desire to love Him too. Well done ladies for being such a blessing to so many.
Always with love, Nadine.




We have two dates that we have no host/hostess team to host our fellowship luncheon. The first is Sabbath, June 20 th and the other one is Sabbath, September 5 th . If you are willing to put together a team and host
either of those Sabbaths please contact Julie Rowe. Otherwise please mark on your calendars that there will not be a fellowship luncheon that week. Do we have any Sabbath School classes that might like to host??



Cherie Porter has some needs over at the Dorcas food bank. She needs canned fruit. Peaches, pears, mandarins, fruit cocktail, etc. If you would like to donate some, she’d be happy to take them off your hands. THANKS!



Our 40 days of prayer will end on March 20 th . March 21 st will be our praise and testimony Sabbath. We will be sharing stories of how God answered our prayers, relationships were formed and lives were impacted. Be
ready to tell your story on Sabbath, March 21 st!!



                               Fortuna Adventist Focus

Vol. 86 No. 2                Published by the Fortuna SDA Church        February 2020


The Disciples and Prayer
     The disciples of Jesus daily followed Him and listened to His every word. They watched Him because they loved Him and they wanted to be like Him. Of all the things that Jesus did the one thing that greatly impressed them was His prayer life. One cannot help but notice they did not ask Jesus how to become great preachers but they did ask Him to teach them how to pray. They had heard Jesus prayers and were moved by them. They knew the hours He had spent with God and saw Him revived and refreshed. Prayer was more than an act to Jesus. It was a time of close communion with God. Jesus prayers touched their hearts and they felt their need of such communion.
     Wouldn’t it be great if we too could hear the prayers of Jesus? We do have some recorded in the gospels – but they are only a handful compared to the many prayers Jesus had while here on earth. How about you? How is you prayer life? Do you enjoy praying or do you have to work at it? Is praying like speaking to your best friend or do you think your prayers go no higher than the ceiling? I must confess there are times when prayer seems more of a burden than a blessing and I have felt like my prayers were not being heard.
     Let me share with you something that has helped through the years in my ministry with my prayer life. I went to a prayer conference one year and one of the speakers suggested to have a prayer partner. I was surprised by that because I never thought about it. Up to that point I had read many books about prayer which helped me personally but I did not realize my need for a partner in prayer. But by meeting with someone to pray it held me accountable. Someone was expecting me to pray with them and I could not miss it. I found it a
blessing not only to pray for someone else but I was blessed by having someone pray for me. In addition our prayers ended up in praise because we could see the many answers to our prayers.
     On Monday, February 10 th we will be starting our forty days of prayer and I want you to join with me. It will end on Friday, March 20 th and we will be having a testimony service on Sabbath, March 21 st to praise God for all our answered prayers. If you are not at the point where you want a prayer partner, please join us anyway. We want to pray for the Holy Spirit to help us, to bless us and our families, to bring back our non-attending members and to reach our community. With or without a prayer partner you can do that.
     In 2 Chronicles 20 we read the story of King Jehoshaphat. He and his nation were surrounded by an innumerable army of enemies. Jehoshaphat gathered his people and they prayed. I want you to notice verse thirteen; “All the men of Judah, with their wives and children and little ones, stood there before the Lord.” This is how I picture the Fortuna Church. All of us standing before the Lord, seeking His presence and His blessing. Just as God gave the victory to Jehoshaphat and his people He will give us victory too. Let’s unite together in prayer and watch what the Lord will do. I know we will have a wonderful testimony of praise on March 21 st
for what God has done and is doing in our lives. You don’t want to miss out on this wonderful experience. May God richly bless you!
Pastor Dan

