Bulletin & Announcements

Updated: April 9, 2021


                                           Church Service April 10, 2021

The worship service is presented this week by the women's ministry and is our praise and testimony service following the end of our most recent 40 Days of Prayer and Health messages book.  Lalita and Ruben Brinckhaus in charge.                               

                                          Announcements - April 10, 2021

1.   Welcome : Welcome to church.  Today is our praise and testimony service following our study of  40 Days of Prayer and Health Messages.

2.   SEATING:  The ends of the pews have been labeled as “open or closed” for social-distancing.  If you see someone looking for a place to sit and your pew has room, please signal to them.  There are usually open seats toward the front.  Don’t be afraid!!!

3.  OFFERING: The deacons are not collecting our offerings at this time, but in the lobby you will find both the schoolhouse offering box and the church offering box.  Thank you.

4.  Please:   Please remember to wipe down the restrooms before you leave. Do not flush the sanitizing wipes down the toilet after you have cleaned the restroom. Please throw them in the garbage.

5. “Prophecy of hope”:  The link to the presentations and lessons continue to be posted on this church website

 6.  CAMP MEETING:  Tomorrow, Sunday at 10:00 a.m., there is a ZOOM meeting discussing the possibility of holding RAC this Summer.  Everyone is welcome to attend.  Zoom Meeting.  Meeting ID:  601 534 4542  Passcode:  302885.  

7.  OFFICE CLOSED: Cindy will be out of town from Thursday at 2:00 through Wednesday the 21st.  Office re-opens on Thursday the 22nd.  Available by text and e-mail.

8.  MEETINGS:  TODAY there is a Health Team meeting at 4:00 in the sanctuary.  Everyone is welcome to attend. Elder’s ZOOM meeting Tuesday at 7:00.  Church Finance and Board on Thursday the 15th at 6:00 and 6:30. ZOOM links will be or have been sent already.

9.  SLIDE SHOW: We would like to do a Mother’s Day slideshow on May 8th.  Need pics of you with your mom, mother figure etc. E-mail, bring by or mail.  All pictures will be returned.  This should be great.  Old or recent pics.  Doesn’t matter!

10.  WORK BEE: FJA is hosting a work bee on April 18th.  Beginning around 10:00 most likely. Most jobs will be social-distancing approved.  Come join Jamie and the crew in getting the school ready for their evaluation.  Call the school for more 

                                                            Coming Up                      

April 13 th                Elder’s ZOOM Meeting
April 16 th                Finance & Board Meeting



Announcements - March 20, 2021

1. Welcome : We are glad you are here with us today and worshipping in our sanctuary. Welcome to all of you who are outside at our parking lot service as well, can’t wait til you are here in person.

2. GREETING: As hard as it is, let’s not shake hands or hug, and please visit outside after church. (As much as possible. We won’t arrest you)

3. SEATING: The ends of the pews have been labeled as “open or closed” for social-distancing. Please do not sit in the closed pews. Families please sit together and children with their parents, and those that ride in the same car may sit together.

4. MASKS: Please make sure you keep your mask on the entire time you are in the sanctuary.

5. “Prophecy of hope”: Our evangelism series continues. The series will continue each weekend through May at 7:00 each night. There are topical schedules on the table in the lobby. The link to the presentations and
lessons are posted on the church website: www.fortunaSDAchurch.org if you miss the meetings.

6. TRACKING: Thanks so much for entering through the ramp doors, signing in and getting a temperature check. We understand it is different and we appreciate you doing it. We will continue that until further notice.

7. COMMUNION: Our 1 st quarter communion will be next Sabbath, the 27 th . We will be using the pre-packaged again. Just another way to minimize contact. Hopefully, the last time.

8. DRESS WARM: The windows will be open and the fans will be on to keep the air circulating. This will continue for the time being. If you tend to get cold, dress warm and bring your blankets.

9. The church office will be closed in the afternoon on March 25 th after 12:00. Thanks.

10. OFFERING: Both the church offering box and the FJA schoolhouse offering box are in the lobby for you to place your tithes and offerings. Thank you for your continued support during this time.

