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June 2023

From Pastor Dan

A Viper in the House

A while ago, I heard this story from the daily news. It was about a woman who died after being bit by a pit viper. She drove herself to the emergency room of the nearest hospital, but succumbed after battling the deadly poison for several days.

Police went to the house to catch the viper, taking precautions to protect themselves. Inside they found not only the viper, but other snakes in cages, plus an array of exotic animals.

Bizarre? Yes and no. Before we rush to pronounce judgment, maybe we should ask ourselves whether a pit viper and other exotic creatures should find shelter within the confines of our lives.

Warning against the seductive power of wine, the wise man spoke of its sparkling in the cup, its smoothness. But, he reminded us, “in the end it bites like a snake and poisons like a viper. (Proverbs 23:32 NIV).

I can only wonder what attracted the woman to the deadly viper. Perhaps it was its appearance. I have seen vipers in the zoo. Such as Russell’s viper of India, with intricate patterns on their skin. Perhaps it was the thrill of keeping an animal that in one swift stroke could bring you to an early grave. One slip and you are done for.

Sin is like a viper. A darling sin is like a pet viper. We know it’s deadly. Lack of knowledge is not the problem. But … we keep it in our house. No one else knows it is there, nor do they know how attractive we find it. In addition, maybe a motley crew of other foul and dangerous creatures also fine a home within our lives.

It might be what Solomon warned against – alcohol. It could be a drug habit. It could be pornography. Whatever it is, it bites like a snake and poisons our eternal life.

God’s grace is overcoming grace. He wants us to walk in the fullness of His new life. But we have a part to play. “What we do not overcome will overcome us and work out our destruction…. Even one wrong trait of character, one sinful desire, persistently cherished, will eventually neutralize all the power of the gospel. (STC 33-34).

Today, let’s determine to get rid of all the vipers in our lives and walk in the fullness of Christ’s life. May God richly bless you and your family.

Pastor Dan


Future of RAC discussion

Ed Farguson will be here on Wednesday, June 7th at 6:00pm. He will be here to discuss the future of our local camp meeting. This will affect our local churches as well as those churches outside of our conference. A letter from Harry Salvini regarding this was e-mailed out a few weeks ago. There are copies in the lobby if you want to familiarize yourself with what is going on. Everyone is welcome to attend. We will meet in the Blue Room downstairs at the church. If possible we will try to Zoom it.



Remember how we did a slide show for our Mother’s day Sabbath? Let’s do that for our dad’s or any male who was an influence on your life, supported you or raised you. Please get the pictures to me by June 12th so I can put the slide show together. We would like to have a picture with you and the person. Text to 707-599-7493 or E-mail fsdaoffice@yahoo.com or drop them by the church. Please pass on to members that do not have e-mail or attend church. Anyone can submit a picture. You do not have to be a baptized member.



We have been busy with all the end-of- the -year fun! We went bowling, saw a Christian play, pizza party and a class picnic. Congratulations to our graduates! Kegan, Jesse, and Hayden graduate June 1st at 7pm at the church. Please join us and enjoy the program, and the cake and punch reception to follow.

EXCITING NEWS. WE HAVE A TEACHER!!! Fortuna Junior Academy would like to warmly welcome Celia Higgins as our teacher next year.  Celia is an experienced and gifted teacher who most recently taught at Humboldt Bay Christian School (the Eureka/ McKinleyville SDA school).  Many of you may already know her from events like Live Nativity, and are familiar with her friendly smile and cheerful enthusiasm.  Students from Humboldt Bay will be joining us next year as well. We are excited to have them as part of our student body! They are happy to have their teacher work at FJA, as is the school board!. Please welcome them all!

As always, we thank our church family for their support for our school. You have always stepped up when we needed you, Please pray for our 2023-2024 Staff, Students & volunteers.

Jamie Burzo, Principal

Fortuna Jr. Academy


It is with mixed feelings that we bid Ms. Jamie Burzo good-bye. We wish her the best, but also don’t want to see her leave. For five years she has devoted her love, compassion, patience and walk with God to her students. It is no easy task to wear the many hats of principal, teacher, administrator and many other duties that come with the job. We thank you for your years of service on your old stomping grounds”.



“Never underestimate the sacrifices you have made for your students and the lives you touched through your teaching & example.

Be proud of the work you did, the person you are and the difference you made.”

We love you and wish you the brightest and best in the future that God has in store for you. Thank you for your work, your sacrifices, long hours, sense of humor & love for Jesus. Our prayers will follow you wherever you go!

---With Love, your church & school families


2023 Graduates



Jesse Lozensky

Kegan Ingalina

Hayden Ruoff


8th Redwood Christian School

Peter Mazzone-Clementi


8TH Gr. Home School

Karianna Goodrich


College of The Redwoods

Luke McCrigler




From Europe to America

(Continued from last month - - George Fritz family)


Towards the end and after the war, George Fritz and his family were moved to no less than internment/displacement camps. Many with poor conditions. During this time George applied to obtain immigration status to America. At the same time some of our local church members were sponsors for immigrants wanting to come to America.

Meeting the Fritz family’s train was just the first-step in how our members minister to these new and beloved immigrants. They made these immigrants coming out of war-torn Germany begin a new life. They offered everything the Fritz family needed to begin their life in America. Support, compassion, love. Most of all, giving them a sense of freedom, opportunity and acceptance. The church members helped them find housing and jobs, enroll in school and settle into the church.