FJA News

     We have officially made it through the first half of the year and are moving forward with our second semester. As always we have a lot of things planned to keep our students busy and learning. This month we will be making a trip to the Badzik's to learn about processing wool, from the animal all the way to finished product. 
    We are thankful this month for a relatively normal schedule after all the holiday busyness. Our music
teacher, JP, has been called to the mission fields in Brazil, and while we will miss him, we know God will
bless him in his endeavors. We'd like to say a big thank you to our classroom volunteers; Mr. Baumgartner has
been working with the kids on writing their own books, Nancy Burzo has been leading exciting art projects,
Emily Mazzone- Clementi is creating our garden, and Cindy Neumann comes to help with reading.   The pastor also comes every Friday to have worship with the children. There are several people that help regularly with hot lunches. There are lots of people that pitch in when maintenance needs to be done at the school, and
they have made sure we don't have leaks, that plumbing is working properly, and that in general, our school
buildings are in good condition. We are so grateful for the all the time that people spend making our school a
good place to be. As always, if you have a heart to help with anything you can call the school at 725-2988.
Thank you for all your prayers and support.
Jamie Burzo and the FJA Staff


SCHOOL BOARD                        FEB 6                          4:00
FJA CONSTITUENCY                   FEB 8                          6:00
ELDERS MTG                              FEB 11                        7:00
CHURCH FINANCE                     FEB 20                         6:00
CHURCH BOARD                        FEB 20                         6:30
FCSC BOARD                              FEB 25                        4:00



THE APPEARING                        FEB. 5,12,19 & 26         7:00
VESPERS                                    FEB 8                             5:00
WOMEN’S LUNCHEON               FEB 9                            11:00
BEGIN 40 DAYS/PRAYER            FEB 10
SABBATH OF LOVE                     FEB 15                          11:00
DORCAS WORK BEE                   FEB 16                          10:00
PATHFINDER DINNER                FEB 22                            6:30



Ladies, we are so excited about our luncheon coming up February 9 th , 11:00-3:00. Looking forward to seeing
you all there. Please RSVP back to us. I wanted to remind those of you that decide to join us for the 40 days of prayer to come to the luncheon ready to begin the 40 days of prayer on February 10th the day after the luncheon.

How to be ready?

  1. Pick out and connect with a prayer partner. Decide how you two would like to pray each day, by phone or in person, the time. 

  2. Pick out 3-5 people or  you want to pray for during 40days.

  3. Call them to find out what they would like you to pray about for them. 

They can be anyone neighbors,  co-workers, family that do not normally come to church. Luncheon is free, book
is $15 at the door. We are so excited to see what God will do! We hope you will join us in this prayer opportunity!  

Our men’s ministry will be launching this book and the 40 days of prayer as well, on February 10 th .



     A ten-day camp meeting was held at Fortuna in late August 1890. Special rates for passengers were
offered by the ER&ERR* and excursion trains ran on Sundays. The Humboldt Times newspaper noted that
visitors came by train from various parts of the county to attend this camp meeting. The camp was made up
of forty tents and a 60 foot pavilion. We don't know the exact location of this camp but it could have been the Rohnerville Fair Grounds but since people came by train and the camp was near the railroad station it
is possible that it was held at Campton Park, located in the vicinity of what is today Atteberry Lane and Ross Hill Road. In those years there was a train stop at the foot of the hill below Campton Park.
     There were very few Adventists in Fortuna at this time, and those who lived here probably attended church in Alton which had a membership of 17 in 1895. Pepperwood had an Adventist membership of 35 at this time. That same year, 1895, two ministers came and held a series of meetings in Fortuna, and in 1904 more meetings were held. Elder D. T. Fero, one of those ministers, reported that almost every place in the county with sufficient population to justify expensive tent meetings had already been worked. His report said, ”We have had a trying experience here. We advertised thoroughly and visited from house to house, daily seeking the Lord, yet we could get only a few to attend - sometimes not over three from the outside.” It was decided that conditions in Fortuna did not justify trying to organize a church at this time.

     * ER&ERR was the Eel River & Eureka Railroad that linked Eureka to Alton and Scotia. It hauled logs,
lumber, livestock, and agricultural produce as well as passengers.



     February 22, 2020 will be our annual Pathfinder dinner and auction. Dinner will begin at 6:30 with the dessert auction to follow. There will be several silent auction items for you to bid on as well.

