Sabbath School

Updated: January 9, 2019


                     Adult Sabbath School Main Floor- 9:45 to 11:00 a.m.

People who come to Adult Sabbath School have different needs and preferred ways of learning.  The five fundamentals around which Sabbath School is designed are; (1) Fellowship/Communication, (2) Community Outreach/Evangelism, (3) Bible Study/Learning/Application, (4) Foreign Mission, and(5) Total Membership Involvement-TMI. The Adult Sabbath School attempts to implement these five fundamentals.

There are four adult classes, including a Spanish-speaking class.

The Adult Sabbath School Classes downstairs  10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.



                           Adult Bible lessons for the First Quarter of 2019

                                                           The Book of Revelation

1.   The Gospel from Patmos  -  Dec 29-Jan 4

2.    Among the Lampstands  -  Jan 5-11

3.    Jesus' Messages to the Seven Churches  -  Jan 12-18

4.   Worthy Is the Lamb  -  Jan 19-25

5.   The Seven Seals  -  Jan 26-Feb 1

6.   Sealed People of God  -  Feb 2-8

7.   The Seven Trumpets  -  Feb 9-15

8.   Satan, a Defeated Enemy  -  Feb 16-22

9.   Satan and His Allies  -  Feb 23-Mqr 1

10.  God's Everlasting Gospel  -  Mar 2-8

11.  The Seven Last Plagues  -  Mar 9-15

12  Judgment on Babylon  -  Mar 16-22

13.  "I Make All Things New"  -  Mar 23-29



                                        Sabbath School Classes


There are three Adult Sabbath School classes downstairs, one (in Spanish) in the Spanish Fellowship Room, one in The Blue Room and another adult Class. Doors are labeled. 



                                          Extension Division

Lorraine Schueler is the leader of the SS Extension Division for those unable to attend Sabbath School/Church.

Jeannie Beach takes the Sabbath School quarterlies to these people and visits them.

If any of you know of anyone who would like a visit, please let Lorraine or Jeannie know.  



                                     Children And Youth Divisions

                                                          10:00 to 11:00 AM

We have Children's Sabbath School divided by ages downstairs.  Doors are labeled according to ages.

     a. Cradle Roll Division ages birth to five years and parents - Jolene Dumitrescu, Leader,  Assistants,                         Valerie Wikander and Emilia Brinckhaus-Goodrich
     b. Kindergarten/Primary Division ages 5 to 10 years old - Cherie Porter, Leader,     Assistant,  Becky Lloyd
     c. Junior/Earliteen Division , Amy Norton, Leader,  Assistant, Ivette Gomez-Anguiana                                             d. Youth Division,  Pastor Dan Freedman, Kerry Freedman and Arleen Perry 


                                      Sabbath School Enhanced Study

For those of you who would like to use the computer to enhance your study, the Sabbath School quarterly and mission stories are on line as well as Pine Knoll Sabbath School class.

Try these sites:


A Sabbath School study guide for adults, children, and youth along with numerous materials and resources are available online at


                                                  Mission Quarterlies

Mission Quarterlies for adults and youth are available online at

Mission Quarterlies for children are available online at



                                     Mission Projects - 1st Quarter 2019

                                                    Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division


Sao Tome and Principe

  1.  Set up an alcohol and drug rehabilitation center, Sao Tome

  2.  Build a new church, Sao Tome

  3. Construct an auditorium for K-12 school, Sao Tome


  1.  Construct an elementary school, Milange

  2.  Expand food and nutrition department at Mozambique Adventist University, Beira

  3. Establish an orphanage for children who lost parents to HIV/AIDS, Nampula

Children's Project

      Portuguese Bibles for children from needy families in Mozambique and Sao Tome and Principe



         Make Cents for our Sabbath School Investment Projects in North America

Atlantic Natural Foods offers our church an exciting way to earn money to support our Sabbath School Mission Projects.   Atlantic Natural Foods pays 25 cents to our Northern California Conference for each label/UPC we save and report to them.

Please save UPCs from their Loma Linda and Worthington (Caroline's in the south) CANNED Products.

Place these UPCs in the treasure chest in our church foyer.

We are waiting for more information about Cedar Lake.  In the meantime keep saving their UPCs.