*The following was written by George’s daughter Anna (Hahn)*

The George Fritz family was the 1st refuge family to come to Humboldt County after W.W 2. We arrived in New York December 1st 1951 by boat on the Gen. Eltinge.* We were greeted by Derwood and Vera Palmer with whom we stayed until finding housing of our own. Shortly after we arrived we got a house to rent and my father got a job, and not long after a nice used Chev car.

My younger siblings went to the Newberg Road School. The older girls became superb seamstresses and tailors. I ended up being the cook and housekeeper for the Atteberry family. I was then 16 years old. The coming fall I enrolled in Lodi Academy.

Soon there was another German family that arrived and lived in Honeydew & eventually settled in Fortuna as well becoming acquainted with our family. Not long after, my Uncle John decided to come to Fortuna, since there were better opportunities here in the lumber industry. Next the Neufeld’s told some of their family and they had other relatives that came. My future in-laws, the Hahns were related to them and they came as well..

After about a year of living with others and renting, my father figured it was time to get a piece of land to put roots down and build our own home. He started the German Town. He found that piece of land off of Kenmar. I believe it was 3 acres. He cut it into 10 lots and each older German took 2 lots, one for themselves and one for their oldest son or daughter. They also had to dig a big well which had plenty of water. Dad had also a street cut through. The lots cost about $300.00 a piece at that time. Later, Mr. Hann bought the adjoining lots and put a street in because there were many more Germans that came. Many of them settling in this area and building sturdy, well-built homes for their newly re-located families.





The A/V dept. is looking for a few good men and women to help us out each week. Pick when and how often you would like to volunteer. Once a month, twice a month, or every week, it’s up to you. We can teach you all you need to learn. Both audio and video presentation positions are needed. You can do one or both. Learn a new skill or put your skills to use all for the glory of God. If interested, please contact Jason at 808-927-2910 or by email at jhknelson19@yahoo.com God bless. Jason Nelson.




HART: Attendance is finally starting to pick up and the intakes and new clients are increasing as well. We thank everyone who donated to us during the leaner times and helped us stay open for our community. Please continue to pray for those that go through our program.

DORCAS: Cherie reports that almost 5000 lbs. of food was collected at the center. Over 33 church members showed up to help unload all the food. The center will be sharing some of the food with other food banks. This helps use the donations before their expiration date and also helps out the other food banks when they are low. THANK YOU SO MUCH volunteers, from the FCSC!

TABITHA’S: Tons of donations, pickup loads and estate sales continue to keep them busy and well-stocked. A lot of new people are becoming regulars each month. They help people in so many ways. Sherry was able to give a voucher for free clothes for a young man who needed them for court. They never know who God will place in front of them, but they serve all.

GARDEN: Emily would like to share that organically grown strawberry plants are available from the FJA garden for $3 ea. or $10 for 25. All proceeds benefit the school garden. Message Emily Mazzone-Clementi for info and to purchase. The school garden along with FCSC will be purchasing a rototiller that both gardens can use.




Pathfinders are winding up for the year. They have crammed so many events in the last few weeks including finishing up honors, campouts, work-a-thon and Pathfinder day last Sabbath! Over a dozen youth were given the patches for their earned honors. Some received as many as 14 honors!! Next year they will be preparing for the International Pathfinder camporee in the summer of 2024. Thank you for all of the support you as a church give to out Pathfinders. Chris and Debbie and the Pathfinder staff, thank you for guiding our youth and being a living positive example.





















****Remember on Camp Ground Sabbath, June 24th and Camp Meeting Sabbath, July 29th, there will not be a service here at the church. There will be a church service here July 23rd.******



Due to scheduling conflicts, the 2nd quarter communion is tentativly scheduled for JULY 15th. Please note the change.




Prayer Warriors Get Ready

Both the church and the school will have to make some tough and challenging decisions in the near future. All of them are going to impact us financially. We don’t have exact estimates yet, but these repairs/replacements are not going to be cheap. We need to pray for all of these things.

1 .We have the whole camp meeting future to think about and if the conference stops support, can local churches afford those costs? Where does that money come from? (Letter In the Lobby) Meeting June 7th.

2. We have costly and necessary maintenance needs at the church with the windows and other earthquake damage. (Awaiting Estimates) Where does that $$ come from?

3. The school must fix that drainage on the back wing before the building slides down the bank or risk possible closure. What do we borrow from to pay for that?

4. There is still part of FJA roof that needs to be replaced. They recently had to replace the furnace at the school. Also, the alarm system was replaced not all that long ago. It is an old campus and there is much that needs done. Start digging for a treasure chest!

In all Seriousness we will need to prioritize the needs, dip in to finances we might be reluctant to (that God has blessed us with for times like this), think about fundraisers we could have and if needed, step up and help with any work that can be done by us!


Nominating Committee will be coming up soon. We would like to have the committee picked before camp meeting so that we can hit the pavement running afterwards. Please think about those who you would like to have chosen for the leadership of our church for 2024.


Picnic Potlucks

We are still looking for someone to host an outdoor potluck on either the first or third sabbath in July, and October. The 3rd of June it will be held at the Dumitrescu home. The 5th of August it will be held at Colleen and Don’s. The 16th of September will be in Rio Dell at Cindy’s parents house. It is beside the river so plan for that.

Available dates: June 17th, July 1st,(4th of July wknd. July 15th, Aug. 19th, Sept. 2nd (labor Day Wknd.), Oct. 7th and Oct. 21st.