11. Quarterlies: Your second quarter supplies are in the lobby in a basket. They are filed alphabetically. If you normally pick your parents up for them, they should be in your envelope.

12. Abbreviated services will continue inside.  As well as the parking lot radio broadcast.  The adult Sabbath School lesson is from 10:00 - 11:00.  This week it's Dave Perry teaching.

13 The worship service is 11:15 - 12:15.  Thank you for continuing to social-distance and wearing your mask.  We will have you sign in this week, just like last week. This time your signatures is you stating that you do not have any COVID-19 symptoms that are listed on the signs, you have not recently been in contact with someone with COVID, etc.  We are not making you read and mark each box.  Hopefully this will go a little faster for everyone.  Come a little bit early to allow for this.

14. HANDI-CAP SEATING:  Now that we are back, we just want to remind you that the front pew in the back half and the front pew in the front half are RESERVED for those with assistive devices such as wheelchairs, walkers, etc. Their families may sit there with them as well.  Please do not park any devices in the side or the center aisle.  If you have a device and sit somewhere else, that is fine...but someone needs to take your device to the lobby and park so aisles are not blocked.  Thank you so much for helping keep are sanctuary accessible for everyone.

15.  We are planning another baptism in the not so far future.  If you are interested in baptism or rebaptism, please let the church office or Pastor Dan know.

16. TEMPERATURE:  Because we have some of the Windows open and the fans running to circulate the air, it is not warm in the sanctuary or downstairs.  Please dress warmly.  Bring your blankets.  If your name is on them, you are welcome to leave your blanket where you like to sit so you won't have to bring it each week.  

17. 2ND QUARTER SUPPLIES: The quarterlies for second quarter are now available.  They will be in the lobby, in a basket and are filed alphabetically. Those of you that are in the parking lot, I will bring yours out to you after church.  

18. The "Prophecy of Hope" series continues this Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 7:00pm.  The meeting are inside the sanctuary and on the church website.  The lessons will be available on line as well.  Thank you Merlin.  If you are coming to the meetings, would you be willing to monitor the door?  It is just taking temps, watching people sign in and that they are masked up.  You can then go in to the presentation.  It is difficult for Pastor and Tim to do the presentations and work the door and I cannot be there every night.  



March 17, 2021

The church board ZOOM meeting is this Thursday, March 18th at 6:30.  If you do not regularly get the ZOOM link and would like to attend the meeting, please just e-mail the church and Cindy will make sure you get the link and you don't even have to leave your house.


March 11, 2021

1. Some of you may remember Ray and Annette Haberstock.  We just received word that Ray recently passed away. I believe one or both of his sons may still live in the area. Let's remember them in prayer.

2. Please, please remember to dress warmly if you are coming to the inside worship services.  The back and front doors will remain open and the fans will be on to circulate the air as has been recommended for indoor gatherings. If you get easily cold normally, you will get chilly for sure during the service.

3. The schoolhouse and the offering box will be set up in the lobby for you to put your offerings in.  Offering will not be collected in the sanctuary.

4. The "Prophecy of Hope" seminar begins tomorrow night at 7:00pm.  If you are planning on attending in person, please check to see if you can help us at the door one or two nights during the season. The meetings will continue Fri/Sat/Sun through May 22nd.  There will be a link on the church website where you can watch Pastor present the topics.  The lessons will be posted on the website as well.

5.  For those attending the meetings, you will receive a nice binder to keep each lesson in, a bible, a pen, the lesson and each Sunday evening we will be giving each out a different book. (Until supplies run out).

6. Please pray for these meetings.  For our members and community members that attend.  Pray for Pastor and others as they present the topics and that hearts will turn to Jesus through these messages.  We need all our prayer warriors.

7. The links for this weeks worship services will be sent out Friday.


March 9, 2021


1. Please remember to dress warm, warm, warm and bring a blanket if you are planning to come to the indoor service this weekend.  The fans and the doors have to remain open for circulation.  The drinking fountains will be closed so bring water if you need to.