     Tickets are $8 for adult and $6 for children. They will be available here at the church office on
Tuesdays and Thursdays. They are also available from our Pathfinders: Peter, Kegan, Jo, Jen, Grace and Abby. You can contact them or Chris Miller. If you have a nice auction item that you would like to donate, contact Chris or Debbie Miller. You might get a call to donate a dessert item. Start looking at
your recipes!!

     Please invite your neighbors, friends and family. This is a great way for us to bridge our church and the community. Try to purchase or reserve your tickets ahead of time so they can get an approximate head count for the meal. Speaking of which, it will be a good old-fashioned meat and potatoes American (vege) dinner. Potatoes, vege-loaf, salad, vegetables and dessert. Our theme will be celebrating our Country and its history. Come out and join us.



Do YOU have someone in the church you would like to acknowledge and give thanks too??? Then this is
the place. Just e-mail or call Cindy at the church. Let’s show our love and appreciation to each other out loud and up front by putting it our FOCUS!!

I want to thank my special friend Anna Hahn. She never says no. She paints, she decorates, she cleans, and she cooks. If anybody needs a place to stay or a meal, Anna is always there. The bouquets and centerpieces that she makes make every event look better. She shares the bountiful vegetables from her garden. If baked goods are needed, or decorating needs done, she is always willing to step up to the plate. She gives all she has and she gives from her heart. Thank you Anna. Your brother, Tim Whitchurch.



     The food we eat is one of the most important choices that we make every single day. Our choice every meal can eventually make or break our health. It may not seem like it at the time but our choices will catch up with us. Ann Wigmore stated, “The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison”. With food choices we don’t always realize what is happening in our body until it is too
     For example when cholesterol is blocking our arteries, we only realize it after we have a major issue, such as a heart attack. Or things like sugar, which decreases our immune system so it cannot fight off diseases as well. Let us choose to decrease these problems by making healthy food choices. These include fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes and nuts, and avoid animal products which have cholesterol and disease associated with them. Make wise choices every-day and you will be glad later on!



The Final Empire                  Jan 23 rd -26 th

The Appearing                      Jan 29 th – Feb 4 th
                                             each Wed. 6 wks.

Discovering Revelation         Mar 6-Apr. 23 rd
                                             Fri/Sat/Sun 8 wks.



                                 Fortuna Adventist Focus

Vol. 86 No. 1                Published by the Fortuna SDA Church        January 2020


Happy New Year
     As 2020 rolls around next week – what are you planning to do for the New Year? Many, like me, make promises to lose weight, exercise and read more. Now don’t get me wrong, these are good goals, but this year I don’t want to think only of myself – I want to think about others.
     I want to challenge myself, as well as you to win one soul for Jesus this coming year. Pray about it and ask
God to help you find someone to bring to Christ. It may be a family member, a non-attending church member or a neighbor – regardless of who it is, just help someone you know to come to Jesus.
     In the book of Proverbs 11:30 we read, “He who wins souls is wise.” Let’s determine to be wise men and
women for Christ. God had one son and He came to seek and save the lost and He wants us to do the same
thing too.
     How can we do this? Begin with prayer. Next month we will begin a prayer emphasis in our church. We will be going through Dennis Smith’s book, “40 Days - Prayers and Devotions to Prepare for the Second Coming.”
Please be involved. We cannot win souls for Christ, nor be wise men and women for God unless we pray first.
Next, attend our soul winning events this year. We will be showing, “The Final Empire,” by Shawn Boonstra of
the Voice of Prophecy on January 23-26. Than March 6 we will start an Evangelistic Series entitled, “Discovering Revelation.” There will be follow up programs as well. Please support these programs by praying, attending and bringing someone.
     However, it all starts with prayer. If there is one prayer that God loves to answer it is when we pray for the lost to be saved. The second prayer He loves to answer is, Lord use me to help someone be saved in Your
     The prophet Isaiah heard the voice of God calling, “Whom shall I send?” Isaiah answered immediately,
“Hear I am Lord, send me.” Today God is still calling to us, “Whom shall I send?” Will you answer Him today?
Will your answer be, “Here I am Lord, send me?”
     In our hymnal, Daniel March wrote these words; Hark, the voice of Jesus calling, & Who will go and work today? Fields are white and harvests waiting, who will bear the sheaves away? Loud and long the Master calls you; rich reward He offers free. Who will answer, gladly saying, & Here am I. Send me, send me?