2. Terry Gustin is asking for volunteers to take a weekend to minister to the Petrolia Church.  His current health problems require that he temporarily step down from preaching out there.  It can be a group, or a single person that can travel out there one weekend a month and put on a service for them.  If you or a group of you are willing to travel out there once a month, please let the office know and we will work with Terry and Pastor to coordinate it.  Please pray how you might be used to minister to this tiny church.

3.  If you are planning on opening up your Sabbath School class starting this Sabbath, we need to have the room set up in a social distancing manner by Friday.  If it is not set up by then, you will need to wait to meet until the room is set up.  We don't want the rooms to be set up on Sabbath morning.

4.  Each pew is marked at both ends with signs that say "open or closed".  Please do not sit in the closed pews for any reason.  The pews that are reserved for those with walkers, wheelchairs, etc., are an "open" pew so you will still have access to them.  The balcony is closed!!

5.  Deacons and elders will be back on duty starting this Sabbath.  The schedule will be e-mailed to to you.  Please let us know if you are not going to attend the inside worship service so we can make alternate plans for your scheduled Sabbath.




March 5, 2021

                                                                                                      RE-OPENING MARCH 13, 2021
                                                                                                   KEY POINTS FOR COVID SERVICE



SOME SABBATH SCHOOL CLASSES WILL BEGIN MEETING AT THEIR 10:00-11:00 TIME. (Adult upstairs, blue room, junior/earliteen so far). Cradle roll/kindergarten will not re-open as of today. Waiting to hear from primary leaders and the second adult class that meets downstairs) If you have a medical illness or compromised health issues, we encourage you to watch the on-line service or attend the parking lot service.

1. ENTERING AND EXITING: There will be only one entrance. The double doors at the top of the ramp. When the service is over, we ask that you please go outside in the fresh air to visit.

2. SIGN IN: At the door we will have a sign in sheet asking you about symptoms. Please sign in and review the symptom check. Those of you going downstairs to your class must still enter the church through the ramp doors and sign in before going to your class.

3. MASKS ARE MANDATORY: Masks must be worn at all times while in the church for those above 2 years of age.

4. SOCIAL DISTANCING: We ask that you refrain from hugging, shaking hands etc. and stay 6ft apart from those not in your social pod especially when coming in and out of the church and when finding a place to sit.

5. SEATING: The pews will be labeled either open or closed. Please do not sit in the closed pews. Families, those that travel in cars together and those in your social pods, please sit together. Children must sit with their families during the worship service.

6. BALCONY: The balcony remains closed at this time.

7. RESTROOMS: There will be materials for you to sanitize restrooms as you leave. Children need to be accompanied by an adult if they cannot sanitize by themselves. In addition, drinking fountains are closed. Feel free to bring water.

8. SURFACES: The hymnals and bibles can be used. We will be SINGING again as well. Masks must remain on and in place.

9. CIRCULATION: Dress warm and bring a blanket if you get cold easily. The doors will be open and the fans will be running in order to circulate the air.

10. OFFERINNG: The schoolhouse offering box and the church offering boxes will be available in the lobby for you to put your offerings in.

11. SANITATION: Hand sanitizers will be available in the lobby as well as masks should you forget yours. Each class downstairs will have them as well.

Thank you so much for your compliance with these guidelines and your willingness to protect our members and our community.

COVID Safety Team
MARCH 5, 2021




March 3, 2021

1.Initially, we had voted not to open Sabbath School.  However, the divisions really want to get our kids/youth back in the church to fellowship with one another.  The COVID team, with our medical providers, decided that we would try it. Not every division may be comfortable with opening up and that is ok.  As soon as we know what divisions want to meet we will try and let you know (Division leaders, we need to hear from you ASAP) 

    a. Everyone (including kids) must enter through the upstairs doors adjacent to the ramp. You will sign in, have temp. check and answer screening questions. Then those of you who meet downstairs will go on down.  If you meet up front you will go to that class. 

    b. Classrooms must be set up prior to March 12th so that social-distance seating can be in place. Classrooms should not be set up on Sabbath morning.  If you cannot get to your classroom to get it set up before the 12th, please postpone your opening until you can.

    c. If you will re-open your class, we need to know ASAP so we can let our members know.

    d. Masks must be worn by teachers and all children above the age of 2. Please encourage your classes to social distance.  We do not expect the little ones to understand this and they do not appear to be carriers of the virus.

    e.  If your class wants to meet outside in the parking lot, let us know.  The part of the parking lot outside of Cindy's office will be set aside for any class to set-up in that area or on the grass if dry. In this case, you can move chairs outside on Sabbath.

    f.  Masks will be in each room in case someone forgets theirs.  Hand sanitizers will be in the rooms as well.  Encourage them to use as they enter and exit the room.

    g. Sabbath School downstairs and the adult upstairs will meet at the usual time, breaking at 11:00 to be ready for the 11:15 worship service. There will be no upstairs, pre-Sabbath school program at this time.  Just the 10:00- 11:00 lesson study

    h. If you decide you do not want to come inside for the worship service, we will be reserving the middle and upper level parking lots parallel to the church for you to park on.  The lowest level is reserved for classroom meetings and for handi-cap parking.

    I. Parking lot service will be from 11:15 to 12:15 beginning March 12th. This is to coordinate with when Pastor will be speaking inside the sanctuary.

    J. If you are attending the indoor worship service or Sabbath School classes, you need to park behind the church or on the street.  Other areas are reserved.

2.  We will be having a baptism our first Sabbath back inside.

3. We have flyers available for members to pass out about our upcoming Prophecy series that starts March 12th.  They will be packaged up for you to grab this Sabbath for you to take and distribute. Please take some to share.

4. We need many volunteers for this series.  We need  people in the lobby to greet, direct and do the COVID protocols for gatherings.  We really need many hands to volunteer for a night or two.  Please, please, please prayerfully consider if there is a night you can do. I hope you can set aside at lease one weekend evening to spread the gospel and welcome attendees.  You may be the person that impacts someone's life!

5. Our next communion will be March 27th. Both inside and parking lot.


February 26, 2021

1.Community Service Garden work bee is Sunday beginning at 10:00 if you are planning to be there at lunch time, please let Cindy know.  Sean Todd wants to have enough lunch.  The news said this morning, that it is supposed to be sunny.  Bring your family out.  Turn them loose in the field and let them run while you help out.  Fence needs finished.  Things need planted. You need sun and the garden needs you.  At the far end of FJA field

2.WE ARE OPENING BACK UP!!!.  Praise the Lord.  Sabbath March 13th will be our first Sabbath in the sanctuary in exactly a year.  It is the same abbreviated service as the parking lot service is.  You will be screened at the door.  Masks are mandatory as is social distancing in the building and in the pews.  ATTACHED IS THE NEW LIST OF PROTOCOLS.  The parking lot and on-line services will continue for those comfortable with that.

3.Health meeting tomorrow in the sanctuary at 3:30.  Everyone welcome.

4.40 Days of Prayer and Health messages begins Sunday, February 28th. If you did not pre-order books are available at the ABC and Amazon.

5.Prophecy of Hope presentations begin Friday, March 12th.  In the Sanctuary and on-line.  If you are planning on attending any nights and would be willing to be in the lobby to help screen and sign in, please let the office know.  Even the day of, you can let us know.  We need several people each weekend to help out.  I hope that you can help us out as the Lord leads you to.



February 25, 2021

There will be another health team meeting this coming Sabbath afternoon at 3:30.  Social distance seating provided free of charge!!! Don't forget your mask and water.

Don't forget that Sunday is Garden Day at the Community garden on the FJA property.  Starts at 10:00.  Lunch provided. If you are going to be there at lunch time, let Cindy know so she can let Sean Todd know.  


February 23, 2021

Email Address Change:  June Johnston:  junejohn64@yahoo.com  (Same as before except the dot is gone.)

1.The first is a prayer request from Rhonda Lewis regarding the FACS.

          I would like to ask for a special prayer for the FACS. God has always taken care of our needs here at the center but right now my faith is being tested. Our finances are in a really bad way. The HART client income is enough to make payroll but not much else. That means that for all of the utilities, building up keep etc., we do not have income to cover. The conference will not allow us to apply for PPP, or any other government grant to keep us alive while we wait for clients to recover their income so we can then recover our income. We are required to provide client services at $5 a month to those who have low or no income. On top of that our client load is down about 100 individuals. It would be a shame to lose all that has been built here and the services provided to our community. Please as we start our 40 days of prayer for health add FACS onto your list. Pray for the financial health of our programs here at the center.