     If you cannot speak like angels, if you cannot preach like Paul, You can tell the love of Jesus; you can say He died for all. If you cannot rouse the wicked with the judgment’s dread alarms, You can lead the little children to the Savior’s waiting arms. If you cannot be a watchman, standing high on Zion’s wall, Pointing out the path to heaven, offering life and peace to all, With your prayers and with your bounties, you can do what God demands; You can be like faithful Aaron, holding up the prophet’s hands. Let none hear you idly saying, There is nothing I can do,
While the multitudes are dying and the Master calls for you. Take the task He gives you gladly; let His work your pleasure be. Answer quickly when He calls you, Here am I. Send me, send me!
     May we all be soul winners for Christ in 2020! May God richly bless you.
Pastor Dan



Dear Church Family,
     We’ve made it through 2019, and are looking forward to an amazing 2020! We pray the next year is
full of blessings as we continue to teach and nurture the children in our care.  We will be starting our 3rd quarter/2nd semester in just a couple weeks. Hard to believe we are halfway through the year; it has been an especially busy year so far. We still have a lot of fun and interesting things on the agenda for the next semester.   We go to Sequoia Springs every month to sing for the residents there and share a craft with them; also, we make monthly library trips. We have several interesting field trips and activities planned for the spring, including Week of Prayer, Let's Move Day, and field trips to the Gem and Mineral Shop, the Badziks' to learn about alpacas and spinning wool, and  Rio Lindo for STEM camp.
     It has been a productive year so far, and we are looking forward to the second half of our 2019-20 school
year. Thank you to those who have volunteered time, donated funds, or are keeping the school, staff, and
students in your prayers. All of your efforts are appreciated.
     Blessings this new year, and please keep the school in your prayers.
               Jamie Burzo and the FJA Staff


Upcoming Meetings

SCHOOL BOARD            JAN 9 4:00
FINANCE MTG               JAN 11 6:30
ELDERS MTG                 JAN14 7:00
CHURCH FINANCE         JAN 16 6:00
CHURCH BOARD            JAN 16 6:30
FCSC BOARD                 JAN 21 4:00

NEW YEAR’S EVE GAMES                               DEC. 31 7:00
KIDS CHOIR FIRST PRACTICE                         JAN.8 6:00
WOMEN’S MINISTRY SABBATH                      JAN.11
MEAL & A MOVIE                                           JAN 12 4:45
MEN’S FELLOWSHIP BREAKFAST                   JAN 19 8:00
FINAL EMPIRE SERIES                                   JAN 23-26 7:00


Church and School History

January 2020 FOCUS (#10)        

     Turning our attention now from Ferndale to the East side of the Eel River, we begin the story of Adventists in the Fortuna area.  Fortuna was originally known as Slide and later Springville.  It wasn't until 1888 that the name Fortuna became official.
     There were Adventists living in the Fortuna area at this time who were attending the Ferndale church which had been organized years earlier.    Elders N. C. McClure, John Loughborough, Joseph H. Waggoner,
Philip Kent and E. N. Jones had come with a big tent to Eureka the summer of 1885 to hold evangelistic
meetings and no doubt some Adventists from Springville (Fortuna) attended and possibly joined the church as a result of those meetings. In early 1887 Philip Kent held tent services in Hydesville.  Humboldt County had many camp meetings in those early years which will be the topic of this column next month.
     An interesting comment in the Ferndale Enterprise, when reporting on a camp meeting in Rohnerville, states that "The Adventists have been holding a camp meeting at the Fair Grounds during the past week, but their inquisitive weakness betrays itself in the mornings when the many flyers (race horses) that are in training for the Fair races are put to their speed, and the worshipers seem anxious to know which will come out ahead." Both horse-racing and meetings attracted those early Adventists.  (The first Humboldt County Fair was held in 1861 in Hydesville but bounced around between Hydesville, Ferndale, Eureka, and Rohnerville until it finally settled in Ferndale in 1896.)