             This coming Sunday the 28th  starting at 10:00 there will be a work bee at the new site of the FACS garden on the FJA property. Sean Todd would like to finish up the fence, plant some artichokes and some fruit trees and some other misc. work..  LUNCH WILL BE PROVIDED. Sean needs to have a rough count for lunch so please let Cindy know by Friday if you can come out.  Even if you can only come out for an hour or so, we can still use you. 


            It has come to our attention that there is a scam going around by letter and possibly by phone telling people that they have won tons of money and then telling you to give out your personal information which they will then use to take your money.  Remember if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.  If you get such a letter or call, DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR INFORMATION!! If you have any questions, you can always take the letter to your bank and have them check it out.  Be especially careful of promises to give you your Stimulus money early. That is also another way you can be scammed. 



February 4, 2021

The address for Susan Whitchurch is:

     10583 West Viewcrest Ln.

     Nine Mile Falls, WA 99026

     CP: 707-498-8484

She would appreciate letters or phone calls from Fortuna.


Thursday,  January 28, 2021

1. The FOCUS and birthday list  is attached below.   If I have missed someone, please phone the church office!

2.  Rhonda has asked that we pray earnestly for the FCSC.  With many of their grants gone or reduced and shortage of programs and enrollees due to COVID, it is a struggle to make payroll and pay the bills.  If you can support them by donation, it is appreciated.  Mark the envelope FCSC.  Another way is to shop at Tabitha's.  Larry and Sherry have made the place a delight to go in to.  Check them out!

3.  The links for Sabbath worship service will be sent out tomorrow and completed by 10:00 on Sabbath morning.

4.  We are looking for someone to plan the Sabbath School for the months that have a fifth Sabbath.  It is usually a scripture, prayer, mission story and a short devotion if you have one.  The lessons are recorded by the teachers.  You can either record on your phone and send to Rob Bertholf or make arrangements with me to record here at the church and I will get it to him.  There are usually only four Sabbaths a year with the 5th Sabbath and one is this week so you would only have three. Please let us know.  

5.  Please be praying about our upcoming "Prophecy of Hope" series starting March 5th and our "40 Days of Prayer" starting on February 28th.  Books are $15.00.  Lalita or the office know by February 10th.

6.  Julie Kelsey will be moving to Washington to live with her son Michael. She is selling her 2011, silver Ford Escort.  Immaculate on the inside and outside.  Nice tires and rims.  Air Conditioning and power controls. 135,543 miles.  Asking $4800.00.  Call ANNA HAHN at      725-4379 if you are interested or have questions.


January 22, 2021

We want to invite you to participate in two Religious Liberty Sabbaths, which will provide valuable information with different Religious liberty emphasis. First, NAD is hosting a virtual Religious Liberty Sabbath on January 23



NCC Religious Liberty Weekend (February 12 and 13)

  • Friday, February 12 at 7 pm and Sabbath, February 13, at 3 pm
  • "RELIGIOUS LIBERTY AND CHRISTIAN WITNESS IN A TIME OF TURMOIL: How Should We Respond to Government Restrictions, Social Injustice, and Political Unrest?” 



January 22, 2021

Fortuna’s Community Garden is Moving to a Cool New Location, Where it Will Provide Educational Opportunities for Kids and Feed the Community

Photos: Fortuna SDA Church.


Press release from the Fortuna Seventh-day Adventist Church:

The Fortuna Community Garden Is Moving

The Fortuna Community Garden is moving to a new location. Rhonda Lewis, director of the Community garden says, “The move will give us an opportunity to expand our present garden to better serve the community. The community garden began nine years ago when Steve Palecki contacted the Seventh-day Adventist Community Services, located at 2331 Rohnerville Road and presented the idea to them. The Fortuna Catholic Church under Father Ramon Pons at that time volunteered the property on Newburg Road to host the garden. Through hard work, many sacrifices, and the support of the community, the garden expanded. It provides for not only the families who participate in it, but also provides food for the St. Joseph’s Catholic Food Pantry and the Seventh-day Adventist Community Service’s food pantry.