New Years Eve

We would like to invite you to the FCSC for board games and snacks on Dec. 31 st at 7:00 pm. Bring yourself, your favorite game and your favorite snack. We are looking for some children’s movies that we could play for the kids (anyone have any?). We also would like to have the popcorn machine for them. This is still in the planning stages, so check e-mails for more info.


Open House And Music Fellowship

Michael and Amy Norton are hosting a drop-in open house (not a potluck) at their home on Sabbath
afternoon, January 4 th from 3-5pm. Light refreshments will be provided. Bring your voice, any instrument that
you play and a heart to sing God’s praises. Their address is 1720 Loop Road. Green house. Parking may be
available in the field.


Thank You Corner

     Each month last year in this column, we recognized someone in the church who went above and beyond for our church and its members.
     This year we want to try something different!! Do YOU have someone in the church you would like to
acknowledge and give thanks too??? Then this is the place. Just e-mail or call Cindy at the church. Let’s show our love and appreciation to each other out loud and up front by putting it our FOCUS!! I will start. I want to recognize my friend BEA RENNER. I don’t think Bea ever has a bad day. If she does, she doesn’t show it.
Along with the great hug she gives me each Sabbath, she whispers in my ear, “you are doing a great job”. Now,
some days I don’t feel like I am, and those sweet words of encouragement each week turn my heart around. Thank you Bea. Love Cindy Gilmore.



Would you like healthy bones this Christmas? Just a few thoughts for the holidays…
          Laugh a lot!! “A merry heart does good, like
          medicine, but a broken spirit dries the bones.”  Proverbs 17:22

          Speak pleasant words! “Pleasant words are like a honeycomb, Sweetness to the soul and health to the                bones.  Proverbs 16:24

         Let the Lord Guide you! “The Lord will guide you continually, and satisfy your soul in drought, and                       strengthen your bones…” Isaiah 58:1

     On January 12, 2020, the Health team along with our adult youth group, TG4C, will be hosting a gourmet
meal and documentary movie. The Doors will open at 4:45 with the meal beginning at 5:00 & the movie to follow. This meal will be gourmet, plant-based, multiple-course presentation with several dishes for you to enjoy. The church family, along with the community are being welcomed to this event.
     “The Game Changers” is a 2018 documentary film about the benefits of plant-based eating for
athletes. It covers multiple success stories of athletes eating a plant-based diet, references scientific studies, and touches on other arguments for plant-based diets that extend to non-athletes as well.
     Because space is limited, this is an RSVP ONLY event. There is a cost of $15.00 that is payable at the door. All RSVP’s need to be received by January 8 th . You can RSVP by phone to: Karina Brinckhaus, 707-671-5038 OR Claudia Velasco, 707-601-7141.



PLEASE PRAY FOR OUR BIBLE STUDY SERIES, “The Final Empire”. We will be presenting this for four nights in January. Plan to invite your family & friends. This is leading up to our “Revelation” evangelistic series in March. Pray for this outreach to touch our community and bring them to know the love of Jesus.

January Offering Schedule




As always the Pathfinders are gearing up for a fun-filled year. The first weekend in February is our Winter Campout. Then as usual the 4 th Saturday (tentatively) of the month will be our Pathfinder dinner and auction. Watch for more information on this event!!



     On February 2 nd the women’s ministry will be hosting a catered luncheon and presenting the book, “40
Days of Prayer” This is an RSVP event and a $15 donation is payable at the door. There are flyers and more information available in the lobby. RSVP to Connie Bertholf or Annee Wilson.

     The men’s prayer breakfast will be on Sunday, January 19 th at 8:00 AM.

     Both groups will be kicking off 40 days of prayer on Feb. 3 rd and ending March 13 th . We are excited to see what an actively praying church can do!!