The Community Garden’s new location will be 1200 Ross Hill Road, on the campus of Fortuna Junior Academy, with Sean Todd heading it up. Sean was a student of Steve Palecki at College of the Redwoods garden. Steve Palecki brought Sean onboard at the Fortuna Garden. Sean mentored under Steve for well over a year. In addition, he continues to work at the College of the Redwoods garden and the Open Door clinic garden. Sean has a heart for these gardens and those it serves. Jamie Burzo, principal of Fortuna Junior Academy said, “Having the Community Garden on campus will be a great opportunity for our students to learn about science, their environment and God as well as helping our community.”

Pastor Dan Freedman from the Fortuna Seventh-day Adventist Church thanked St Joseph’s Parish and the Catholic Church for their nine years hosting the garden on their property. Father Eddie and Pastor Dan look forward to working together on more projects to help their community.

Moving the garden began in late December. By next spring the garden will be ready to re-open and serve the community. The Community Garden wants to thank everyone for their support and looks forward to its best year ever in 2021. For information e-mail Sean Todd at stodd@fortunaacs.com . We also want to take this time to thank Steve Palecki for his numerous years of managing the garden and building it up to where it is today. We wish him and his wife blessings and success in their move to Oregon.



January 19, 2021

Cindy Neumann asked us to share this link for on-line  presentations for a plant-based diet.  If you click on the link it will give you information on when and how to register.  I believe in starts on the 21st.  Check it out if you are interested.  https://www.adventistcommunity.church/health/


January 14, 2021

For those of you that have been contacted or have expressed an interest in the "Lay Preaching" training on January 22nd and 23rd, here is info for you.  If you are going to attend via ZOOM at home, we will have the material packet on the steps at the next two parking lot services.  IF YOU are going to social-distance attend in the church, we will have the packets for you on that Friday night. (You must wear a mask, social-distance seat, bring water and your bible). Some of you have been e-mailed the packets already.  This is not for everyone, it is for those who would be interested in training to preach when Pastor is not available.

Church Board meeting this coming Thursday, the 21st, via ZOOM.  If you have something for the agenda, please let me know.



January 12, 2021

Our next church board meeting will be on the 21st, via ZOOM.  If you have anything for the agenda, please send to me and we will get it on the agenda.  If you want to have the board ZOOM link sent to you, please let me know as well. ( Only if you have never have been on a ZOOM meeting).

Also, we spoke with Barbara Kanen yesterday.  She is slowly but surely recovering.  Still very weak and short of breath and needs help with most everything.  She is very thankful for all of the prayers on her behalf and continues to need them.  We continue to have some members that have tested positive COVID.  Please lift them up in prayer as well.

We will again have hymnals available for a couple weeks at the parking lot services.  Originally, we thought we would be meeting only a few months.  We made them available for you so you could keep in your car for the services.  Well, it has certainly gone on longer than expected and appears that it will.  So if you did not get a hymnal before, we will have some available for you to keep.

Amy said that we ended 2020 short around $3000.00.  We feel very thankful that it was only this much.  Financially, this year has been a struggle for many.  The Lord has blessed us even during this challenging year in so many ways.  We praise Him for His faithfulness and we thank you for your faithful giving.


New address for Susan Whitchurch

     10583 W. Viewcrest Ln.

     Nine Mile Falls, WA 99026

     CP: 707-498-8484


Other church services you might like to watch, either live or archived:

        Loma Linda University Church:    https://www.lluc.org/live

        Pioneer Memorial Church:           https://www.pmchurch.org/sermons

        Oak Hills Church, San Antonio:    https://oakhillschurch.com/watch


   Don't forget to continue to give as you are able.  Church ministries and salaries continue even when services are temporarily suspended.  Checks can be mailed to the church at 2301 Rohnerville Rd Fortuna, CA 95540.  For online giving click on "About Us" in the menu at the top of this page.